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3 Reviews for Stiga Mantra Pro M

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The sponge seems to be the same as the old Stiga mantra H, but the top sheet is upgraded, The top sheet of the old one was not durable at all but this one is a different animal. The new one grabs the ball very well and ball marks didn't appear after 10 sessions of multi-ball sessions.
You can spot how it is stretched from the package, kinda of reminds me of Tenergy 64. The sound is very nice.
It has a softer feeling, great spin, and speed.
Not heavy. And not sensitive to humidity.
Great for blocking, and great on flicks over the table.
Excellent spin on serves.
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*Disclamer* : i am new to table tennis and have not tried many table tennis rubbers.

My first reaction to this rubber was "its FAST", I've only ever tried dignics 05 once but i whould say the speed is equal (this is on a stiga allaround evolution racket), as its speed is very fast the control is less than beginner rubbers. however the speed to control ratio is less then d05. So i whould say that mantra pro m is medium in terms of consistency and control. The block on this rubber is very good! nothing more to say really, its not on par with dignics, tenergy, xiom vega or blurstar. But a very good offensive minus rubber which gives you allaround versatility with the speed for killer shots. Keep in mind tho that this rubber is very heavy considering its lack of relative ability.
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Looking forward...
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