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Butterfly Tenergy 05

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Butterfly Dignics 09C vs Butterfly Tenergy 05

TENERGY: Excellent for Imparting Spin on the Ball

TENERGY 05 has a unique feeling using a combination of Spring Sponge technology, High Tension rubber and a tacky surface. It is excellent for imparting a great deal of spin on the ball. 05 in the name was adopted from Pimples Code No. 5. Tenergy 05 enables a full range of topspin play at or away from the table. It keeps its explosive power throughout the life of the rubber without the use of speed glue or boosting. Tenergy 05 is very popular among world-class table tennis players. European Champion Timo Boll uses Tenergy 05 on forehand and backhand.

• Please use Free Chack II when you apply Tenergy to a blade.
• Tenergy is a highly delicate product. We recommend you protect the rubber surface with rubber protective film after a match or practice.
• Tenergy Family Rubbers, realize your more!

Class: Super Speed
Surface: Inverted
Style: High Tension Pimples-in Rubber

Speed: 130
Spin: 115
Hardness: 36

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Reviews of Butterfly Tenergy 05 (231)

This is an excellent rubber from Butterfly. It has a great speed and spin with an acceptable amount of control. It really has that trajectory effect in it, blocking is exceptional if hit right. It is also suitable for loops, drives, counterattacks, smashes, pushes, blocks, chops and much more. It is a diverse rubber that suits the OFF+ type of style.

On the other hand, you really have to hit the ball with the right angle, as it has less margin for error, it is not really forgiving. Sometimes it behaves unpredictably, as the ball sometimes dwells in, sometimes shoots out quickly like trampouline. It also very spin-sensitive, you have to push up the ball very gently and in the right angle again to receive a rather spinny serve. It's durability is not the best as after 1,5 months of use it started losing grip and traction, while it wasn't cleaned with anything but tap water and sponge.
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I have found that 1.7mm works very well on the backhand of an all around plus or offensive minus all wood blade, for those who place close to the table. It has just the right amount of control, spin and speed.
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So, I have been playing this game for about 6 years now, and I didnt tired too many rubbers, but out of all I have tried, this one seems to fit my style the best. It has the speed when I need to finish the point, but it isnt crazy fast on my blade (its an all+ gewo power all round blade, quite stiff and hard for an all+). As a looper, and a person that is very sensitive to every change in everything, I can say that the spin and the dwell time on this setup are just right, when using the right technique. You can brush, you can hit. You are in control, but if you brush too thin, the ball isnt gonna grip, since the sponge is a little bit too hard for that thin of a brush. The throw angle is high for sure. If you dont know what you are doing, especially on the backhand, the balls will fly out of the table one by one. The short game is a little difficult, since the catapult effect can engage when not expected, but its not impossible to master the serve and recive game. Blocks are quite difficult, especially if you are dealing with spinny topspins, since the rubber is quite spin sensitive, and the high throw angle isnt helping either, but again, its not impossible to do, just a little bit harder because of the speed that the rubber provides, and the explosive effect of the ball. When serving, the rubber can produce variety of gears, so its another added bonus. Basically, the only downsides to this rubber are its price, and sometimes the lack of control. So, if you are a looper, and have some spare money, or good source for used rubbers in good shape, I strongly recommend. If not, there are plenty of other, good rubbers for looping for half the price.
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Typical tensor rubber, good for bh play. Sponge is medium hard for me, so definatelly softer allblades for attack are not welcomed. Type off in speed, high rotation but a bit lower than in 729 Bloom Power. Control lower at all blades, higher at off blades. Sensitive to incoming spin. Only for people who have learned strokes propertly. Very expencive, Overall for example, Xiom is cheaper with same quality.
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Tenergy 05 je vborn guma, rychl, p?esn, p?evn? pouvan na F/H stranu.Tato guma je jedna z nejvce pouvanch na sv?t?.
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