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JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid

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The JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid is the dual-threat blade youíve been searching for! Itís customized to account for the differences in forehand and backhand swings. PBO-C is used on one side and Super PBO-C on the other. With one, youíll have a lower throw angle, perfect for driving shots. With the other, youíll achieve a higher arc, perfect for traditional spin. Using Koto as the outer veneer, youíll have more dynamic shots and direct touch. With this 5+2 ply blade, youíll have the ability to choose what is right for your forehand or backhand. Dominate the game with the JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid!

JOOLA Premium Line blades uses the highest quality materials with an attention to craftsmanship. With composite materials made in Japan, handles sourced in Italy, and assembly completed in South Korea, what you get when you use one of the JOOLA Premium Line blades will thoroughly impress you!

Weight: 85g

Recommended rubber sheets with Vyzaryz Hybrid:

All+: Rhyzen CMD
Off-: Dynaryz CMD
Off: Dynaryz AGR, Dynaryz ACC
Off+: Dynaryz ZGR

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Reviews of JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid (2)

What a beast.
The best spinny blade
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Weight: 92 grams
Plies: 7 (koto outer – super zlc/zlc , limba, kiri core)
Thickness: 5.86mm
Speed: Off+
Stiffness: Stiff

The Vyzaryz Hybrid is composed of 2 layers – 1 super ZLC or super PBO-C (green side) and 1 regular ZLC or PBO-C (purple side), It is not like another blade I know that has 2 entirely different materials on the blade resulting to an entirely different characteristic on each side. The handle is quite comfortable with a size of 25.5mm x 33.9mm but it felt a bit bigger than the TB ALC blade especially on the neck part. People with big hands will like this. Of the 3 Vyzaryz blades, this is the only one that has koto outer plies and is outright stiff whether you are using the super pbo-c or the regular pbo-c side. I used the Dynaryz AGR, Rhyzer 45 and Battle 2 rubbers for the test. I did have to switch the rubbers on each side due to the blade having 2 different composite materials on each side.

The Hybrid is outright stiff whether you are using the PBO-C or Super PBO-C side. For the purpose of identification and shortening the terms PBO-C = ZLC and Super PBO-C = SZLC will be used. This is a purely offensive blade. The hard outer koto and the 2 hard composite materials on each side ensure fast and powerful strokes and even fast blocks. This blade is not for the low level player wherein to switch to this from a slow racket would take much time to adjust. This is not for players who are trying to develop control on their shots and also develop consistency on their shots. I think I have repeatedly declared that personally I am not a fan of ZLC composite materials and I am more of an ALC, carbon aramid or soft carbon type of guy. Nevertheless, I think I can still say the blade is really good for whatever purpose it was designed to achieve. Think of the Vyzaryz Hybrid as a combination of ZJK SZLC and ZLC but at a much lower cost. Yes, it is still much more expensive compared to usual composite blades but compared to the popular ZJK SZLC, the cost difference is much bigger saving you a lot of money. The speed of both sides is both OFF+ with the SZLC side offering more speed and bounciness. The speed of the SZLC or ZLC layers is not as fast as pure carbon layers found among Tamca blades. I noticed that both sides when being used offensively such as looping or counterlooping, in order to maximize the usage of the blade, you need to hit with more sponge. It is like driving a race car. What is the use of a race car in a race track if you do not go for the speed. Likewise, the Hybrid is better for an all out offensive game. Sure it is good in active blocking but it is so much better for players who can do rallies consistently. I myself made quite an adjustment with both sides especially the SZLC side due to the lower arc. Between the ZLC and SZLC sides, the SZLC is the faster and with a much lower and sharper arc in all offensive type of shots. I made more adjustments with the SZLC because on backhand to backhand rallies, there are times I was hitting the net. With the ZLC, I was hitting the net less but the arc was just too low for me. Please take note this is due to personal preference of composite materials and I have not played with the blades for at least a month. With the forehand, both sides are a bit more controllable for me especially when I shifted to a Chinese rubber. The 2 sides can be very fast even at far distance from the table due to their stiffness and bounciness and the determining factor for this blade is the type of rubber being used. At far distance, the SZLC and ZLC sides did not have a drop in speed when using Dynaryz AGR or Rhyer 45 but it was evident that the speed offered by the SZLC side is much more. For backhand to backhand rallies, you would need to open more the blade angle since I had some adjustments with the ball hitting the net. For other players this is not a problem if they are used to zlc blades. For driving and smashing balls, the Hybrid is awesome as you would not worry much about the ball hitting the target. It is hard enough to counter and smash topspin balls but it still offers a certain amount of control.

How are the sides when looping? The regular ZLC side is the easier side to slow loop. The arc is still lower compared to that of an ALC blade but it needed lesser amount of skill than the SZLC. The SZLC side when used correctly produces a sharp, low arc loop that kicks when bouncing on the opposite side of the table which in turn is harder to block against. For this reason, countering with a low arc side spin counter loop at middle distance or far distance was fun to do so but it was frustrating to block against. Overall, the 2 sides favor off the bounce and peak timing when looping against underspin. Although you would be forced to do late contact loops when out of position sometimes or due to late reactions, I personally think that slow looping is not the forte of the Hybrid blade and just better to be utilized on faster loops which deal more on power and speed rather than just slow, spinny looping. The zylon material proved to be a good looping material due to some flex it offers. It may have lesser amount of flex compared to ALC but it does its job also for loops offering more on speed.

For shots inside the table such as flicks or drop shots, you would need to loosen your grip on the handle to handle delicate drop shots just to compensate for the blade’s stiffness and bounciness which is more in the SZLC side. For blocking, both sides are very stable producing low arc blocks which sometimes is a double-edged sword but it all boils down to the user and preference. The low arc blocks on both sides can be hard to defend against but this will also leave lesser room for error especially on the SZLC side.

I would highly recommend using softer rubbers such as the Rhyzer 45 for players whose level are not that high or maybe tacky rubbers such as Golden Tango to have better control and at the same time no difficulty in looping underspin due to its tackiness and slower speed comared to faster rubbers such as Dynaryz AGR and ACC. Rhyzer 50 is definitely ok and a good combination but I would stick to Rhyzer 45 to most players for better control. All in all this is an excellent attacking blade with some considerations on control and level of play but is greatly rewarding for players who have the skills to use this blade. I have only used this briefly with sp rubbers but I can say that the hardness would be very good for offensive SP and LP players.
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