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4 Reviews for JOOLA Vyzaryz Freeze HRD

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perfect old viscaria for new players
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Paired with Dignics 05 for FH and Tenergy 19 for BH. I thought this blade would be harder to use than the Viscaria but it was not. Better control than the Viscaria and has the same speed. Nice crisp sound and the best part..way cheaper than the Viscaria. A very under rated blade. Kudos to the guys at Joola for making this. Sponsor players more for more exposure bec im confident you can be better than the other brands out there
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I am coming from ZJK alc > Super ZLC LYJ > Super ALC Viscaria > Viscaria ALC > ZJK ALC > Joola HRD. This blade feels close to ZJK ALC and Viscaria ALC, but crisper. This blade feels very close to a quality Viscaria ALC with less kick or catapult. The power is somewhere between ZJK ALC and the Viscaria Super ALC,. The arc feels higher than the ZJK ALC, it does not create a long loop like the Viscaria Super ALC, much like Viscaria ALC. I've enjoyed it so far as my current experience. I primarily play with Chinese rubber or Chinese hybrids, which mix with this blade very well. The flare grip is bigger than the ZJK ALC, which feels kind of nice. For me when it's this big it becomes very obvious where and how I'm holding on to the blade via feel. I'm a fan of crisper blades, and contacting the ball does not disappoint, I feel as if It's a bit easier to create a quality loop, but it might be because I'm in my honeymoon phase with the racquet. I'm going to try an H3N Prov BS with this blade in a few days, I will update after.

Mine is 87g, Hurricane BS 40 for FH, and OS 37 for BH.
Edit: After using Joola 90 ZQH, from GAN's review. I think this blade has more gears, You can feel the blade sort of grabbing on to the ball, and launch it. It does have the power like ZJK ALC, and I think more, It feels like it has more of a trampoline feeling effect, since it grabs the ball. This blade has more feeling than ZJK ALC and more powerful, but not by much. Definitely slower than the Joola 90 ZQH, but not by much, but the feeling and lowerd speed give more feeling of where the ball will be. The throw angle is higher than ZJK ALC or 90 ZQH. Very Interesting blade, it feels more woody, than ZJK maybe because of how it's made via the cold press.
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One of the best blade a ever have. It reminds me of viscaria structure but it has more power. 5+2alc outer very balanced blade and has a very small vibration. My setup is Xiom jekyl and hyde Z version on FH and Tenergy 19 on BH. Damn i love this
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