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Victas V>01 Stiff

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The Victas V>01 stiff rubber sheet is a medium tacky rubber designed to grab and catapult the new plastic ball with high spin, precision and speed.

The Victas German-Japanese team of designers (GJ Tec) have developed an outstanding series of professional table tennis rubber called V>01 for maximum power and balance. The rubber sheets in this family are V>01 (Medium Sponge), V>01 Limber (Medium Soft Sponge) and now the latest edition the V >01 Stiff (Medium Sponge with Tackier Top Sheet).

The Victas V>01 topsheet has a moderately tacky surface and a more direct pimple alignment. The sponge sheet is slightly softer than the V >01, but harder than the V>01 Limber. The result is a highly responsive rubber sheet that produces great spin, and speed on contact. The rubber is also very responsive for over the table touch shots. This rubber is suitable for close to the table and mid distance play and has a throw angle of 45 degrees.

The Power and Balance concept was optimized such that the slightly softer sponge design of V>01 enables higher ball trajectories, which significantly increases forgiveness in less-than-perfect topspin strokes. In attacking strokes, the rubber provides for fantastic feel for speed plus inimitable speed glue effect.

High Energy Tension Technology gives topspin players of all levels the opportunity of utilizing their own offensive arsenal to the fullest.

Type: Smooth
Speed: 90
Spin: 86
Control: 82
Hardness: 45.0

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Reviews of Victas V>01 Stiff (11)

A lot heavier than noted 4.0. Paired a max red FH & a 2.0 black BH on a 84g Yasaka Ma Lin Max Carbon, total weight 189g. Just before, I had on the same blade 2 Yasaka Mark V HPS max red FH & 2.0 black BH but only 174g total weigth, with the same number of glue layers. 15 g heavier, I can't believe it.
Spin is good but also a lot less than Mark V HPS, you have to engage a lot more the sponge to get high spin but resulting often out of the table, this is true for topspin attack but also for aggressive pushes and short game in general. So, as less easier to get spin, but also with more catapult, control is for me a less than average note. Consistency and durability seems good.
Not tried on another blade than Ma Lin Max Carbon, but with this blade and I think in general with inner carbon blades, it is not a super rubber but only an average one. Mark V HPS, with its softer top sheet is a lot lighter and significantly better than this rubber.
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I used a few sheets of >01 Stiff and also the Limber & Regular. All are good offensive rubbers being more in the balance of power, spin & control. Stiff is being the fastest & Limber gives the most loud sound in hitting. They are users friendly rubbers and easy to handle. The only little weaker point is the average in durability. Often you'll see them on sale for < $US 45, so stock up for a few sheets. You'll like it!
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Everybody says this is best in BH. I turn my blade around and for me this is best at FH. Good solid spinrubber, nice throw angle and even flat hits are easy with this. Blocking is like a dream.
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After reading some reviews about how good is Victas 01 stiff on bh, I decided to try It. And bingo, another great rubber with excellent overall stats. Speed and spin are great, and It has an amazing control, i've never hit so many killers RPB's. And It took just a few sessions to break in, to achieve the 45 degree hardness feeling, which for me is the best BH hardness. Thanks Victas.
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High performance rubber, 45 degree sponge which is very responsive but not bouncy.Excellent grip,spin and control.
Recommended for allround to offensive spin junkies!
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