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Killerspin MyT10 BiancoPure

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Introducing the newest version of the MyT10 Pocket ping pong table series, the MyT10 BiancoPure. Dipped in clean white paint, from its 1” thick table top, down its stout steel frame to the 5”, easy-roll wheels, this table performs as well as it looks. This competition-quality table is at home in the most stylish of locations.

Protection’s Built In

Put an end to loose balls and damaged paddle rubbers. Each side of the MyT10 BiancoPure is fitted with a pair of pockets, one for your balls and one for your paddles. Use them to keep eight balls on each side at the ready, and to protect a total of four paddles when you’re not playing ping pong.

A Perfect Match

Make a statement with the unique look of the MyT10 BiancoPure. The sleek white presence complements almost any decor and dovetails perfectly into today’s luxury homes.

Competitive in Tight Spaces

As with all MyT Pocket Series table tennis tables, the BiancoPure quickly folds into a compact 60in. x 64in. x 36in. footprint and easily rolls over obstacles on tall, 5” wheels. That’s small enough to stash behind a door or out of the way in a corner. Setup is just as easy—simply release the safety latch, lower each side of table, and affix the net and you’re ready to play.

A Punch of Color

The bright red net posts that come with the table offer satisfying contrast to the white table with black accents. These sturdy, screw on net posts will not bend under pressure and feature easy tension adjustment to ensure a straight and level net.

Frame Type: Folding
Table Location: Indoor
Coating: Repeat Roller Coating
Color Of Top: White
Net Post Set: Premium Killerspin Net-post
Setup Style: Rollaway
Top: 25mm MDF
Feet: Adjustable
Weight: 310.0 lbs

Warranty  Killerspin Tables are covered by Killerspin's 1 year limited warranty.

Shipping Policy  Killerspin MyT10 BiancoPure is delivered free of charge in 3-6 business days to any contiguous US location, using curbside delivery with a lift gate truck. Your order will be followed up with a phone call prior to delivery.

Optional White Glove Service (includes table assembly) costs an extra $350 for this model. The service consists of inside delivery, table assembly and box removal. You may request this service by ticking the checkbox on top of the "Add to Shopping Cart" button above.

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Balls Within Reach

Keeping Paddles Safe & Clean

A Cleaner, More Stylish Look

Each Killerspin pocket table holds 8 balls within easy reach of both players, so you can spend more time playing table tennis and less time chasing after balls.
Both sides have storage for two table tennis paddles. Now you don't have to worry about your paddle collecting dust and getting damaged when not in use.
Why clutter up perfection with unnecessary white lines? Killerspin removed the extra lines on top of the table, producing a much more modern look to their tables.
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Warranty Plus: Additional Warranty Support If Needed

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Reviews of Killerspin MyT10 BiancoPure (21)

Review by jmturpi (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BlackPocket on March 30, 2019
Killerspin MyT10 BlackPocket was delivered 12/18. Packing material was great. There was some damage to the shipping box but the great packaging by Killerspin absorbed all damage and not damage was done to the table.

Set up is easy but you for sure need two people to lift each half of the table. The net is absolutely awesome and the height adjustment on the legs is great.

Unfortunately once leveled and the two halves were brought together the center line did not match up. It was about 4mm off. Acutally very distracting when playing. Also after about 5 games the table surface began to show spots all over the surface where the balls had landed. Final complaint is this table has alot of glare with normal daylight. My table was in a garage so during the day with the lights on inside the garage the glare from the windows in the garage was very distracting.

Megaspin customer service was amazing and addressed all of my issues leading to a replacement table being shipped. I chose a Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket and it is perfect. Centerline matches up, no glare, and no ball marks after 30 games.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by jeffpalmer321 (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on April 25, 2018
I purchased this table for my office to give the employees some game time at work. Fantastic table for the price and with the added bundle it was a great buy.
I’m already ordering better paddles as the competition is getting fierce.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by cwhite0 (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on June 12, 2017
Bought this table and have been very pleased. Great bounce. Very very sturdy and folds up nicely. The ball and paddle holders on the edges are a nice touch too. I hadn't bought a nice table before but was very happy with this table from megaspin.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2trod0t3 (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on March 29, 2017
This thing is bomb proof. The packaging was well thought out because when I received it, the delivery company definitely banged it around a bunch but the protection inside the packaging protected the unit from any damage. The assembly was a breeze. We were up and running in 30 minutes. It's very heavy but that's a good thing. The playing surface has good bounce and the table doesn't scoot if you bump into it or have to lean into it to make a shot. The paddle pocket and ball holder is a nice touch. So impressed I am thinking of ordering one for the office. A+
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by mujibraziya (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on March 13, 2017
Hope I can share my experiences on using the table, once I get it. Will update my review once I receive and use the table. But here is what happened so far. Order a table on Feb 24th. Had received a beaten up table on March 3rd and refused delivery. No updates yet on the new replacement table, It's already 13th ....

Megaspin edit: We are sorry about this issue with your table. The table was replaced at no cost.

Customer edit: My replacement table was delivered by Killerspin, after a lot of coordination by Megaspin team. Installation took only 15 minutes. The table is strong and well-built. Easy to setup and fold away. The table has a nice bounce and the ball + paddle holders are awesome. The Net has be designed well, but the implementation could have been better. Need to install and remove the net with attention to avoid scratching the table surface. Excellent support by Megaspin in getting the replacement table. Highly recommend the table and buying through Megaspin.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by mrfoster (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BlackPocket on March 11, 2017
Table arrived in perfect condition. Super simple to setup = less than 30 minutes of unboxing to play.

All black table looks great in finished basement and we get lots of complements on selection. Would definitely recommend and would buy again.

Very happy with pricing and bundle from

Great family fun.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by jherstein (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 22, 2017
This is a very good table. Good design and well-built. Its a dramatic upgrade from what you would imagine a table to be.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2sqelr4u (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 16, 2017
I love my new Killerspin MyT10 Bluepocket. The two section table was easy to assemble. It does take two people to assemble as noted with the description of the table. The color is fantastic. The table is tournament grade. The construction is top notch. I highly recommend this table.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by simpsonism (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 16, 2017
This is a great table. Was very easy to assemble and looks amazing. The only issue that I have had with it is that after 2 months white spots have shown up on the tables surface. They seem to be completely astetic and don't impact play on the table at all but they are still there. The support from megaspin and killerspin has been great and they are working with me to find what caused or how to remove the white spots from the table.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by khoien (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BlackPocket on February 15, 2017
We are very happy with our MyT10 table! We have always loved playing table tennis - but, WOW, it is even more fun on this quality table! We wanted something nice if we left it set up in the game room as well as one that is easy to put away! This is both! Plus we love the pockets for storage of the balls and paddles! We mainly leave it out as we play as often as we can! Great family time and it is easy to get the teenager off their electronics to play! Great quality table! Highly recommend!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2sw5bbil (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BlackPocket on February 15, 2017
This is a great table. Love the inserts for the balls and paddles. Most of all, I love the way the table plays. Great job!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2sbqzewb (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 15, 2017
The table is awesome. We have it in our YMCA family facility, and it has been a hit with all ages. It seems to be very well built and sturdy enough for the use it gets from our group. Highly recommend this table as it is far superior to other tables that we have had
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2stb90zm (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 15, 2017
This is an excellent and sturdy table! Very high quality.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2sd175xf (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 15, 2017
Superior quality of construction, yet lightweight enough to be portable. Smooth polished tabletop that is sufficiently rugged to resist any markings due to inexperienced players hitting their paddles on the table. No particle board. Paddle and ball holders very convenient. Definitely a bargain and comparable to a much more expensive model. Ideal for novice to experienced players. Highly recommend the white glove service for installation - very professional and quick installation, particularly when required to maneuver the table to the basement.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2sg037ou (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 15, 2017
Table is super solid and well engineered. The ball and racket storage should be standard on all tables. This thing is HEAVY! Lifetime purchase for us. Will never need another.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by pvpb (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 15, 2017
Beautiful and sturdy table for players of any skill level. The table is heavy, and will need atleast 2 people to move and help with the install. Install was easy though. I was done and playing in about 30 mins.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by aldenf22 (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 14, 2017
Best table ever. I have played on other lower quality tables, and I have to say, I noticed a difference with this table. The quality of this table is top notch. Totally worth the extra $$. I also have to say that Megaspin customer service can't be beat. I had an issue with the Table, which was addressed and resolved quickly with Megaspin. I will always look to Megaspin first when looking to buy my table tennis gear.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by akforde7 (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BlackPocket on February 12, 2017
We love our table! It was so easy to put together and is beautiful in the black color way.

My only criticism is that we have a few little chips - two under where the net attaches and one on the edge. I think the latter occurred during shipping.

Megaspin customer service is also wonderful. Would definitely buy from these guys again.


After my initial review, a Megaspin representative reached out and sent a filler for the chips I had mentioned in the post. We are thankful for your prompt attention.

Megaspin's customer service is absolutely phenomenal. Period. We will be customers for life.

Thank you again.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2s2hfd2m (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 11, 2017
Table was delivered on time and in perfect condition from Megaspin. Took 10 minutes to assemble. Outstanding table - well worth the money and all you need for a family rec room. Thing is sturdy and will last for decades. Love the built in space for the paddles and balls. Would buy again in a heartbeat.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2rtki2nk (Verified Customer) for Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket on February 8, 2017
This table plays fast and has a great bounce. One thing I wish I knew is that it does not fold up and away easily. Otherwise, I love it!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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