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DHS Power G9 OFF

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The DHS Power G9 is the looper's weapon. It's softer than the Power G7 and very fast. This means that looping at all distances from the table remains fast and feels great.

Class: OFF
Thickness: 6.3mm
Speed: 92
Control: 98
Weight: 89g

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Reviews of DHS Power G9 OFF (10)

OFF blade with 7 layers of wood, it is softer and faster than Power-G 7, making it perfect for looping in mid to long distance from the table.
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I ordered this one after playing for three years with different carbon blades, like 729 V-6, Yinhe MC-4, Yinhe Mercury Y-13, DHS Power G5 & G5X, Yinhe Venus V-14 PRO and more, just out of curiousity suddenly try out a wooden blade. I started with a H3 41deg 2.2 mm (forehand) and Yinhe Big Dipper 38deg (backhand). Both a bit boosted with Haifu sea moon booster. I had these rubbers on a DHS Power G5X, which feels good. On the PG9 they were too fast for me, and I lacked the control I got from PG5X. I changed rubbers to Big Dipper 39deg (Fh) & H2N 40deg 2.15mm (Bh) (both boosted), and it felt so much nicer. Now my brush loops works just great, and at the same time it's easier to keep the balls short, and the services doesn't bounce away. I took a BD 39deg and glued it onto a PG5X, but I barely could loop any under spin at all with that combination. With PG9 it works like a charm. And I don't feel any vibrations at all in this blade. It's a fast blade with good control. I've only played about three weeks with this setup yet, so I might return with some more thoughts and info. Weight: 90g
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I have been using this blade for 3 months and from day one its been great. Very minimal vibrations and extremely fast.

Mid- and long-range attacks are very effective with blocks being an instant return.

Close to the table chop or slow attacks end up with out-of-bounds due to the high speed of this blade.

Fast rally and heavy top-spin loops from mid distance seems a perfect fit for this blade.

Not recommended for all-rounders or beginners at all. Almost no dwell time so only speed and rally players need buy this blade.

Update: After nearly 7 years of playing with this blade, this is STILL my number one blade :-D I use alternatingly Euro and Chinese rubbers. TG2Neo , Hurricane2 or H3 ( Neo and non-Neo ) , Palio Thors, Yasaka Rising Dragon and Shining Dragon, Rakza7, RakzaX and many more rubbers. This is STILL OFF++ and that rating does not change at all ! This blade is for Intermediate to Advanced Offensive Attackers and Loopers ONLY ! The weight of this blade + rubbers REQUIRES you to have STRONG forearm, wrist, elbow, shoulders !!! YOU WILL GET INJURED IF YOU ARE NOT PHYSICALLY ABLE AND CAPABLE OF SUSTAINED MULTI-HOUR SESSIONS OF PLAY!!!

Rubber choices for this blade is Mid-Hard to Hard rubbers only. Rakza7 is just good enough but Rakza7Soft bottoms out too quickly on this blade. If you are a brush-looper and do not drive the ball much or smash much, this is not the right choice. DHS PowerG7 is the more allround loopers choice.
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Ratings here are accurate imo. Slightly too hard, fast and stiff for my taste, but still superb touch and predictability. Big sweetspot, great spin capability. Slight flex to support looping. Very good control for a blade this fast. Smashes are easy and lethal. Build quality is good for sure, but neck needs sanding.
I recommend high throw rubbers, TG2 lacks arc against backspin, H3 is much better. Vega pro probably best fit for euro FH.
Pairs best with medium-hard rubbers with high arc and high elasticity (h3 boosted and cake sponge modern esn,)
excellent for 40+ abs playstyle (like harimoto or fzd, with appropriate rubber choice)
Sticking with it for now, great blade.
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When I was testing some 7-ply blades to match my short pips I first went to PG7, the famous blade used by Ma Long for a while. It was a disaster. Maybe I was unlucky and got one from a bad batch but the truth is I didnt like it at all: had too much vibration and poor control. Then I decided to test this PG9, without much expectations, but had a nice surprise. PG9 is softer than PG7 and has a much better control, because of the combination of plies. It is excellent with short pips and guaranteed 2 titles for me. Unfortunately I abandoned it for the Persson Powerplay, an even better match for short pips. But my PG9 is well kept and I will never get rid of it.
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