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8 Reviews for JOOLA ZeLeBRO PBO-c

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Porqueria...Joola Rosskopf fire 07 le da 20 mil chuletas.
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Strong attack, very balanced defense and controls create a very stable feeling. Worth the money spent.
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Very good !
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Felt like Lin jun yu super zlc rather than miztuani super zlc as described by megaspin, works well with tacky rubber.
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bought for 90 Euro and i am very impressed
- perfect glass feeling
- good touch
- perfect premium quality
- control- you can put ball everywhere you need
-high throw
Perfect Combination
- Xiom Vega Asia DF on both sides
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Weight 85-100......
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i dont recommend
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Zelebro PBO
Speed: OFF+
Weight: 92 grams
Thickness: 5.83mm
Plies: 7 (limba-ZL carbon - koto - Kiri)

The Zelebro is surprisingly the fastest PBO blade in the Joola POB series. I thought it was the Energon which is the fastest but it is the Zelebro PBO. The blade has limba outer plies with 2nd layer PBO (zl carbon) , koto and middle core which is kiri. The blade like its Nobilis brother has also a high quality and smooth finish even in its top limba ply. The Zelebro blade feels stiff when I was hitting my fingers against the bare blade. A ball bounce on the bare blade also yielded a medium-high to high bounce with no effort. The Zelebro has a semi high-pitched sound on the ball bounce test.

The blade is very fast. It is not on the level of OFF++ like Schlager carbon or Sardius but it has the speed that you cannot ask for more. You can feel the great rebound of the ball everytime you hit the ball with either a drive or even just an active block. Compared to the speed of other blades, the Zelebro is in the level of Jun Mizutani blade, It also an almost similar construction but they feel different. I have used both blades and I can say they do not feel the same but the speed is more or less on the same level. You can appreciate the kick of the ball when you do your forehand drills like drives and topspins. It was more than fast enough for me and most players. The power of the blade is amazing middle or far distance from the table, you can feel the great gap in power when compared to the Nobilis blade. For most players, certain adjustments needed to be made. I was just using short strokes even at middle distance because I am not used to that amount of speed and power. I used the Golden Tango and PS version with the Rhyzer 50 rubbers. The amount of speed and power are already there that you would just need 2.0mm rubber thickness for this blade. I recommend this kind of thickness especially if you are just intermediate level. Man, this is no beginner blade. This is not the blade that you should be learning your basic strokes rather this is the blade that you can increase your speed provided you are at a better level, say an advanced level because it needs a higher level of skill to fully use its great potential.

Despite being a very fast blade, the Zelebro has an amazing level of slow brushing topspins or your more powerful loop drive. Despite using the Rhyzer 50 which is already a very fast rubber, the Zelebro can let you topspin the ball on a slow but very spinny kind of loop. It produces a medium high arc when looping. In my opinion, it favors faster strokes because of its speed. When you take the ball on the rise, there is some level of control that lets you easily hit the ball to loop heavy underspin balls either as a service receive/attack or half long underspin serves. You could feel the large area of sweetspot the blade has and I think this has some contribution on giving you power when you do not hit the ball exactly at the inner middle part of the blade. For strong shots, I can say the level of control is above average since this blade is more on the offensive side.

Just a bit of caution on sensitive shots or shots made above the table, it needs a certain level to fully use the Zelebro. Doing long, spinny underspin pushes are not a problem but you have to have the right touch and feel on the Zelebro to do drop shots or very short push because with faster rubbers like Rhyzer 50 or 48, the ball can sometimes pop because f the raw power the blade has. With advanced level of players, this blade’s control is already above on what is expected on a ZL carbon blade. I would recommend using medium soft or soft rubbers like Rhyzm Tech or Joola Rhyzer 43 to have good amounts of control. Since this is a limba outer ply blade, using Hurricane 3 is very ideal or better yet just the Joola Tango PS. The vanilla Tango can be a little fast for intermediate level players so I advocate for a more controllable tacky type of rubber in the forehand and also has a softer feel than the Tango. Overall, a very good advanced level blade.
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