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Victas V>15 Limber

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The V > 15 Limber is a highly elastic high-end offensive rubber with excellent spin features and catapult effect. Feel the power and elasticity of the soft 40° offensive sponge and experience the enormous spin potential of the innovative top rubber sheet! Modern offensive players who rely on close to the table spin play, variant-rich topspin shots will enjoy a whole new dimension of opportunities with V > 15 Limber! This is a plastic ball ready rubber.

The German and Japanese material experts (GJ Tec) combined the extremely spinny and fast High Energy Tension rubber sheet of V > 15 with an open-pore, state-of-the-art medium sponge with great catapult effect. The result is a highly-elastic, modern offensive rubber which does not fall short of the other V > 15 versions as regards power and spin.

The “Power & Balance” concept was optimized such that the slightly softer sponge design of V > 15 enables higher ball trajectories, which significantly increases forgiveness in less-than-perfect topspin strokes. In attacking strokes, the rubber provides for fantastic feel for speed plus inimitable speed glue effect.

Speed: 90
Control: 83
Hardness: Medium 42 degrees

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Reviews of Victas V>15 Limber (5)

I do not know why the other reviewers have considered this rubber a durable one. It only lasts for 2 weeks and loses its quality fast. It is slow but control is good. It should be mounted on a hard fast blade.
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Bought this rubber because of the good reviews here, for my backhand. I was being interested in other people's evaluation of its weight, but, I don't know guys, sometimes here on revspin it's just weird. The rubber has a weight evaluation of "4.0" right now. However, it weighs 49,5g on my digital scales and is therefore not light at all. Too much for a supposedly soft rubber for me. I gotta admit though that it really plays nicely, but the handling of my racket has changed, so it's coming off again. If I remember correctly, it is similar to the new Evolution FX-D, which is also supposedly soft (but plays like a medium) and also rather heavy.
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This is the best upper I have ever used. Before I had Ventus Extra, which was not good at all. It is not very sensitive to the ball with the underspin and you can hit it. It fits well. It is not springy. Excellent control.
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It's a good rubber for players who playes close to the table. The spin is good hith much control. The rubber isnt very fast and I think that most of the players choose the V15 extra.
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its slow rubber, but v15 extra is different class and 5times better... on blade tb t5000 it plays slow without bouncy effect but control is great .. before i used tenergy05 , and throw angle is simular
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