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4 Reviews for JOOLA Air Carbon

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Excellent blade, well balanced, great feeling, I'm using Joola Rhyzm-P 2.0 Rubber
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This is excellent blade!I love it!
My rubber for fh is Joola Maxxx-p (2,0 mm)
for bh is Joola Samba Tech (2,0 mm)
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I love this blade. Maybe balsa and carbon is not for purists but for those of us who use wristy strokes and place the emphasis on quick attacks the combination is a godsend. This is probably my favourite example as it is not super thick or super hard...just right in fact. I have tenergy 05 on f/hand and hammond pro beta on b/hand and everything is working as it should.
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Forehand and backhand attacking shots felt effortless. Blocking is quick, takes a while to adapt.
Played with MXP on fh and MXS 1.8 on bh.
Needed a bit of a fine tune with touch shots, backhand push seemed quite controlled.
Serves seem pretty spinny. Upgraded from BTY BalsaCarbo x5
Shame the blade only lasted 2 weeks, it's a very soft blade... I wouldn't use it as an encouragement tool...
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