Yinhe N-9 S

by YinHe
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Formerly YinHe N-9.

An all wood series that covers the range of common table tennis wood selection in 5 and 7 ply builds. For newer players, the low prices provides a good entry into club quality products, while for wood blade lovers the range of wood types lets you find a blade made with your favorite wood.

Speed: 70
Control: 70
Rating: OFF
Thickness: 6.6 mm
Weight: 86 g
Construction: 5 ply

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Reviews of Yinhe N-9 S (43)

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 External Review for YinHe N-9 on May 18, 2017
Buy this cheap blade and cheap Chinese rubbers will become fast. What a cheap set up for the offensive minded player. My team mate and I started with the N-9. We both moved onto other blades as our game developed there are better blades out there but not at this price.
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 External Review for YinHe N-9 on November 4, 2016
I used the same rubber on this blade and yasaka Ma lin carbon .. the control in N9 is way better and speed is very good ..highly recommended
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 External Review for YinHe N-9 on October 21, 2016
Yinhe N-9. too stiff for close to table and too slow for far. good for hit and smash and bad for loop. the loops have a low arc and are near to fault (net or out). hard to play in combination with fast rubbers and acceptable with medium-slow tacky rubbers for beginners.
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 External Review for YinHe N-9 on September 22, 2016
you won't believe how good is this blade. I love the stiffness of this blade. Fast blade but good control, fast enough to make the kill. My receiving is good and doesn't go high up for the opponent to attack. The best thing about this blade is it plays like an expensive blade but the price is very cheap. Worth trying blade.
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Review by donlawrence19 (Verified Customer) for YinHe N-9 on September 11, 2016
I find this to be a very good blade, it's really an all-round blade that has nice speed, it's soft so the control is very good, I think it's really all you need unless you are a speed addict or you play far away from the table, it has a light feel so starters will like it a lot also, after using this I wish I started out here rather than the higher end of the price spectrum, but regardless of price this is a very good blade, I have it paired to Friendship Super 729 and they complement each other well,
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Review by minime9two (Verified Customer) for YinHe N-9 on September 4, 2016
Super fast, super fun. Excellent bat, especially for the price. Paired it with YinHe/Milky Way Mercury II on both sides and was really impressed. Just a little bit heavy.
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 External Review for YinHe N-9 on June 11, 2015
My 2nd purchased blade...

Its my fastest blade ever... Good for hitting... Easy to make a kill shot...
Not good for a looper player...
I don't know why ppl it's control so high... To me it's control is bad... Hard to defense... Maybe i have a diff n-9 then what u all got...
That's why i then bought t11+ which is really a fast n a good control blade...
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 External Review for YinHe N-9 on May 29, 2015
I sell table tennis equipment and have played with a great deal of blades. I would compare this blade to a Zjang Jike ZLF or a Timo Boll ALC . It is tuned to perfection. I love this blade and use it myself. It is perfect for offensive minded players especially those who loop, but it all is a great blocking blade. My loops are not as long so that I can tune my swing to hit the back of the table where normally the same swing would go off the end of the table or I'd have to hold back the stroke. That's what tuning is. You create the power with YOUR SWING. BTW these commenters who talk about dwell time on blades... I disagree with this term. Dwell time refers to how deep the ball goes into RUBBER and how long it sets there so that you have a split second longer to loop. It is apples and oranges to use this term with a blade. I hear !
this all the time. NO. It's all about the rubber you are using that affects dwell. Even throw angle isn't a blade specific thing IMO. Speed affects throw angle. Speed is all you need to know. But more speed doesn't mean better results. Big myth. Cheap blades are super fast. Expensive good blades are tuned down. This blade plays like an expensive blade. I also think they snuck an Arylate carbon layer in there. It's not all wood. Leave it to the chinese to screw up quality control. But in this case it was a beautiful mistake.
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 External Review for YinHe N-9 on May 22, 2015
A really good in every aspect: fast, comfortable (a really nice weight for me), and generally feels nice to play with. I've had it on a few of my rackets now and I highly recommend it - it's quite a bargain!
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 External Review for YinHe N-9 on May 18, 2015
A stiff, hard 5-ply wood. Beautifully balanced and great in the hand. Quick with low dwell time. Blocks and smashes well but has its limits. You won't learn looping and short game isn't great because of it's non-existent dwell time.

I have 2 of these - 89 and 90g, about 6.8-7mm thick (so fairly thick). Might be tempting as a beginners blade and will be good for said smashes and blocks but not for an all round game, learning all the strokes.
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