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JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot

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This classic defensive blade is specifically designed for anti-top rubbers. The cottonwood veneers are extremely soft and very slow providing great control and power absorption.

• Defensive 5-ply blade
• Designed to be used with anti-spin rubbers
• Suitable for close to the table defensive play
• JOOLA’s slowest blade

Vibration: High
Touch: Extra Soft
Ply: 5
Composition: Pappel, Pappel, Pappel
Playstyle: Def- / Def+
Technology: N/A
Head Size: 163mm x 155mm
Thickness: 5.7mm

Weight: 85g
Speed: 53
Control: 100

Recommended Rubbers:
Def-: Toni Hold Antitop
Def: Mambo, Axxess
Def+: Mambo H, Energy X-Tra

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Reviews of JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot (7)

works exceptionally well in hardbat configuration. I used both BTY Orthodox DX and Yasaka A1. in both cases, the results exceeded my expectations. much spinier than anticipated. the size of the face is just right, a little bigger than average. the weight balance is perfect. the handle is very comfortable.
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This is a very soft and slow blade. The sweet spot of the blade is quite large, so you can always get a good feel when you hit the ball. The good feel of the blade also gives you confidence to hit harder, which compensates for the slow speed of the blade. I would recommend this blade for anyone who is trying to learn modern defender, using inverted on forehand and pips on back.
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In fact there are two models of this legendary blade. The Toni Hold and the Toni Hold white spot. The difference is that the Toni Hold has 5 plies of cottonwood while the Toni Hold white spot has 5 plies of poplar. (according to Joola) Both trees are related (same family - populus) but i feel that cottonwood is slightly stiffer. I have both blades and i can notice some difference. The cottonwood feels a tiny bit faster. This is in my opinion an allround- or an defence+ blade, While the white spot is purely a defensive blade. Both blades are slightly oversized but not as much as for example the joo se hyuk. They both are quality defensive blades but i like the cottonwood version most because it is a little bit easier to counter attack.
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What a gem! Light and soft blade with incredible feeling and control. You can do anything with it. I play an all round looping game with inverted on both sides (Rakza 7 / Mark V) and I consider this the finest looping blade that I have ever played with. Be honest, are you losing sets because your blade is too slow? I doubt it. Slow down and take control. Read the game and your opponent, and then be grateful that this blade allows you to play any type of game that suits you and not them. My game improved from day 1 with this blade, and I know that playing with it will push me to improve my technique as well. I simply can't recommend this blade enough.
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I really like this blade. It is slow and good for a close to the table blocking, chop blocking game with the ability to suddenly turn defence into offence when the chance arises. I have tried spinlord dornenglanz on the backhand which was effective and easy to play with. On the forehand I used an all round reverse rubber and could the ball away nicely. I am looking forward to trying my preferred rubbers red S&T hellfire and black Neubauer Domination. The blade shows enough promise to be worth buying the rubbers to try. My favourite blade is the Joola Chen Defender. But only the old style as I think the new blue handled ones are not as good. This Toni Hold White Spot seems as good and maybe even better. As I say - a good slow blade to take the speed off the opponent's shots as then add it back in when you choose to go on the attack.
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