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DHS Hurricane Long 5

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The DHS Hurricane Long 5 adopts 7-ply aryl-carbon fiberboard with Pith-Film technology to offer great power and stable control. It is continuing Ma Long's quick and changeable style featuring swift shift between attack and defense. This is Ma Long's choice of blade for the new material poly balls. Flared Handle.

Class: OFF+
Speed: 96
Control: 62
Weight: 89g

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Reviews of DHS Hurricane Long 5 (45)

Currently using D09c on forehand and xiom jekyll&hyde v47.5 on backhand. Prior to D09c I used H3N for 2 weeks. Before using this blade, I used Viscaria for about 2 years, also with H3N on forehand, so I'll try to make comparison between the 2. The greatest difference I noticed is feeling. For me, Viscaria with H3N has somewhat muted feeling on hand and I need to hit very hard just so I can feel the ball. On the other hand, I can clearly feel the ball when I'm hitting with HL5, much more woody. Some players described HL5 feeling as "hollow" and percieved it negatively. In my opinion, "feeling" is subjective and very much a personal preference. In this case, I definitely favor HL5's feeling much more. The blade also feels soft to the point that hard H3N rubber doesn't feel that hard. This leads me to think that HL5 is designed to be paired with hard rubber. In the forehand warm up, hitting with Viscaria often clips the ball into the net, but when I'm using HL5 the ball clears the net without problem. HL5 has plenty of gears, slow shots like serve returns are low and slow. Fast shots are blazing fast. Slow loop is controlable. On hard loop, the blade produces huge catapult, even with H3N. While looping I can really feel the ball contact with the paddle and the flex of the blade, leading to extended dwell time. That's not the case when I used Viscaria. I read somewhere that looping with Viscaria requires more "snappy" action while looping with HL5 needs a more relaxed motion, and I somewhat agree with that. Backhand block with HL5 is definitely different from Viscaria, but still ok, as well as other variety of flat hits and smashes (I've always been a backhand dominant player, so I got no problem doing backhand block with it). HL5 is faster than Viscaria, spin potential is about the same, I think.
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HL5 is a great blade for anyone who prioritizes looping. I found the forehand side to be better and more dwell can be achieved thanks to the larger stroke. The backhand side is slightly weaker than some more balanced blades but still good.
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Blade for professionals, high quality, low permanence, heavy head, 94gm, small fl grip, faster than viscaria, for intermediate and advanced can reduce your chances, alc inner
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Been using this for 6 months, this blade is not for beginner and only for those who are forehand domaint because it sacs a lil bit of backhand power because of the large sweet spot. I use hurricane 3 boosted provincial on forehand and dignics 05. But forehand feels amazing. Im definitely more confident with my forehands combined with h3. A very head heavy blade (depends on rubber) that may take time to use to. If your not sure what to get or if ur not forehand dominant just get viscaria a very balanced attacking blade. Ma long 5 offers great forehand loops and attacks that are fast with control. Backhands are not bad. Recommended
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I first tried it with the recommended H3 but didn't like it, it was too fast and lacked control. I changed for H3-50 and it's much better and easier to play with. Maybe when I'll get used to it I'll switch back to H3.
If it's your first Chinese-style setup, don't start with the classic, hard H3, but glue someting softer (but still with a sticky top sheet or you'll miss the point).
A thing that I like with this HL5 is that despite the ALC layer, it doesn't behave like other ALCs I have tried, it has a much softer all-wood feeling. This is thank to the inner structure and limba-limba outer plys. So if you don't like the feeling of ALC (let alone pure carbon), try this one.
Also this blade is a little "difficult" to master because it clearly has 2 distinctive speeds that aren't linear. Slow game and servicing are easy, with huge spin abilities. But when you attack hard, at mid-to-long distance, the blade becomes a wild beast requiring some pretty advanced skill to be tamed. Hence I don't recommend this blade to beginners.
Anyway, although not being among the fastest blades around, it's fast enough for Ma Long so I doubt anyone really needs anything faster.
A bad point of this blade is the finish: on mine the wings had fibers protruding, and the handle base was almost sharp. I had to sand all that, which is a shame considering the price of the blade.
My conclusion: it's one of the few blades designed for advanced players, fast, and still offering an excellent feeling. But I'm pretty sure you can find similar, cheaper options, with a better finish, they just won't have Ma Long's mojo ;)
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