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Stiga Calibra LT Spin

Stiga Calibra LT Spin
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Calibra LT Spin has a medium soft sponge recommended for highly trained attackers and loopers who emphasize tactical spin. You will have outstanding control for touch shots and service return, but when you are attacking you will experience new levels of possibility.

Speed: 95
Spin: 92
Control: 70
Hardness: Medium

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Reviews of Stiga Calibra LT Spin (22)

Horriblemente mala goma. De partida la abres y parece que viniera quemada como espejo. EL EFECTO PAUPERRIMO
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Im used clalibra LT spin on my forehand testing on stiga clipper cr non wrb blade,actually this rubber isn't give you a Hard spin,but this rubber give you a lot of control and very bouncing. I think this rubber for tactical loop players who have a good placement ball. This rubber is really easy to break so you have to take care,clean it after practice. Recommended this rubber for you.
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In my opinion this rubber is not good for short game to bouncy and the durability no good , but still has a god speed.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

very spinny rubber and extremely quick
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Superb control and spin on this rubber. One of the Stiga's best ever. Lasts for about 2 years of constant playing league + 1 or 2 training a week.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Excellent rubber for backhand topspin
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very bouncy rubber
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This rubber is really great for quick attacking players as it is quite a quick rubber. However, you should consider the blade you are using as well.

This rubber is very spinny and can lift up the ball really easily so it is a great rubber for looping as well.

Since this rubber is sightly tacky, it is quite sensitive to spin.

Overall, this rubber is great for both loopers and smashers.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

lasted me on my rossi emotion less than 2 months b4 visibly dying out
average and overpriced not reccomended
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Best rubber for fh, perfect for low and very fast spinballs. Has best control and spin of all Calibra's! Smashing is also quite easy.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Best rubber for FH / BH
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I use STIGA Calibra LT Spin on the backhand. I would not say that it is a substitute for Butterfly Tenergy as it stands out in its own ways. This rubber is spinny, fast but not deadly fast. But you could kill of your opponent with devastating spin shots. I think that Aggressive and fast attack players may want to give this rubber a try. The throw angle is medium and the sponge is soft, which gives you good control, but not losing any speed. But the con for this rubber is that you have to take very good care of it, or it will break easily. Clean it with either water or cleaning foam is fine.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

A very good rubber for all styles of offensive play :)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Note that i was using T05 before this. tested these rubbers on a IF ZLF. Excellent looping rubber, gives good dwell time, not crazy spiny but sufficient for most purposes. the only problem i have with this rubber is service, i found it difficult to produce the amount of spin and placement of the ball, but i guess i can adapt with time... overall this is a great rubber for those who do not want to use Tensor rubbers.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I absolutely love this spinny, fast rubber. It is a joy just to bounce the ball on my bat. I use Tenergy 05FX on my main bat but I am torn between which is actually better for my 'fairly aggressive' topspin game incorporating spinny serves. I suspect tenergy is actually slightly better but Stiga Calibra certainly gives it a great run for its money. Before I started using Tenergy, I used this rubber for about 10 months on my forehand. In that time the rubber disintegrated at the edge in some areas so not particularly durable from that point of view. However in those ten months it doesn't seem to have lost much speed or spin. Highly recommended.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

What a great FH rubber for me! It can do everything on the table and worth more than 05. Paired with All Round Classic and became serious all round spin attacker. Perfect for my mid distance play ,very good for close to the table. Very well done Stiga!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Perfect rubber for players who like to utilize spin to great extents without losing the ability to make fast drive shots. Topspins drop right over the net beautifully.
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Perfect, I keep this rubber forever on my fh.
Crushing smashes and topspins with much control!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very good FH rubber for spin attacking!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

in the club where i go to, there are many more people using calibra sound, and i am the only one using spin. i think this rubber is very underrated, the medium soft sponge has fantastic feel and touch playing close to the table, and it seems to do this better than calibra sound because the rubber seems less bouncy. it can drive just as well but (in my hands at least) it can create much more spin on loops and chops and more spin on serves. best BH rubber i have used and great on FH too. it is incredibly versitile.
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