YinHe T-11+

by YinHe
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7mm balsa core with two carbon layers and thin Limba veneers, this blade is fast while super light (68g).

Compared with the T-10+, this blade player slightly faster at the table, but loses a bit of the T-10+'s top speed. The balsa in this blade makes soft shots easy for controlled blocking, but when you put a little speed into your shot, the ball will still come rocketing off.

YinHe recommends this blade for fast looping players who play at the table.

Speed: 100
Control: 100
Rating: OFF to OFF+
Thickness: 7.0 mm
Weight: 68 g
Construction: 5+2

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Reviews of YinHe T-11+ (47)

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 External Review for YinHe T-11+ on August 23, 2017
Very cheap, very fast, very good blade!
68 g, well manufactured
With some soft & cheap chinese rubbers like KTL Rapid, it's a pleasure to hit devastating topspins .-)
Feeling is quite stiff, but nothing wrong in here. Sweetspot is big enough.
You just have to be used to relatively thick blades.
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 External Review for YinHe T-11+ on August 3, 2017
Cheap lightweight blade .Good balsa wood with slight flex due to carbon tier in it . Great for smashes and chops . Slightly disappointing on the looping effect but still good . I have used for 4 years and has always been consistent .
Used it with Dawei inspirit 38 degrees (FH) and Dawei inspirit UL 40 degrees backhand.
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 External Review for YinHe T-11+ on July 6, 2017
One of the fastest blade, I am using Palio cj8000 biotech for my forehand, 729 Snipe focus 3 for my backhand. Very light weight paddle. Good for offensive game. Ordered in Aliexpress for 1400 INR.
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Review by guest_2z91gcso (Verified Customer) for YinHe T-11+ on June 23, 2017
Definitely a great paddle that's light but got power. To be so light I can get around on many power shots. I love this paddle
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Review by gorkemgezici (Verified Customer) for YinHe T-11+ on March 13, 2017
Love this paddle. I was looking for a light weight paddle. Paired it with lightweight Stiga Calibra LT sound rubbers, very good speed and spin
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 External Review for YinHe T-11+ on January 4, 2017
I have paired my T11+ cpen with Andro Rasant on FH (1.9 mm) and Tibhar 5q (1.9mm) on BH. I don't know about others, but for me this setup is working well for looping. Specially for looping the backspin serves. Although my technique for loop-drive is not that great, thus I wouldn't be able to give a review on its loop-driving ability. For hitting, of course it is wonderful. I specially like the feel of the ball on my Andro Rasant on this blade. Tibhar 5q gives me adequate control and a lot of topspin on my RBP loops (I am not that good in RBP blocks though).
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Review by lajohnston (Verified Customer) for YinHe T-11+ on November 6, 2016
very nice blade. good speed, good control, not expensive and not too heavy.
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 External Review for YinHe T-11+ on September 28, 2016
I feel its a great blade,very cheap.The control is amazing.Lot of vibrations,sometime my hand gets numb.I use it with Tibhar Aurus(BH=black),Donic coppa gold(FH,red).Aurus works better,helps looping,superior control.Coppa gold is super fast.
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 External Review for YinHe T-11+ on August 28, 2016
Light and powerful short stroke so OAP's and over the table players love it. Short game needs gears because difficult to control the speed changes from soft to fast. Even rubbers like B2 or H3 NEO lack spin due to stiff blade and little dwell time. I had a problem getting the full power on the table due to lack of spin and low arc. I would win a game 11-8 by putting 8 balls into the net. With the N-9 or Y-15 no problem with spin and good arc. If ever Galaxy bring out a more flexible T11+ I would buy it. I can not understand why they make the T series so similar and stiff. T11+ is a great blade but could be far better if only 1mm thinner. I love the concept of this blade it is almost spot on if only it could loop well. Passive play will loose points. Driving and smash is the way to win with this blade. A good chopper will make life hard. I am now going back to re-test this blade after 2 years using AK-47 red sponge FH and boosted AK-47 blue sponge BH. My game could have improved to fit this blade better. I can now play the low arc and spin game learnt from LP and take balls off the bounce. I will have the second half of the league season to compare results. Update I ended up selling this to my team mate because it suited their fast low spin game better than my more all round play. We think boosted AK-47 blue sponge is the best fit on Fh and BH.
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 External Review for YinHe T-11+ on June 27, 2016
I wanted this for its light weight and speed, but it seems difficult to control the speed changes from soft to fast. Could be a good weapon with lots of practice, but it doesn't loop as well as the N 4 paired with galaxy jupiter red rubber. I used galaxy jupiter and dhs hurricane 3 with blue sponge....didn't get the results i was hoping for. I recommend soft thick rubbers for this blade. I think that might give the extra loop the blade takes away.
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