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JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c

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The best control among the PBO blades. The outer hinoki ply is combined with a ZLC layer that produces good feedback to the hand with a good amount of control. A pure looper's blade but also fast enough for power-play. Comparable to Butterfly Amultart ZLC.

The layered structure of the single veneers is what makes the JOOLA Nobilis Blade special. The PBO-c fibers are placed directly on top of the Kiri core veneer. In addition to a good playing feel, the 1.2mm hard Hinoki outer veneers give the blade a prolonged ball contact time and allow for the most extreme spin on a ball, creating a high trajectory. This construction gives the blade stability, elasticity and a lot of force, enabling very precise play even at high speed. The interaction of the individual components makes the JOOLA Nobilis PBO an offensive blade that is more than just fast and balanced with good spin and precise, pure feeling. The JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c is in its own class!

• Very offensive 3+2 ply blade
• PBO-c fibers provides an enlarged sweet spot and improved acceleration
• Suitable for the modern offensive player who plays with great speed
• Developed for the ABS Ball

Vibration: Medium
Touch: Hard
Ply: 3+2
Composition: Hinoki, PBO-c, Kiri
Playstyle: Off- / Off+
Technology: PBO-c Carbon
Head Size: 157mm x 151mm
Thickness: 7.1mm

Weight: 87g
Speed: 108
Control: 52

Recommended Rubbers:
Off-: Rhyzer 43, Rhyzm Tech, Maxxx 450
Off+: Rhyzer 48, Rhyzm-p, Golden Tango, Rhyzm

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Reviews of JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c (10)

An outstanding Blade. Coming from a Donic Carbo system off minus i tried various blades to compensate the new poly ball. I tryied Butterfly viscaria, viscaria light, Butterfly Zhang Jike, Donic Ovtcharov true carbon, Donic Waldner world champion 89...nothing worked. But Joola Nobilis immediately worked for me. Outstanding control, perfect in short play, you can play VERY short with it. Good sping and high arc in top spins. Very fast and hard when you play modern countertops near to the table. Excellent feeling in serves and returns. Perfect control in block play. I use Dawei Inspirit on backhand and Tibhar Quantum pro soft on forehand. I play low class in Germany, allround and Offensive style. Since i play this blade i win and win and win...
By the way, the blade has exact the same plies as Donic carbo system off plus but seems to differ in the carbon pliy. Donic used kevlar. But those blades feel identical, Donic is a little bit lighter because of smaller measures, therefore faster but not as hard in play as Joola.
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Setup: 88 grams Joola Golden Tango PS 50. FH (2.0mm black) Omega V Euro Max Red for BH. I also tried NanoFlex 48 both sides. T05 and D80 both sides. The GTango PS and Euro are the best combo in my opinion. The looping with the semi bouncy euro-Chinese rubber are superb and sublime. Very good speed with very compact strokes creating super strong, medium-mid low shots that are hard to return. Great for blocking and countering. Being initially offensive can be a bit of trouble since it does have a bit of a kick when doing extra rotational strokes. Short game is impeccable with the Tango on FH. Blade is a rocket that holds your hand when you are inside the table playing safety shots and strokes. Sweet spot isnt huge but really good imo for the way it plays. The feeling is quite muted over the garaydia and may be for those who want less vibration and still good feedback and their price point.
Serving is superb. Pushing/receiving/opening are easy. Counters are generally strong and safe and I rarely overshoot the table on counters and topspins. Redirection and blocking are really easy and direct when I want and I can also curve the ball when needed. Overall a really good blade. Better than HL3, Viscaria, TBALC, HL5 original imho.
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I thought for a long time whether I should withdraw or correct my last review! - but since 2 days ... !!!
UPDATE: Unfortunately I can only rate this blade (after the DOTZ test) without rubbers, but I can say with a clear conscience that this blade is definitely faster and stiffer than generally rated!
Their structure is very reminiscent of an inner layer blade. - the two outer veneers are roughly as thick as the two outer layers of an inner layer blade !!!
The feeling when the ball hits the blade is medium hard and the ball return is rather mediocre. From this it can be concluded for me that it should only deliver a decent performance in connection with rubbers above 47.5 degrees hardness!
You may now be wondering why I am writing a review in the first place. - very easy! I bought a "clone" in China (via AliExpress), but in the end it is not a clone at all.
This replica, sold by Stuor, has a different veneer structure and is called Nobilis SZLC (Review under "no brand"). This blade is slightly slower and plays more directly (... is therefore more versatile when it comes to the rubber selection!), As it is a little harder overall.
CONCLUSION: with a price of only 44 Euro (50 Dollar), the Stuor replica is very likely (- for most!) the much better choice.
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I came from a Donic Waldner Dotec Carbon, which is a great blade, but I wanted a little more speed. After seeing the Nobolis PBO-C on YouTube (being tested by Dan) I thought Id give it a try.
I used it with Joolas rubber Rhyzer Pro 50 sponge as did Dan. Very good but the dwell on my bh was too quick. I switched to Dignics 80, and I now have a fantastic blade. FH loops with the Rhyzer Pro are fast with, plenty of spin, speed, and a good arc to clear the net. On BH the Dignics gives me the dwell time I need to do banana flicks, blocks, and loops. Actually thinking of putting Dignics 80 on both sides, as this rubber seems to suit this blade so well,
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I bought this blade as a gift for my wife for valentine's day along with Joola Rhyzer Pro 50 on both sides. The blade itself and rubber are of supreme quality. However, I am giving 3 star rating due to a couple of things. First, the blade is supposed to come in a nice looking metal case as is shown by several reviews of the blade on YouTube. Unfortunately, mine just came in a standard cartoon case. Second and more importantly, the red rubber on the back hand side is not glued properly and you could see big bubbles in the edges of the blade. The assembly was poorly done and I had hoped Megaspin would do a better job with that, especially that this blade-rubber combination came with a pretty high bill.
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