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DHS Hurricane 301

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DHS Hurricane 301 is the little brother to Hurricane Long 5

Hurricane 301 is a great blade for offensive players.

You can expect high power on large strokes but a soft touch in the short game.

Like Hurricane Long 5, its carbon layer is located next to the core which gets activated during strong penetrating shots such as counter-looping.

Class: OFF
Material: Wood + Composite
Speed: 93
Control: 65
Weight: 89g

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Reviews of DHS Hurricane 301 (53)

hard, thin blade, vertical orientation, made with high quality, the blade itself is not big, the thin handle is not suitable for everyone, weight 86g, I dont think its worth doing the winding, the feeling is not the same. I need to get used to the short game after the Stiga OCC (soft blade with carbon, oriented towards playing in the near zone), but playing in the middle and far zone at high speeds, I dont lose control, I want to rotate this blade from both sides, confidence in top spins with the right when hitting the ball, I tried a few blades (malin carbon, xiom ignito and OCC) they say its not a fast blade, I would say this, if you give force to the blow, then this blade is Off +. I liked it, it fully met my expectations) for setting up technique and training in general, I think you need something softer.
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I'm relatively new to table tennis, training 3-4 times a week for 3 years. I initially used the Victas FireFall LC with Rakza 7 soft MAX and Rakza 9 MAX rubbers. This racket was fast but too stiff for my style, limiting my technique. I struggled with spins and short pushes.

I switched to the DHS Hurricane 301, recommended by my coach. Initially, it felt slow, but with practice, I understood its ALC layers' dynamics. It allowed versatile play, confusing opponents. The outer wood layer is koto which is harder than usual that's why when the ball is hit with less power, the ball doesn't reach the inner layer of carbon and doesn't activate it, and also doesn't reach the core layer. That's why the ball is slow. So if you want to see OFF++ hit it hard with a relaxed hand! You will activate the ALC! If you can't achieve the desired speed, it's because your shot execution needs improvement. This blade rewards correct technique with high-speed, long-distance shots.

After a month, I realized I could use harder rubbers without losing control. My setup became Rakza X Max on the forehand and Rakza 9 Max on the backhand. This encouraged better technique and punished weak plays.

The DHS H301 excels in topspins, drives, short pushes, and even smashes. Lobs and blocks took time to master. It improved my serves, allowing better spin control. Underspins weren't a focus, but it handled chops well.

After 3-4 months, I'm pleased with my setup. It enhances every aspect of my game, especially when I execute correctly. The speed, spin, and control are fantastic. The sound of the carbon layer is addictive. I've yet to unlock its full potential, but I'm sticking with it to maximize my skills. It takes time to get used to the handle.

Sand the blade with fine sandpaper, including the edges, to ensure no wood splinters. Apply a thin layer of lacquer, except on the handle. This maintains the blade, making it durable and water-resistant.

Overall, it's a game-changer, rewarding precise play.
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Well balanced. Far better feel than my comparatively numb/dead innerforce ALC. Perhaps a tad slow for folks comfortable with composite blade+fastest tensors, but plenty of pace for a solid intermediate like me.

With H3 39 (FH) and Tinarc 5 this blade offers ideal balance and wide range of gears. I can exert effort on my shots and be confident that even my heaviest loops and most powerful drives will land.

Incredible value. I think I've finally broken my butterfly obsession (my butterfly sponsored coach will be sad that he's no longer my EJ dealer LOL).

Lastly, my experience is that the craftsmanship on this blade is superior to the PG5X I ordered and every bit on par of my composite butterfly blades. A killer setup with the rubbers I mentioned for $135. That won't even pay for a TB Spirit these days
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Facts: weight 90 g., big flared handle.
First impressions: the upper half of the grip protruds too far into the blade for me, so I have blisters on my middle finger after playing.
- I will continue soon, after playing !!! ... only when it hurts. ;-P
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After a few months of trial and error.. I realised your personal technique has to be adjusted to fully utilise this blade. The flex and structure of this blade brings more confidence to short play. If you have strong forehand using Chinese rubbers this blade is for you. Timing is the adjustment needed when switching from a more harder stiffer composition. Brings me confidence when transitioning between FH & BH. Its quite unique at first. Needs time. Worth the price I believe. Must seal before gluing. Best to not continually switch rubbers on the blade due to splintering. Seal is key.
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