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JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c

by JOOLA · Part of JOOLA PBO-C Blades
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Rated 4.3/5

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The best control among the PBO blades. The outer hinoki ply is combined with a ZLC layer that produces good feedback to the hand with a good amount of control. A pure looper's blade but also fast enough for power-play. Comparable to Butterfly Amultart ZLC.

The layered structure of the single veneers is what makes the JOOLA Nobilis Blade special. The PBO-c fibers are placed directly on top of the Kiri core veneer. In addition to a good playing feel, the 1.2mm hard Hinoki outer veneers give the blade a prolonged ball contact time and allow for the most extreme spin on a ball, creating a high trajectory. This construction gives the blade stability, elasticity and a lot of force, enabling very precise play even at high speed. The interaction of the individual components makes the JOOLA Nobilis PBO an offensive blade that is more than just fast and balanced with good spin and precise, pure feeling. The JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c is in its own class!

• Very offensive 3+2 ply blade
• PBO-c fibers provides an enlarged sweet spot and improved acceleration
• Suitable for the modern offensive player who plays with great speed
• Developed for the ABS Ball

Vibration: Medium
Touch: Hard
Ply: 3+2
Composition: Hinoki, PBO-c, Kiri
Playstyle: Off- / Off+
Technology: PBO-c Carbon
Head Size: 157mm x 151mm
Thickness: 7.1mm

Weight: 87g
Speed: 108
Control: 52

Recommended Rubbers:
Off-: Rhyzer 43, Rhyzm Tech, Maxxx-P, Rhyzm 425, Maxxx 450
Off+: Rhyzer 48, Rhyzm-p, Golden Tango, Rhyzm, Maxxx 500

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Reviews of JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c (7)

 External Review for JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c on February 22, 2020
I came from a Donic Waldner Dotec Carbon, which is a great blade, but I wanted a little more speed. After seeing the Nobolis PBO-C on YouTube (being tested by Dan) I thought Id give it a try.
I used it with Joolas rubber Rhyzer Pro 50 sponge as did Dan. Very good but the dwell on my bh was too quick. I switched to Dignics 80, and I now have a fantastic blade. FH loops with the Rhyzer Pro are fast with, plenty of spin, speed, and a good arc to clear the net. On BH the Dignics gives me the dwell time I need to do banana flicks, blocks, and loops. Actually thinking of putting Dignics 80 on both sides, as this rubber seems to suit this blade so well,
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Review by razzag (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c on February 17, 2020
I bought this blade as a gift for my wife for valentine's day along with Joola Rhyzer Pro 50 on both sides. The blade itself and rubber are of supreme quality. However, I am giving 3 star rating due to a couple of things. First, the blade is supposed to come in a nice looking metal case as is shown by several reviews of the blade on YouTube. Unfortunately, mine just came in a standard cartoon case. Second and more importantly, the red rubber on the back hand side is not glued properly and you could see big bubbles in the edges of the blade. The assembly was poorly done and I had hoped Megaspin would do a better job with that, especially that this blade-rubber combination came with a pretty high bill.
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 External Review for JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c on December 27, 2019
Fantastic blade with a beautifull control and very fast. The handle is perfect and the blade is very well balanced. Mine is 82 grams and 170 grams with fastarc g1 and xiom vega europe in bh. I really recommend this blade to anybody who can afford the price.
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Review by yogi_bear for JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c on April 24, 2019

Nobilis PBO
Speed: off to off+
Weight: 80 grams
Thickness: 7mm
Plies: 5 (hinoki - ZL carbon - kiri)

Joola Nobilis PBO blade

This is one of the first few Joola blades I have gotten to review for a very long time - this and the other PBO blades. The Nobilis is the only hinoki outer ply blade in the series and it is also the most controllable blade. I thought this was the fastest since it has the typical hinoko-zl carbon composition. It is very light and the handle is very comfortable. The hinoki on its outer plies is kinda think at 1.2mm and its quality is almost as good as a kiso hinoki. The blade has a smooth but not slippery surface. Let me also add that the shape of the head is like a semi-egg shape blade head. The shape is not as profound as some of the old Waldner blades that are egg shaped but the end of the head is somehow tapered.

On the bounce test, the ball does not bounce that high and also the sound has a lower pitch indicating this is a controlled blade. It has a *thok* sound which has a middle high pitch. I thought this was the fastest blade in the PBO series but I was wrong. This is more like a controlled looping blade as indicated by its medium height bounce. When I first got the chance to hit with it I was surprised because it was not too bouncy. I would put the blade’s speed somewhat in the level of Michael Maze. It has ZL carbon on it but the speed was just enough. In fact, the speed is there but you will not expect something like that of the super ZJK or Amultart. It is fast enough but the control of the blade is the one that overwhelms your sensation that you can sometimes mistake it as an OFF blade and not an OFF+ blade because of its control. I am not a fan of hinoki blades but the Nobilis is one hinoki blade that I can make an exception. A lot of people I know do not like using a Chinese rubber on a hinoki blade but with the Nobilis

The blade is overwhelms you with good hand feedback or feel. You will not mind the above average speed because of the feel that it gives you is so pleasant. You cannot feel any bad vibrations on the blade. The blade is very light at 80 grams and every swing is easy to do even with a heavy rubber like Rhyzer 50 on one side and Golden Tango on the other side. The blade when combined with the Tango and Rhyzer 50 gives you a long trajectory with a medium arc. The blade’s performance is best at close to the table and middle distance. At far distance, you could feel the power diminish if you just use above averaged speed rubbers. If you want to go on that distance, you would need very fast rubbers like Rhyzer 48. To most people the Nobilis is more than enough since the speed is still above average but with a well compensated good feel and control. The Energon and Zelebro blades are much faster than the Nobilis but control and performance are much better for a lot of non professional players. For most of the players, I think I can safely say this is the one to choose because f its high level of control.
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 External Review for JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c on February 28, 2019
I decided to test the Nobilis after suggestion coming from a team mate. Amazing! I feel amazed! I am coming from a Timo Boll ALC but here I feel a bit more speed, the same even if not better control, but above all the touch with the ball, probably due to the Hinoki, is so brilliant and so confortable. I play an attacking game, trying to have lot of spin on the first balls and trying to close the point after. I feel more confident with this blade, I feel somehow "lighter" in my game, I trust I can block easier, I can play with more consistency my attacking shots, I feel the blade lighter in my hand. I am really amazed!
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 External Review for JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c on March 30, 2018
Fast and very good control, I love it! Good feeling, I can do almost everything I want. A little bit expensive, you need good skills to control it. I use 45 degrees rubbers. 47.5 are too fast for me.
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 External Review for JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c on March 12, 2018
I own all the good , and popular blade , last blade Zjk super zlc, Jun super zlc,all garaydia series ,timo ball series all the donic top blade, nittaku andro , Xiom Vega Tour,Xiom Fell zx2 and other.
but now I only play with three blade Donic waldner legend carbon , Garaydia zlc and this new Joola Nobilis!!!
Nobilis is almost same speed with Donic Walder carbon but with extra spring just like tensor rubber compare with non tensor rubber.
Very good you can feel the spring feel of the carbon which I cant never felt before.
The blade ply is quite same construction compare with Garaydia zlc but the core is thinner but the top hinoky is thicker and thickness is same 7.1 mm
Control is ok , you can block with safe. Smash is ok
Try it and you can fell the tensor blade, anyone if you try this blade please give your reviews compare with mine reviews
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