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9 Reviews for JOOLA Energon Super PBO-c

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My opinion: very fast offensive blade, similar like every sp zlc, very good control
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one of the greatest shot quality blade ever in modern history of table tennis.
From 3rd division, overweight to 1st division and sixpack in my late 20's
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the best Super Zylon Carbon blade on market, slow like lin yun yu zlc, feeling compared to lin gaoyuan zlc but notch slower, more precise than zhang jike super zlc, less stiff than Agon SPZLC form PP MIT. Perfect quality for money.
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Incredibly blade. The best I've played with and they are quite a lot, although this is the first one I'm reviewing. Very good feeling and a big sweet spot. It's slower than I expected and that pleasantly surprised me. I use it with rubber Rasanter R53. Excellent spin and control. This is my blade for a very long time ahead.
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very fast blade, soft like every spzlc, very good control
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I played with this for 2 months .. I was very satisfied with the pallet. good speed, good control. you really feel the sweet spot. I really thought I found the blade doe me. unfortunately after having played 10-15 times I heard some sort of crackling when I waved it. now I notice that I can bend the blade. manufacturing defect or just poor quality? a pity .. expensive purchase for a few months of pleasure
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Fast and plays like a MJ SZLC. Softer than a JZK SZLC.
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Energon PBO
Speed: Off+
Weight: 92 grams
Thickness: 5.65mm
Plies: 7(koto-ZL carbon - limba -kiri)

The Joola Energon is the last blade in the PBO Series that I have tested. I saved the best for last since this is the flagship blade of the brand. It has a 7 ply construction with the following materials used – koto, zl carbon, limba and kiri core. The Energon has a stiff feel. Both the Koto outer layers and the ZL carbon give a stiff feel when bouncing the ball on the bare blade. The blade feels stiff even with the rubbers on it. Joola stated that the ZL carbon weaving for the Energon is tighter than the usual weaving and this is the reason why the blades gives a high rebound effect when hitting and also gives a very fast speed. I can say the quality is very high and it feels and plays like a Super ZJK blade due to similarities in constructions. The handle is comfortable to the hand and the blade’s construction is top notch for its quality.

The Energon is very fast. It is a stiff and high-rebound blade that is solely for attacks. This blade was designed for speed that is needed by every offensive player but the level of speed that is has is slower than hinoki carbon blades with pure carbon weaving. This blade is rated a true off+ blade. The ZL carbon on the 2nd layers of composite carbon ensures that you will have more than enough power even at far distance from the table. I tested the blade with Rhyzer 50 and the 2 Golden Tango rubbers – vanilla and PS versions. The combination of any rubber stated above provides amazing amount of speed without sacrificing too much control. The Energon has a large sweetspot at about 1 to 1.5 inches from the sides of the blade. At least with the huge sweetspot, you will not have to worry about maximizing your hit on the middle part of the blade only. The Energon has some weight on it and when you pair it with medium heavy rubbers like Rhyzer 50, the momentum and power output of your swing seem very strong despite middle half swings far from the table. The Rhyzer 50 is a hard rubber and when combined with the Energon’s stiff construction, even at far distance from the table, half swing for a stroke easily clears the net towards the other side but there is still some power on your shots. At full swing, you can really feel the amount of speed the blade has.

The Energon is better suited for fast offensive shots. You can do slow loops with it but I do not think the offensive capabilities of the Energon is best suited for strong offensive shots. The Energon produces a medium arc when looping. I felt that the Energon is a better blade for loops drives or for a pure smashing blade due to its stiffness. Active blocking or punch blocking is better than just soft and passive blocking.

How is the blade’s feel compared to other known blades? I can surely say that it has some feel of the Viscaria but on a harder sense but on a marginally faster speed. It is what it is and the closest blade I can compare it to is the Super ZJK blade. It is basically the lower priced version of the said blade. I do not think of any other blade I can compare it but the Super ZJK blade. The blade has a good amount of control even at high speeds but again like the Zelebro blade, the Energon is best used with a particular set of skills and this is not a beginner’s blade. The Energon has a good amount of feel and control. It has control that you can actually easily do touch type shots like drop shots and flicks.

The blade is a bit expensive compared to the usual composite blades. At 269 USD, it is not a joke for the price but compared to the Super ZJK ZLC, the Energon is a very good bargain. You get a blade which is as good as the more expensive blade but with a much lower price. You will get a high performance blade at a reasonable price.
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