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9 Reviews for Stiga DNA Dragon Grip

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Good rubber, massive spin at least for the first few hours (~100h). Then it quickly devolves into a much worse version, with clear marks everywhere. Regains tackiness and spin after cleaning for a while (which honestly are the main selling points of this rubber, not the rest). Completely changes characteristics as well when recently cleaned or not - does not grip the ball at all, and I have to majorly adjust certain spinny serves if I want to play them.
Great rubber if you can afford changing it often (every year mininum)
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Used on ViscariaFL.If you're looking for a sheet that doesnt "add bounce" to the ball, this is it. What I'm writing is based on several months usage. It doesn't "spring" the incoming ball when it bounces on it. Some people prefer that their rubbers add speed, but this is for people that prefer close to 1-to-1 feeling. Some reviewers call this rubber "slow" because it doesn't behave like an over inflated basketball.

Out of the package it is very hard. But after a month the feeling softens. So i rate it close to (medium hard/hard) and not (hard/very hard).

Fresh out of the pack the topsheet is very grippy.But after 1 to 2 months of use that super grip fades. The top sheet may show signs of wear on the area's where your ball hits frequently. There is still grip but decreased significantly from brand new.

Its grippy. Not tacky/sticky.The ball doesn't stick to the top sheet like it's coated with some layer of glue.The top sheet has grip from friction not stickyness.

Its best paired with a blade that is soft like the Viscaria.The hardness of the rubber compensated by the flexibility of the blade.If paired with stiff blades,it may feel like a brick wall.

It is very easy to directionally control where your ball goes left or right. But when it comes to generating lift in terms of throw angle, you'll have to rely on your stroke or your "brushing" motion as this sheet uses the gripyness of the topsheet and not the dwell time to generate the angle and spin.Good for keeping the ball low in touch rallys.

Some say dragongrip is close to dignics 09c but i think its closer to dignics80 than it is to dignics09c after break in.

Biggest issue I have with it is its durability.Only took 2 months of everyday use for the characteristics to change.When you hold the sheet under the light, the top sheet sections are faded where the ball commonly hits.A fresh sheet is different from how it feels for the longer part of the sheets lifespan.
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Really great rubber for forehand. Coming from euro/jap rubbers like t05 and mx-p it's noticeably a bit slower and much harder but has a bit more spin and control. I find that you have to go more forward with your strokes compared to tensors. It has a very nice control and spin, the best shots for this rubber are definitely counterlooping and loop drive open ups on long pushes. Blocks are a bit uncomfortable and you definitely have to activley block and push the ball out a bit, if you just let it hit the racket it'll go pretty high. Services are okay, i prefer 05 and mx-p here. With DG to get a lot of spin on the serve you have to use alot of racket speed, it's easier to generate spin on the serve with 05.
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One of my favorite rubbers. (Table Tennis) Very good grip from variety of shots. Short shots or full stroke loops this rubber grips very well. Faster than most other hybrids maintaining the same grip or better. The best feature is that it still performs when you can't hit full stroke. If you are pressed and can only manage to get a half stroke this can still put the ball over the net. Where other hybrids would fall flat. This has a large margin of error. I use it on both sides. For BH it is good at flipping and full loops. FH has loads of power from in close or far away. I can block incoming spins and control where I place it. Having said that this is for more advanced players. Lower level players may find it too fast to control. It is rated at 55 deg but it doesn't feel that hard. Compared to other rubbers it feels softer. Maybe because after it breaks in it softens a little. The only downside is that it wears out quickly. When it starts to get transparent in the middle after 2 months it will quickly fade. The tackiness disappears and you find it has no grip. The performance is not a gradual decline but rather it falls off a cliff. When it goes it goes quickly.
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I successfully use this paddle face on forehand. I also bought a rubber Stiga DNA Platinum hard variant, which I use on backhand. This is my first time playing a hard rubber, and I don't regret it. I had to go from soft to hard. I was able to compare the two types of rubber, and I can say that Dragon Grip it has average durability than Platinum. Dragon grip loses its grip if it plays in a room where there is no air conditioning, and there is moisture. The rubber is loaded with moisture and the ball slips , compared to Stiga Platinum, which is not so sensitive to moisture. He has these two incovenients. Stiga Dragon grip is a very good rubber , but when it breaks, I want to exchange it with Stiga DNA Platinum extra hard.
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The best hybrid rubber I've used. It was great spin and speed. Similar to Hurricane spin but much faster so you can get away with not taking a full stroke. With H3 you have to take a full stroke to take advantage of the low throw and grip. This has higher throw ,more catapult and spin grip. The only downside is the stickiness fades fairly quickly. After one month it starts to fade but still playable. After 3-4 months it is pretty much gone.
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Got my Dragon Grip a month ago and I like it. It has all that I was missing in chinese rubbers - some extra catapult effect. The rubber is good in almost every element. But it's perfect in powerful topspins. I has an only one downside - the topshit wears off quite fast. After only a month of play it has a spot in the center and near the edges. But still it plays well and doesn't loose the grip and tackiness after I clean it.
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I never liked Chinese-style rubber (I play with DNA PRO H). I got this rubber to play with for a while. I got used to it.
To have enough dynamic, I strengthened him with a Long Booster. With this booster the rubber is a weapon. Very high spin, high rotation, high control . Really interesting and great rubber.
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This is my first experience with a hard, Chinese-style rubber, so please understand my comments as compared to Euro/Japanese style rubbers. The main thing to say about Dragon Grip is that the spin is absolutely brutal! It's slow compared to Euro/Japanese rubbers, but fast enough for my liking. Superb control. I can't comment on consistency as this is my first sheet, and I've only had it for a week so I can't comment on durability yet either. Spin monster!
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