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9 Reviews for DHS Power G13

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My Holy Grail of blades. Chinese do know how to get it done. If Wang Hao really helped to design this beauty I am thouroughly amazed. What a guy... Control is amazing. Service amazing. Touch, undercut and short game, fully controlled, even with soft-springy tensor rubbers. Handle is great for Bananas and backhand kills. Forehand topspin is a dream, harder you hit the better. Sound is delicious when you bottom out. Vibrations almost none. Sweet spot almost covers the edges. Feeling is great with loads of control on all of the shots. Very direct aswell. PG-13 is cheaper version of Hurricane Hao 3, which I had pleasure to play with. To me this blade is flawless. Nothing bad I can say about it. It works well in any scenario, from close, from far, blocks are just awesome, underspin shots are easy to perform aswell. Placement with this blade is impecable. And the price... It took me few sessions to adjust to it, but I am playing better and better each time.
Manufacturers details are messed up on revspin for this blade it has 5 layers - Koto/Ayous/Fibre(middle), it is the same as I mentioned before. Hurricane Hao 3 from DHS.
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It's fast blade with quite nice control. Good for looping and even better for smashing. If you use hard sponge rubber you might notice poor feeling when chopping. Anyway It is good quality blade in good price.
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I am beginner level player and the first time I got this blade I was using it with DHS H3N on fh side. That rubber is so slow without booster (it forces you to learn full stroke aka chinese technique and footwork), but when you learn long stroke like chinese players then there is a lot of speed even without boost. Now for the second time I bought this blade and used it with DHS H3N PRO Blue sponge 39. It was something special! A lot of speed and control, also great feeling for the ball on the racket (dwell time). I recommend this blade with DHS H3 Neo on fh side.

All in all this blade is not slow and for 35 euros it is a blow! Great feeling for the ball, plenty of control, easy to execute full stroke with a lot of spin, excellent blade for loopers, smashers and all round players too (with slower rubbers). Excellent for the game close to and far away from the table. My blade is 5.8mm thick and 88g weight and it is perfect for every offensive player. I didn't feel any vibrations at all and I would say this is average stiffness and medium hardness.

There are faster and more controlable blades out there, but they cost at least 5 times more (for example Long 5 or Zhang Jike ALC , I own them both and used them with same rubbers so I can compare them).
There is mistake in stats, in fact it has 5 layers: 4 wood + 1 carbon in the middle. So it is excellent blade for beginners and intermediate players who want to become loopers.

Speed 8.5/10
Control 7.5/10
Overall 8.5 - value in price
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Good looping friend. Vibration is lessen thanks to mid carbon. Easy to lift underspin. Blocking is nice, chopping from mid distance is accurate. Need extra power from longer distance.
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Paired it with a Gold Arc 5 (43 degrees) forehand and a Power LT for backhand. with C-pen, the racket is stiff and crisp, but the gold arc gives it some grip and dwell time on the ball. with proper technique, the ball can be extremely spinny or powerful. a relatively comfortable blade to use and train with, and in competitions, it is can also be highly offensive. The mono-carbon layer gives it a massive sweet spotand a higher speed than all wood rackets, but the number of plys mean that it also weighs more, which can need additional training should your techniques involve heavy wrist movement. all in all, it is a brilliant racket for its price and will recommend it to people wanting an entry level carbon blade.
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I borrowed this blade from a friend and loved it at first hit. It has a single carbon layer (centered) which means it performs just like a 5-ply blade in terms of flexibility, but with a huge sweet spot due to the carbon. Although this blade has a big headsize (161x152mm), vibration is also eliminated thanks to the carbon fiber. I just dont play with it because my short pips rubber does not fit well in such a flexible blade. But for loopers it is perfect, and also a budget.
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Nice blade for a RPB Penholder. It is quite stiff - crisp feeling when hitting the ball, but looping is still easy though. I'm using it along with DHS Hurricane 8 on FH side, with Yasaka Mark V on BH side. This blade is good for passive block, big NO for long range chopping ( especially if you're using rubber with hard-sponge). Very good for smashing too. I'm pretty satisfied, progressed a lot along with those set of equipment, with a good partner and consistent playing, minor or even major improvement can be achieved. Better focus on skill and feeling improvement, then perhaps 3-5 years later I might consider change it to better blade, or maybe even still the same blade again!

Price is quite fair for the quality. To avoid causing splinter when changing rubbers, I've applied Donic Formula Lacquer (seal) on both head's side (FH & BH). Should you a RPB looper - penhold style avoid pain on your pointing finger and thumb, you might like to sand it a little, or at least cover the pain-causing-area with grip tape.
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This blade is better than any expensive butterfly blade in the market. I bought mine is for 43$ from eBay which has mono carbon technology. I have Andro Rasant turbo on forehand and friendship 729 gold leaf on my back hand. the combination compliment each other so good. I have plenty of other expensive woods too but to be honest for the price this is far better than those ones examples primorac carbon, gergely and alc. the finishing of the pg12 and pg13 is also amazing. I am sure these woods are the inexpensive version of hurrricane king 3 and hao king 3.
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