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Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft

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In Rakza 7 Soft the top sheet is the same as for Rakza 7. The sponge is softer which gives the rubber more sound and built-in speed glue effect. With Rakza 7 Soft the control characteristics are improved. After hitting the ball with top spin the curve of the ball is slightly higher, giving little bit bigger margins in the game. In the short return play, the ball feel is better.

Speed: 93
Spin: 96
Control: 68
Hardness: 37- 42

Yasaka rubbers are steeped in history dating back all the way to 1926. The flagship rubber for Yasaka has been the Mark V. Mark V burst onto the table tennis world stage in the 1970 and 1971 World Championships taking home victory in both competitions. The Mark V is still going strong today and other versions of the rubber have been produced through the following decades.

More recently Yasaka has developed Rakza rubbers which have taken innovation to another level. The shape of the pimples provides a strong balance between spin and speed. Rakza rubbers use Hybrid Energy to provide synergy between top sheet and sponge providing great elasticity for power and control.

Yasaka has many more rubbers in their product line as well. Yasaka rubbers are used by top professionals as well as players of all levels. Be like 2019 World Championship Silver Medalist Matias Falck and choose Yasaka rubbers.

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Reviews of Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft (95)

Love this rubber. Was not sure about the throw at first until I worked out how to flatten it. Now this throw makes staying in an aggressive rally easy. I have a fast blade with Neo H3 on the FH and really like the contrasting shots going between them. I find the 7 soft is a blocking machine that gets excellent placement. Easy to have a high throw that dips onto the white line but can really flatten out your shots to keep your opponents busy. Chops well at the net and you can still hit the ball. I will mix my forehand up between my neo H3 and 7 soft to change what my opponent is seeing. Really like this rubber, amazing control and placement. Needs a fast blade for your backhand but is great for setting you up if you have an aggressive offensive forehand. Might be a technique issue for me, I find this rubber on service has heavy spin on the 2nd bounce compared to the Neo H3 that has the heavy spin on the third. Just something I have noted and use it to my advantage when serving.
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I've used this rubber for 4-5 months (playing 15-20h per week on average) on my bh before changing it with Rakza X. It has great feeling, it's very easy to use and generate spin, and exceptional at blocking. I've learned how to bh flick using this rubber. The amount of safeness, the dwell time, the medium-high arc makes it exceptional for beginner-intermediate players that are developing their game. Also the price, the quality and the durability are 10/10. Mine is still usable. I just wanted to try out Rakza X.
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If you like softer rubber - buy it. Out of all soft rubbers - this is the best. After playing other soft rubber I just put it on my blade Rakza 7 Soft after long time and I love it. Even after playing hard rubbers for a while. Xiom soft ones didnt have same spin or blocking. Andro R37, R42, andro hexer sfx, play well first couple weeks but lose grip fast and do Not have same lasting spin. clicking sound is best on Rakza 7 Soft.
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It's the most spinny rubber I've ever had. The sponge is pretty soft. Easy to control on low speeds.
1. High bounce on servings, no matter what type of serve I try to create.
2. Otherwise, trajectory on any strock is very linear. Of course, I'm not a pro, but even DHS Hurricane 8 has less linear trajectory than Yasaka from my point of view.
High speed of rubber + linear trajectory makes this rubber offensive and danger but high bounce ruins this advantage and makes this rubber more danger for you.
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Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft is really good rubber. Got a lot of spin and great control. Moreover it is rather soft and not much speed. This combination makes it incredibly easy to play. I highly reccommend this rubber on Backend for every intermediate allround player.
To sum up, my rating for Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft (in scale 1 to 10) is:
Speed = 8,0
Spin = 9,2
Control = 9,6
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