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Victas V>11 Extra

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The V>11 Extra is an OFF rubber for the new generation of top-level players on the lookout for a new rubber which perfectly combines the features of the V>15 series with less weight. Thanks to the innovative material composition of the new “Lightning Tension” design, V>11 Extra is approx. 10% lighter than V>15 Extra at the same performance level. The new 47.5° OFF sponge combines power and vigor with excellent feel, and the aggressive spin produced by the optimized top sheet leaves nothing to be desired.

Type: Pimple-In
Hardness: 47.5±3(ger. sponge hardness)

Speed: 188
Spin: 138

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Reviews of Victas V>11 Extra (10)

I became aware of this rubber through a very good friend who has been playing it on a Butterfly Timo Boll ALC for six months. For him it is THE feel-good rubber.
FACTS: According to the manufacturer Victas, this rubber has a sponge hardness of 47.5 degrees. The "most thorough table tennis shop in Germany, "Spin and Speed" ;-P , gives (even) a total hardness. Accordingly, the rubber has 50.2 degree !!! - and is the softest rubber with a 47.5 degrees sponge. ... that You can tell !!! Spin and Speed indicate a weight of 61 g (uncut) by 2.0 mm thickness. My blue test rubber in max. thickness had a weight of 47 g by 156 x 151 mm. I also initially combined my Btfly.T.Boll ALC with the Victas, even though I have had this blade for years, I have not played any more. I have played various other, better rubbers on it in the past. Even on my favorite SZLC blades (Btfly. Zhang Jike "Fake or Stuor Nobilis SZLC Hinoki") I was not satisfied.
CONCLUSION: Compared to my current favorite rubber, the Nittaku Fastarc G-1, which also has a 47.5 degree sponge, I have to say that the V-11 produces significantly less spin but also accepts significantly less spin. In addition, the maximum thickness of the V-11 is hardly faster than my G-1 with 1.8 mm.
(... and in my opinion one of the slowest rubbers with a 47.5 degree sponge!) The so-called "angle play" was unfortunately not possible with the V-11 and it was difficult for me to play with it "powerfully" .
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It's the perfect BH if your are not a looper, on FH side the lack of spin maybe problematic to serve and top spin.
The first thing is the weight : 41 gr (2 mm cut), 44 gr (max cut), it's unbilievable for a 47 rubber ! Modern tensor rubbers are often heavy, with V>11 extra 2mm on BH, I can have a heavy FH rubber and my blade rests under 180 gr.

Caracteristics : very linear tensor effect, medium hard sponge, medium high throw angle, insensitive to incoming spin but you can't generate heavy spin either on opening top spin.

Good : serve return, flick, block, flat hit, couter top spin

Bad : serve, slow and spinny top spin, chop (and all back spin effects)
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Its a good rubber but not hard or medium hard at all. I bought it looking for a medium hard but light rubber, and it's not. It's a medium soft rubber with all the pros and cons of a rubber of this type. Good control, medium high throw, very forgiving, but limited spin and power potential, etc.
Anyway, better than others in the same range and really light. About 10 g less than a cut Evolution EL-S, for example
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Good new for Cpen that looking for light rubber with good spin, speed, control....
This is the one about 39 to 42 grams after cut.
Not bad for RPB, if factory can improve the tackiness and increase dwell effect it will be even complete.
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It is ok, so-so, among the worst Victas.Very disappointed with speed, mut most of the spin! Why?
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