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JOOLA Rossi Emotion

by JOOLA · Part of Blade Sale
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Rated 4.8/5

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The thin hinoki outer plies give a soft touch on thin contact shots. This results in a great, controlled touch over the table, and a good feeling when looping.


Developed and used by Germany's Mr. Tabletennis, Joerg Rosskopf. Only high quality materials are used, selected Hinoki veneers and carbon fibers with nano technology-which provides and extra large sweet spot and the highest precision. Whether for a topspin player or an aggresive blocker, the ROSSKOPF EMOTION meets the highest demands.

Weight: 85g
Veneer: Hinoki, Koto, Carbon, Ayous
Layers: 5+2
Speed: 90
Control: 73
Strategy: ALL/OFF extreme
Technology: Carbon

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Reviews of JOOLA Rossi Emotion (24)

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 External Review for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on May 16, 2018
This is great blade.Soft touch+power play all possible.Chops,serves,drives and amazing loops.Handle is somehow improves the BH.I have seen many player develop a stronger BH drive with this blade...and it did the same to my BH.And not too expensive.Hinkoi gives great feel/touch.Carbon comes into action if you hit hard.
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 External Review for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on January 27, 2017
Best blade i ever played.. the core is not kiri, it is ayous. Ayous give more flexibility to the blade.
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 External Review for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on January 17, 2017
Overall score 9.8 because never liked a blade like this one. I am club player.

Quality is top notch. Feeling is solid. 7 ply as Hinoki (thin layer)_Koto_Carbon_Kiri... nice combination. It took some time for me to adjust to the blade. FL Handle is very nice and slim (not like PG9), very smooth (may be slightly slippery although never slipped of my hands), not long or not oval (like viscaria), (not short like Xiom vega pro). Mine is 85 grms but feels lighter and has extra-ordinary balance. I felt no head heavyness. It has a nice sweet spot too.

Speed of the blade is fast and I get as much speed as I need for overall offensive play. Away from the table, it required some efforts to generate speed. Try to get heavier JRE for faster speed. (PG9>Viscaria>JRE>Vega Pro>WUCS a short comparison).

It allows tonnes of spin in slow shots and its design allows quicker wrist movement on back hand flicks. I played with Aurus on FH (2.1) and Maxxx P (max) on BH. Rubbers suits to the blade in my view.

I think the blade has most outstanding control so far. Blade has some flex on power shots. Its rare thing being great for looping (slow looping + power loops very good) and great on blocking too. Hope this helps :) Enjoy TT
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 External Review for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on January 16, 2017
I am normally a defender but love this blade for when I play double inverted attacking. The feeling is just there and it can do everything without being too fast or too extreme in any way. It's stiff, but in a good way, so don't take that rating as a negative. It loops well, and blocks VERY well. Blocking is where this shines.

Perfect for attackers or allrounders if playing with inverted both sides. Too fast and bouncy for OX pips (Hinoki is not very dampening) if you are that kind of player. Not great for a chopper, but it can be done. I have never felt a bigger sweet spot on an attacking blade.

Everyone is correct, if this was a BTY blade, it would be well a $200+ blade.
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Review by tsunami_72 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on December 7, 2016
I just mounted the rubbers on this blade 3 days ago. Having had only a couple of hours on it before my Tuesday night league, I would typically NOT use a paddle that I've not put some time on in league play; however, this blade plays comfortably similar to my JOOLA Viva...with that little extra bit of punch when needed. On the short game, it is incredible - pushing back and forth in a limbo contest of sorts repeatedly turned out in my favor. Accurately putting away flat drives is a breeze, and taking a step back from the table into a loop / counterloop scenario was perhaps where this blade really shines. It's not as stiff as my K6 (which is too stiff IMO) and lacks only slightly the control and unsurpassed dwell time of the Viva blade. I outfitted it with Rasant Grip 2.1 on FH and Rasant Powersponge 1.9 on BH. As I said, I've only got a short time with this blade, but so far the JOOLA Rossi emotion is undefeated in club play, and I only lost 1 game in 3 matches...not bad for a blade that I was getting used to. I'm sure it basically comes doen to playing style and personal preference, but as for me, I've nothing bad to say about the JOOLA Rossi Emotion.
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 External Review for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on November 26, 2016
Very well balanced blade the build quality is high . This blade has high control and throw, making ideal for top spinning. But I had no problem performing offensive smash to defensive chop. Pretty much very good on all strokes but looping in is the main strength of this blade. The blade is fast with xiom vega pro rubbers on. This blade feeling is medium hard dispite top layer is hinoki.
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 External Review for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on April 13, 2016
I play with penhold grip with RPB, and this is my first composite blade. Right before this one, I was playing with Nittaku Septear. I was very anxious about getting a composite blade but my dealer insisted that I should give it a try. After seeing some reviews I decided to buy this one. The finish on this blade is very fine. No rough edges, very well balanced and a delight to look at. After pairing with Evolution MX-P and Aurus I took it for a test ride and there it was. I felt what I've been reading in blade reviews of composite blades for so long, a huge sweet spot. With this one I feel like I can do anything. It does not have a dirty vibrating feeling but still I could get the feedback on my hand (something i thought i will miss in composite blades) . The spin on serves and loops is incredible. Hitting drives and heavy top spin loops have never been this easy for me ever since I started table tennis. If you want to move to composite blades choose this one, there will be no regrets. I can't compare it to any other composite blades but IMHO this one is definitely something worth having.
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 External Review for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on December 21, 2015
Mine was 86g. PERFECTLY balanced blade when I had Xiom Vega Europe, Hexer+ and other rubbers on it. Works best with medium sponge rubbers IMO. Really nice feel and great handle shape. Faster when hitting harder and activating carbon layer, yet slower and woodier when simply pushing or playing touch shots. Not as good as my Tibhar Stratus Power Wood for looping, but otherwise it was REALLY nice. Enjoyable blade and one of the best carbon blades for the price, that I've tried- I paid around AUD $60, on special. I bought both the JRE and the TSPW and sold the JRE, mainly because I prefer all wood. If you like carbon blades I wouldn't hesitate! Great value OFF- blade. Agree with user "CornelTT" that if branded 'Butterfly RE' it would be worth 3x the price, no question... **Update** I sanded the head of my TSPW blade (was 87g) to the JRE head size and now that is balanced perfectly as well : )
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Review by keyneschen (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on December 6, 2015
Very good racket! Nice control and speed!
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 External Review for JOOLA Rossi Emotion on July 4, 2015
This blade works like charm..
Paired it up with Sonex JP Gold and Joola Rhyzm.
My game has significantly shots now land on every part of table with much higher consistency.
This blade is not as hard as other carbon blades. If you are habitual to play with softer blade and want to upgrade to carbon and also want high control over shots.. You cannot go wrong with JRE.
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