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DHS Hurricane Long 3

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The blade everyone is looking for, and it is used by world champion Ma Long! It is a 7-ply blade, producing greater power and steady handling. Construction quality is top-notch by DHS. The blade has a large sweet spot that might just be the secret to why Ma Long's loop is fast and furious! Each blade comes with its own certificate with a serial number.

The Hurricane Long 3 has a large sweet spot and wonderful control considering how fast it is. With this blade, you can maintain consistency on all of your attacks, control in the short game, and still have speed to spare.

Class: OFF+
Thickness: 6.3mm
Speed: 95
Control: 93
Weight: 90g

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Reviews of DHS Hurricane Long 3 (19)

Pas de question a ce poser ..
Le meilleur bois 7 plis et certainement l'un des meilleur toutes catgories runies mme les carbones ..
C est le seul bois qui suit le rythme que vous voulez donner l change ..
Jamais d incohrence lorsque vous dcidez de jouer un coup ..
Il donne un temps de pause a la balle pour les tops rotations et il acclre au moment o vous le dcidez ..
Ma sensation la plus impressionnante est l'impression que la raquette s enroule autour de la balle et la projete comme vous le pensez ..
Seule cette lame est capable de le faire ..
Le control est all+ le la vitesse est off .
Mxs coup droit en 2mm ,, victas sticky extra en revers et c est gnial ..
Mon revers tant pas bon j ai mis un revtement lent et dur et je contrle toutes les balles ,, proches ou moins de la table ..
Alors ,, ceux qui veulent vraiment progresser et tre enfin rgulier ,, pas une minute perdre ,, achetez le ..
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86 Grams - Two Winged attacker/counter blocker. FH Rubber - TG Skyline 3 40 deg (2.2mm one layer of booster), BH - Rasanter 50 2.0mm. Excellent feeling, sublime vibrations. The whole blade is the sweet spot. No spin or power can go through you. Blocks-10/10 Counter Spins 9.5/10 Short Game- 9.5/10
Looping 11/10. Driving 9/10. Lobbing/Retrieving 9.5/10. Spin is killer in potential. No ball goes off the table when you keep playing the point, you can keep the pressure on the opponent like no other blade out there. Doesnt feel like you can miss. Reminder- blade is on the fragile side. Treat it right cause it will treat you right.
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A very consistent blade. It's fast on the power strokes, but it's also controllable in short game. Plays well with chinese rubbers like Friendship Battle 2 Provincial (Blue Sponge) which I use on both sides, plays well with Dignics 09c on FH. It's heavy with these rubbers and handle tape around 198gr. The blade itself weights 89g. I tried many other blades but always come back to Long 3. Recommend.
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The Hurricane Long 3 is the bigger, higher quality, and more expensive brother to the DHS PG7. This blade has a seven ply wood construction that shares some qualities of 5 ply and 7ply wood blades. The center core is thicker than a typical 7 ply blade with thinner supporting plys. This makes the HL3 more flexible than a 7 ply blade - like a Stiga Clipper - but stiffer than a 5 ply like the Butterfly Peter Korbel. The HL3 construction is actually very similar to typical outer carbon blades, but instead of ALC or other synthetic fiber there is a layer of wood. This blade construction gives a clean wood feedback, with good dwell and control. However, when power is applied the HL3 transfers a lot of power and speed to the ball. The softer limba outer plys are good for the short game and looping, but tends to splinter around the edges. The handle is slightly longer and has a conical shape. This moves the center of mass a little above the handle and allows for a very balanced blade with good power capabilities that is comfortable to hold. With the center of mass above the handle, if the thumb is raised for backhand shots, it will rest at or near the center of mass (depending on thumb length) - this gives a lot of stability to BH shots. The balance of this blade is quite desirable especially when using heavier rubbers. The wings are a little sharp, but some fine grit sandpaper fixes that problem. For loopers those that prefer wood, with stability and power this blade is worth a try.
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Very powerful 7 ply all wood blade. Flared handle fits nicely in hand. Paired it with Tenergy 05-FX on both sides and the power is unbelievable with control if proper technique is used. Total weight of blade and rubber is 183 grams (nice weight). Gorgeous blade is one of a kind. Offers tremendous speed when the need arises. Very fast blade that is controllable (a bit of a surprise). Best looking blade on the market with quality craftsmanship. Give it a try.
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