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Stiga Mantro Pro XH

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• 53 degree sponge hardness provides more feeling and control in every stroke
• Mantra Pro XH = Extra Hard – The perfect balance between extremely high speed and control
• A very fast rubber with a unique geometry for offensive players
• Long-term durability due to the special combination of natural and synthetic rubber
• Oxygen Capsule System technology provides extremely high speed through steady, even strokes
• Developed in collaboration with leading Chinese players and Japanese precision
• Made in Japan, designed in Sweden

Mantra Pro XH has a unique geometry that has been specially developed for the aggressive player, who seeks a lot of power and spin. The rubber is adapted to suit a wide range of table tennis players and playing styles, from young talents to professional players who expect a world-class rubber of uncompromising quality. Suitable for technically skilled players with a modern, highly offensive playing style, the Mantra Pro XH is engineered with Japanese precision and distinction. It has also been designed and tested in collaboration with leading Chinese players. The result: a table tennis rubber for players who are keen to attack, play with a lot of power and seek a rubber that delivers in line with their expectations. The table tennis rubber is also equipped with OCS (Oxygen Capsule System) technology that, thanks to the enlarged sponge pores, generates a higher arc and catapult effect during loop play. It also contributes to a crisp, clear sound and more feeling in every stroke, as the contact between the rubber and the blade has been reinforced. Mantra Pro XH has a very hard, 53 degree sponge, which offers players an incredible amount of speed, power and precision, with a lot of spin and the possibility of quick, explosive finishes. Mantra Pro XH places high demands on the player’s technique to maximise the potential of the rubber. The rubber is also optimised for the ABS ball, and thanks to the special combination of natural and synthetic rubber, it is considerably more durable than previous generations of table tennis rubbers.

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Reviews of Stiga Mantro Pro XH (1)

My local retailer just got a first batch of this brand new Mantra Pro HX (MPHX) so I wanted to test it since new Japanese rubbers are getting rarer, and hard ones even more. I am not fond of Stiga's rubber, I've been disappointed too many times in the last 20 years. But I like Japanese rubbers so I decided to give it a try. I have used hard Chinese and hybrid rubbers in the past but they aren't my favorite. I like hard, linear rubbers but not too tacky. That's exactly what MPHX is. It's obviously made for OFF+ game, forget defensive/passive strategies. Passive blocking and chopping are bad. Spinny services are difficult to achieve. You have to be active and put constant pressure on the opponent. At least an intermediate level and several years of practice are required. In this regard, MPHX behaves similarly to Dynaryz ZGR or Omega VII Tour, but it's more forgiving. Much lighter too. It's also quite similar to Hammond Z2, same feeling ("Japanese feeling" as opposed to ESN) but faster. Arc of MPHX is lower and very long (it seems the ball magically stops right on the white line). Z2 is very versatile and can be used for many styles. O7T is a pure, extreme OFF+ rubber. Overall MPHX is halfway between Z2 and O7T, offering a good balance (although not as versatile as Z2). Despite Stiga's communication, it doesn't feel like a tensor rubber, it's not at all like a Tenergy/MX-D or even D09c/K3. Those are bouncy. MPHX isn't bouncy and has a lower throw. Noise is a bit weird, chewy, not as crisp as competition. I enjoyed it similarly for FH and BH. I have tested it on 2 different inner carbon blades (Rossi Emotion and Stratus Samsonov) and the pairing was excellent. Should be good with outer carbon as well. Conclusion: an excellent, unexpected surprise from Stiga
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