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Stiga DNA Pro H

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Table tennis rubber made in Germany, for those who play with great power.

• A fast and powerful rubber for offensive play.
• ESC technology offers a higher arc in topspin rallies.
• The combination of natural and synthetic rubber increases the durability of the rubber.
• Orange colored sponge with transparent surface rubber optimized for the ABS ball.
• Sponge hardness 50 degrees provides power and speed for fast, efficient strokes.
• Used by Truls Möregårdh and Ioannis Sgouropoulos.

The DNA series is Stiga’s first table tennis rubber manufactured in Germany. These table tennis rubbers are designed for a wide range of table tennis players and playing styles, from young talents who are starting to play.

Speed: 98
Spin: 97
Control: 68
Hardness: Hard 50 degrees

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Reviews of Stiga DNA Pro H (6)

I tried this in 2.1mm on a DHS Power G5 blade (Forehand). I'm coming from DHS H3N Commercial and 729 Battle II Provincial harder versions. This one is a totally different rubber, but it worked just fine for me. The main difference comes when brush looping. The DNA grips the ball, but there isn't that direct kick or catapult feeling that you get with Chinese rubbers. Instead the ball sinks into the sponge, giving the feel that "this loop wasn't any good", but the spin is there. Perhaps a bit slower than H3N/BII in that stroke. More flat hits are faster than the Chinese rubbers, and I feel better control doing them. The short play and services feel fine as well. No problem doing short pushes and short spinny services. Over all a very nice controlled rubber with good speed and spin, but as said, I'm used to harder Chinese rubbers on forehand. This rubber is a bit on the heavy side. Weight 54g cut to normal blade.
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This was very disappointing. i looked frowad to for change a Stiga-rubber with spin. But only Truls has gone from Stiga Mantrrs to this yet, nobody else. Ande the other day he hinted that he will be coming back to Mantra. Its the spin...always the spin when it comes to Stiga...Stiga Sposored players will go back to Mantra, better rubber, but even worse spien,,
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Better feeling and much easier to use than T05/T05FX and especially T05H. Perhaps a little bit less spin, but since it is easier to generate the spin it won't matter much in a match situation. Faster than T05FX and slower than T05H. I found T05H quirky in lower (not lowest) gears which caused a loss of control. Feels much safer with DNA Pro H and more balls land on the table. Haven't tried anything quite like T05H for perfect hits though. Blocks with DNA Pro H, both passive and active, are much easier to execute since the topsheet is less sensitive to spin.
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Feels weird, nothing to goto really. All has been done, and it has been done better. To even compare this with MX-P, MX-S, Fastarc G-1, Andro Rasanter R47 or the likes is almost a crime. And i like parts of this rubbers play. Bu t Magna TX, and Magna TC is better. If Mantra would have had some spin, it ihas become great. Its just that with Stiga. They cannot deliver it. How many roads mus a man walk down to find some spin in Sweden ( Even if this is German-made, and all the other japan-based. They cant get it! They have (save Nittaku, the best blades in the world, its a solid ground company since 1937 i think it is. Even in the GoldEN gOLDERA OF THE 70-90s medal era, Yasaka got to do their rubbers Mark V
I mean, THIS IS PROBARLY Stigas best rubber, except for the...yeah right spin. And as we all know speed is nothing without spin. For you guys that doughts, there is spin. There is espescially speed, but alot better rubber to choose from than this.
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I am using dna pro hard both sides max thickness on a newer 93 gram innerforce layer zlc blade flared handle. I have used all sorts of setups and right now it seems hurricane 3 neo provincial/national blue sponge both sides or tenergy 80 is best for me. So I took a leap of faith with the very little reviews out there and glued it on. First training session the rubbers not as slow or controlled offense as some stated. Maybe it is due to the blade of choice but I will be honest this isn't not some slow rubber. Serves and serve returns were fairly easy but I didn't notice any drastic increase in my spin rather I could keep the ball lower than usual. I love it on my backhand as punching through the balls are deadly. The rubber is very direct and has a high margin of error and gives me the same confidence as my previous setup to lift up backspin and any short balls. The dwell time for this rubber was surprising as this is a Soo called harder rubber with softer feel. Forehand smashes and spin incorporated on drives is above normal creating a violent arc for me and winning me the points. The sponge is still brittle like mxp and cutting will always require a new sharp blade head as I made the mistake of believing it was harder type sponge unlike the tibhar evolution series. I will say this I will be playing tommorow 11/23 in my tournament and then I will see how it holds up and update this review. Also it isn't light per se I think on par with mxp if not maybe 1-3 grams lighter depending on how much glue you guys use. I will for sure never go back to mxp due to the inconsistent catapult and weird characteristics.
Update 11/24/19 I personally don't think it plays well for my forehand it is too soft and I can barely send long shots away from the table with this. The backhand this is a great rubber and blocks well. So unfortunately I will either be selling the black rubber or something to a clubmate because I personally didn't like it
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