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3 Reviews for Stiga Airoc Astro M

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Got this rubber super cheap almost $20, totally worth every cent, there's no better option out there for that money. I play with Timo Boll ALC (BH 1.9mm), I found this rubber to be very spinny, blocking feels amazing and looping underspin comes with ease. I struggle a bit when playing short on the table since the rubber lacks a little punch and usually ended pushing ball onto the net. I believe this rubber was made for the intermediate to advanced players since the ball trajectory is not that consistent and you have to hit the ball with good technique to hit your opponent's side of the table, I usually play with tensor rubbers far more consistent, but found this on a very low price and I'm very pleased with the quality so far, yet I recommend the softer versions of this rubbers since it helps to increase control and consistency while hitting. I don't actually get why Stiga stopped manufacturing this rubber series, yet I believe is due to durability issues, in my case after ~10 hours of training and playing the rubber doesn't have any sign of wear out, like other rubbers from Xiom or Andro do.
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Ood rubber for Bh
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I just got the chance to try out the new Stiga Airoc Astro. They surprised me in a really good way and I liked them from the start. They felt a little faster and had a little more power than both Airoc M and Airoc S.

I got a good connection with the ball in my short serves and returns and I felt a lot of control. The rubbers is medium heavy and the throw angle is medium high. I have only been played with them for two hours so far and I will continue my review after I have played some more matches.
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