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Stiga Airoc S

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STIGA Airoc utilizes STIGA's new OCS sponge technology (Oxygen Capsule System) to increase catapult effect without changing the spin ratio. This allows aggressive players to maintain the same spin/speed proportions they have always enjoyed. The key to this evolutionary advancement is the delicate balance between the size of the air pockets within the sponge and the elasticity of the top sheet. STIGA's engineers tested many different pips designs and tensions to achieve the perfect rubber for the attacking player. Poly Ball Optimized!

Airoc S is the Softer sponge version. Airoc S is designed to expand shot selection and feel for control players.
Sponge Hardness: Soft

Speed: 94
Spin: 98
Control: 68

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Reviews of Stiga Airoc S (12)

Good rubber but not ideal for new ball, very soft.
It produces a good spin, which makes it very good for serves and top spins, great for blocks.
It is a very sensitive rubber that tears easily.
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Stiga rubbers used to be for me like revelation. When I first tested Innova Ultra Light, it was for me like an upgrade in my playstyle. From that time, I developped very good serves and spins. My game and level increase such as my adversaries', so did my material. I went to Calibra LT, with an ALL+ wood and that was terrible ... So for this season, I changed everything with Stiga Offensive CR WRB, mounted with Airoc S on both sides. New revelation ! New pleasure at the table ! Lot of winning serves, mid and away of table topspins are amazingly spinny and precise. Feel like I can put everything on the table, due to the security lead by the throwing angle quite high. It's almost like you have the ball in your hand.
I can also spin cut balls with ease. Lot of control while blocking. Perfect for agressive gameplay, against modern players.
Of course, such as most of soft blades (all?) it's quite hard at short game with no effect. The high throw angle is hard to control (with hard blade of course, but with soft blades, it's less interesting at topspinning) - so the ball often goes up and turns to punishment. I'm bad at smashing, and this rubber adds to this difficulty due to high trhowing angle. On high balls you almost have to smash it on your side if you want the ball to hit the table. Even if I'm bad, I have a percentage of missed ball of almost ... 95%. Speed and angle obliterates the control and high balls must be played another way (even if I must be a large part of the 95% XD)
Last point, I mainly serve and attack forehand, which is required in 85% of my power shots. After 6 month, 1 training session a week + matches on the weekend + 2 tournaments on the period, my forehand rubber is quite marked ! Still spinning, a bit harder and not so trustworthy as it was at first. Throwing angle faded a bit too. It's still a good blade, I'm not changing it now but will come back when it's time for me to change.
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Got this rubber super cheap almost $20, totally worth every cent, there's no better option out there for that money.

I play with Timo Boll ALC (FH 1.7mm), I found this rubber to be very spinney and easy to control, blocking feels amazing and looping underspin comes with ease. I struggle a bit when playing short on the table since the rubber lacks a little punch and usually ended pushing ball onto the net.

I believe this rubber was made for the intermediate to advanced players since the ball trajectory is not that consistent and you have to hit the ball with good technique to make the ball hit your opponent's side of the table, I usually play with tensor rubbers far more consistent, but found this on a very low price and I'm very pleased with the quality so far.

I don't actually get why Stiga stopped manufacturing this rubber series, yet I believe is due to durability issues, in my case after ~10 hours of training and playing the rubber doesn't have any sign of wear out, like other rubbers from Xiom or Andro do.
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The best rubber i have played with. SPIN AND CONTROL IS AWESOME!
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It's good for hard blade (ex: Stiga CL CR). Comparing to "R7 soft", this rubber is fast, sensitive and more control.
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