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Reviews for JOOLA Chen Defender (4)

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YouTubing around, I came across the idea of combining soft/flexy blade (for control, feel, dwell time, and spin) with hard rubbers (for more control) on both sides and applying pressure on opponents shot after shot after shot. I took this idea to the extreme: This is the flexiest/softest-rated frame that I could find on, and I paired it with DHS Hurricane 8 Hard (~40 degrees) on both sides.

I love this setup. The weight does not go unnoticed, but I am used to heavy rackets (coming from tennis, where I use the ProKennex Ki5 PSE), and the tank-like properties work entirely in my favor.
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I have tried a lot of blades since deciding to change to a combination bat using long pimples on the BH side and spinny rubber on the FH. I use it with Stiga Destroyer in black ox and Dr. Neubauer Domination in red with 1.5mm sponge. This is a combination I am very happy with and one which has seen me rise from a 40% win rate to 75% in my local leagues. The blade and rubbers are light and manouverable. My FH attack is fast, effective and controlled and my BH is extremely controlled with some disruption and deception. I can't attack effectively with the BH but that may well be lack of technique because I can't attract with long pimples on any setup. I recommend this blade wholeheartedly to anyone with a decent forehand attack and the desire to control and confound with long pimples.
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This is the best option for beginners that start with the defensive game style. You can learn all the techniques for a classic defender, the control is amazing. Is has a huge head size, I played with a lot of defensive blades and Chen defender is the biggest one.

It's the best option if you want to build a good defensive style.
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if you just lob and chop it is almost impossible to miss, a definite must if you play with ox pips. the black cloth inner layers provide great control and sooo much feel. a little slow for counter looping and since the head is so large you cant match it with a heavy rubber or it feels like you are swigging a basball bat. however, chops land where ever you want them on the table and control is unmatched. classic defensive blade
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