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DHS Power G7 - Chinese Penhold

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DHS Power G7 is a 7-ply wood blade with incredible energy and power. The inner 5 plies uses "High pressure ballonet" technology that creates quick ball rebound. The outer surface is treated through a special technique which makes it excel at mid-long distance looping as well as quick attack drives.

Class: OFF
Material: All Wood
Type: 2-Side
Speed: 88
Control: 65
Weight: 86g

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Reviews of DHS Power G7 - Chinese Penhold (100)

The DHS PG7, can be unexpectedly fast and challenging to control, especially when paired with tensor rubbers. I have found this blade to be too fast and uncontrollable, which detracts from its usability for those who are still learning the game. The blade also has significant vibrations, leading to a poor overall feel that makes precision and control difficult to achieve. This blade is not recommended for players who prefer to play close to the table. Its characteristics make it unsuitable for such playing styles due to the lack of control and excessive speed. However, it becomes more suitable for players who play at a mid-distance and focus on topspin and spin-oriented play. A notable issue with the PG7 is the need for lacquering. The blade's rough surface can lead to damage when changing rubbers, as layers may peel off if the blade is not properly treated.
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I'm not currently using this blade. However, I keep coming back to using it so I can't say for sure that I'm not going to use this blade in the future. The thing is that it's just an awesome blade with amazing control yet enough speed.
I've also had the Stiga Clipper which doesn't feel at all as this blade as one would think, considering that they use the same formula of woods and layers. The G7 feels crisp, quick and direct whereas the Clipper feels soft and viscous.
I was using the Hurricane 301 for a while and when going back to the G7 my aim instantly increased.
Don't think that this blade isn't good because of the low price. It's just a great value for your money!
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I got this as my first upgrade up from a premade butterfly 5-ply. I'm using Hurricane 3 Neo 39 deg on FH and Palio AK47 Red on BH. Great at looping and the speed is enough to be offensive at my level while still being controllable for a beginner like myself.
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OFF blade with 7 layers of wood, with similar features of Power-G 9, it's made for close to mid distance from the table.
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I upgraded from Yinhe w-6 all round blade to this off blade.
It does have a good power but comes with a sacrifice of less dwell time, higher throw angle and lesser sweet spot. Handle is somewhat thin like others mentioned.
Some shots go well but this blade is not so forgiving as Yinhe w-6. After one month of use, I switched back to my old setup. I bought this because of it's popularity but it didn't suited my style much. I had paired it with DHS hurricane neo 3 on FH and mark V on BH.
Update :
Started playing little away from table and now this blade feels good. Maybe I was doing rookie mistake of playing too close to the table for which Yinhe w-6 suited better. PG7 does have a good feeling but not good for smashes.
So in short if someone plays close to a table or prefers smash/drive over topspin then this blade is not suited.
But if someone plays mid distance and prefers topspin and spin oriented playing style then this is very well suited.
Update 27-08-23: I got the setup assembled through a website and they didn't lacquer/seal the blade and when I tried to change rubber some layer got peeled off as surface was very rough. This blade needs laquering. I changed to Nittaku fast arc g1 on FH and mercury 2 soft on bh and initial impression is good. Much better than earlier setup, will update after playing for sometime.
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