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JOOLA Rossi Emotion

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The carbon fiber is placed right next to the Ayous core to create an enhanced sweet spot which results in excellent control and feedback. In comparison with other blades with carbon core, the ROSSKOPF EMOTION has a relatively soft feel and a high trajectory due to the specially selected Hinoki surface. The blade offers the best possible balance between feeling and speed in active play.

• Offensive 5+2 ply blade
• Unique Hinoki outer ply creates a soft feel without sacrificing speed
• Suitable for the all-round mid distance player
• Classic blade used by the German National Team coach, Jorg Rosskopf

Vibration: Medium
Touch: Hard
Ply: 5+2
Composition: Hinoki Nature, Koto, Carbon, Ayous Nature
Playstyle: All / Off+
Technology: Carbon
Head Size: 156mm x 152mm
Thickness: 5.9mm

Weight: 87g
Speed: 90
Control: 73

Recommended Rubbers:
All: Mambo, Energy X-Tra, X-Plode Sensitive, Samba Tech
All+: Samba 19, X-Plode
Off-: Samba 27, Maxxx-P, Rhyzm Tech
Off: Rhyzm-P, Rhyzer 43, Rhyzm
Off+: Golden Tango, Rhyzer 48, Maxxx 500

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Reviews of JOOLA Rossi Emotion (30)

I played with this blade 1 month. 3 days in a week. I gave a try to this blade because I wanted to improve my BH topspin. My BH topspin is getting better. It is very good also for blocks. But I can't do other strokes nicely like I performed with my previous blades. For me it is too soft. Since I changed to this blade , can't win push battles, can't do strong loops, can't do high arc spinny slow FH topspins. It is bouncy despite it has soft outer ply which makes difficult serve receiving and pushing.
Others have said that if it was a "butterfly rossi emotion" it could be 3 times expensive. But I don't agree. It is not a Butterfly quality blade. Sweet spot is not good. Bad control. Too soft.
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Put Tibhar EL-P (Max) on both sides and the speed is there when you need it along with excellent control. Blocking and ball placement comes easy. The flared (concave) handle feels right at home in your hand. Easily matches all of the high priced Butterfly blades with the same origin. The weight of the blade and max rubber is 189 grams (just right for me). Nice setup.
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I am intermediate level player. In the last year I played with Primorac/Tenergy 80 on both sides than I bought YEO/Rakza 7 on both sides. Finally, I bought Rossi emotion with Maxxx-P on both sides. Primorac/Tenergy setup was too uncontrollable. Any push/defensive game ended in high balls or outside the table. The YEO with Rakza 7/1.7 is just a hard bat. Finally, I tried Rossi Emotion with Maxxx-P. Its incredible combination. Blocks end on the table, can lift underspin balls with ease. Really comfortable play. I highly recommend this blade.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I use ST handle with Hurricane 3 Neo on FH and Shining Dragon on BH. Great sidespin and topspin on FH. Great control and topspin on BH. Nicely built. Good feeling and sweet spot. More suitable for close to table and 1-2 m from the table player. I rated it All+.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This was my first serious blade after using a Stiga Allround Classic Carbon with Mark V's to get a feel for the basics. After getting deeper into learning proper technique and strokes I bought the Rosskopf Emotion as a second bat setup, with Hurricane III Neos on both sides. After playing for a bit and feeling surprisingly comfortable with this much faster and spinnier setup I ended up playing only with this bat. As a beginner I still feel in control and landing shots I was never before able to do and learning very fast. Thanks to my EJ tendencies I have since tried different more daring setups but I always fall back on this combo which works very well for me, though I am toying with trying out a similar Hurricane setup on a non-carbon blade (trying Primorac and others out at the moment) in the hope that I will have better feel/less speed to match my novice level.

My only gripe is the weight when paired with the DHS rubbers - it is the heaviest combination I have played with and a bit top heavy, but I blame the heavy sponges. (184g total)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

just received this joola rossi emotion in penhold. I chose rhyzm_p fh and maxxx_p bh. i bought this based on reviews but after using it for some practice i feel that this blade is the carbon vetsion of my dhs 6006 and slightly better feel because of the light weight. it came in with label made in China and comparing with my butterfly petr korbel made in japan this one got me disappointed.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

5/16/2018-This is great blade.Soft touch+power play all possible.Chops,serves,drives and amazing loops.Handle is somehow improves the BH.I have seen many player develop a stronger BH drive with this blade...and it did the same to my BH.And not too expensive.Hinkoi gives great feel/touch.Carbon comes into action if you hit hard.
Middle layer is ayous ,not kiri.Composition=Ply: 5+2
Composition: Hinoki Nature, Koto, Carbon, Ayous Nature.Joola Aruna=almost same...except core is KIRI in Aruna blade.
26 Sept,2019(update)-Using with T05 both sides,191.33 grams,but does not feel heavy at all,great balance.Best blade(out of 50+ I tested).Handle helps BH,especially Banana flicks.Far superior to Timo Boll ALC blade.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Best blade i ever played.. the core is not kiri, it is ayous. Ayous give more flexibility to the blade. you must change kiri with ayous in composition of blade,
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Overall score 9.8 because never liked a blade like this one. I am club player.

Quality is top notch. Feeling is about solid. 7 ply as Hinoki (thin layer)_Koto_Carbon_Kiri... nice combination. It took some time for me to adjust to the blade. Presonal Choice - FL Handle is very slim, very smooth (may be slippery although never slipped of my hands), not long or not oval (like viscaria), (not short like Xiom vega pro). Mine is 85 grms but feels lighter and has extra-ordinary balance. I felt no head heavyness. It has a nice sweet spot.

Speed of the blade is Off- fast but gice required kick on harder strokes due to carbon for overall offensive play. PG9>Viscaria>JRE>Vega Pro>WUCS a short comparison).

It allows tonnes of spin in slow shots. I played with Aurus on FH (2.1) and Maxxx P (max) on BH. Rubbers suits to the blade in my view.

I think the blade has most outstanding control so far. Blade has flex on extraordinary looping (slow looping + power loops very good) and great on blocking too. But gives higher throw. Hope this helps :) Enjoy TT
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I am normally a defender but love this blade for when I play double inverted attacking. The feeling is just there and it can do everything without being too fast or too extreme in any way. It's stiff, but in a good way, so don't take that rating as a negative. It loops well, and blocks VERY well. Blocking is where this shines.

Perfect for attackers or allrounders if playing with inverted both sides. Too fast and bouncy for OX pips (Hinoki is not very dampening) if you are that kind of player. Not great for a chopper, but it can be done. I have never felt a bigger sweet spot on an attacking blade.

Everyone is correct, if this was a BTY blade, it would be well a $200+ blade.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I just mounted the rubbers on this blade 3 days ago. Having had only a couple of hours on it before my Tuesday night league, I would typically NOT use a paddle that I've not put some time on in league play; however, this blade plays comfortably similar to my JOOLA Viva...with that little extra bit of punch when needed. On the short game, it is incredible - pushing back and forth in a limbo contest of sorts repeatedly turned out in my favor. Accurately putting away flat drives is a breeze, and taking a step back from the table into a loop / counterloop scenario was perhaps where this blade really shines. It's not as stiff as my K6 (which is too stiff IMO) and lacks only slightly the control and unsurpassed dwell time of the Viva blade. I outfitted it with Rasant Grip 2.1 on FH and Rasant Powersponge 1.9 on BH. As I said, I've only got a short time with this blade, but so far the JOOLA Rossi emotion is undefeated in club play, and I only lost 1 game in 3 matches...not bad for a blade that I was getting used to. I'm sure it basically comes doen to playing style and personal preference, but as for me, I've nothing bad to say about the JOOLA Rossi Emotion.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very well balanced blade the build quality is high . This blade has high control and throw, making ideal for top spinning. But I had no problem performing offensive smash to defensive chop. Pretty much very good on all strokes but looping in is the main strength of this blade. The blade is fast with xiom vega pro rubbers on. This blade feeling is medium hard dispite top layer is hinoki.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I play with penhold grip with RPB, and this is my first composite blade. Right before this one, I was playing with Nittaku Septear. I was very anxious about getting a composite blade but my dealer insisted that I should give it a try. After seeing some reviews I decided to buy this one. The finish on this blade is very fine. No rough edges, very well balanced and a delight to look at. After pairing with Evolution MX-P and Aurus I took it for a test ride and there it was. I felt what I've been reading in blade reviews of composite blades for so long, a huge sweet spot. With this one I feel like I can do anything. It does not have a dirty vibrating feeling but still I could get the feedback on my hand (something i thought i will miss in composite blades) . The spin on serves and loops is incredible. Hitting drives and heavy top spin loops have never been this easy for me ever since I started table tennis. If you want to move to composite blades choose this one, there will be no regrets. I can't compare it to any other composite blades but IMHO this one is definitely something worth having.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Mine was 86g. PERFECTLY balanced blade when I had Xiom Vega Europe, Hexer+ and other rubbers on it. Works best with medium sponge rubbers IMO. Really nice feel and great handle shape. Faster when hitting harder and activating carbon layer, yet slower and woodier when simply pushing or playing touch shots. Not as good as my Tibhar Stratus Power Wood for looping, but otherwise it was REALLY nice. Enjoyable blade and one of the best carbon blades for the price, that I've tried- I paid around AUD $60, on special. I bought both the JRE and the TSPW and sold the JRE, mainly because I prefer all wood. If you like carbon blades I wouldn't hesitate! Great value OFF- blade. Agree with user "CornelTT" that if branded 'Butterfly RE' it would be worth 3x the price, no question... **Update** I sanded the head of my TSPW blade (was 87g) to the JRE head size and now that is balanced perfectly as well : )
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very good racket! Nice control and speed!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This blade works like charm..
Paired it up with Sonex JP Gold and Joola Rhyzm.
My game has significantly shots now land on every part of table with much higher consistency.
This blade is not as hard as other carbon blades. If you are habitual to play with softer blade and want to upgrade to carbon and also want high control over shots.. You cannot go wrong with JRE.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Hinoki-koto-carbon-kiri. The composition of the blade pleases by itself......that blade is great. The best price value by far you can find for an offensive carbon blaade. The hinoki outer ply combined with an inside carbon ply are giving amazing speed/control value. The feel is also amazing. Like all Hinoki baldes, i recommend to use medium hord or hard rubbers with it : Max 500, Tenergy 05/80/64.

The throw angle is medium-low, a bit lower than a viscaria.

Feeling is compact and clear, thats great. Good spin also. If it was a butterfly blade, it would cost 180.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Excelent blade. It shines when it comes to topspin but, at the same time, it is very good in all other aspects. Very good control, very stable and predictable. The hinoki outer plies with koto plies under, give a superb feeling. If it was called "Butterfly Rossi Emotion" the price would be more than 200 USD for sure. Highly recommended.
Update: 21/05/14 Amazing. The more I play with the more I love it. Perfectly balanced, controlable and good speed both for pushes or looping. And ... perfect for topspin. One of the best blades I've ever had.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Great blade. High quality for a low price. The thin hinoki outer plies give a soft touch on thin contact shots. This results in a great, controlled touch over the table, and a good feeling of dwell on looping.

However, this blade avoids some of the pitfalls of thick hinoki blades by using harder koto as a 2nd ply. This toughens the response up on harder shots, and gives good performance for blocks/hits/drives too.

A wonderful balance between looping and driving, and an excellent feeling of stability. Weight can vary a fair bit (I've seen 78g to 93g so far), so best to ask for a specific weight if possible.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Top notch blade. Good speed with high dwell. Very good balance and handle. Quality is high. Loops, blocks, serves amazing. Highly recommended.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Wow I have just bought this blade along with rubber yasaaka mark5. It is very light weighted and has awesome control
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Great control in the blade with a good amount of speed and spin.very good for all round players....
Review helpful?    Yes | No

An amazing fly. I just migrated from Butterfly Jonneyr-HI to Rosskopf emotion. I earlier thought that i will miss the control part, but the rosskopf offers tremendous control on the ball, but still the speed of carbon. It is not too past like Primorac Off+, but defenitly better than my earlier fly. I have Joola Exp-2 Red and Mark-V for my BH. I could make good chops combined with the half loops on my FH. However i could not control my topspin, which could be due to the high-throw propoerty of Exp-2 rubber. May be Exp-1 could have been a better choice. Overall, i am extremely satisfied with the fly. Thanks to joola.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very Good Allround blade... It is fast, has very good control... I am more of a defensive player and it helps on accurate, nice and easy push around anywhere on table and corners, blocks and looping till mid distance from table... Ofcourse rubber choices would also effect performance... I use Express One FH and Express Two BH, both Max...
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Rossi Emotion is really a good blade, it feels very similar to Photino in many ways but a lot cheaper :) .. overall an excellent blade. I would use it for a long time.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Best blade I have played in terms of of speed and control cobination. Finish is good and the grip is superb (I used FL grip), well made and well thought of.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This blade sealed weighs 88.6grams. It feels very good and is finished well. It is fast but not too fast-I would say like the Stradivarus- it is as fast as any one would need. Control will vary with the sheets you put on it but I found it very connistent and a perfect trade off between speed and control. It is worth the money as it is an excellent blade-for an offensive style of play where topspin is a must-this is your best choice. I have played with many including another Joola blade the Viva which has better control maybe but though rated the same in speed is not as fast as this. Its a top class professional blade.Also it has a large ,"sweet spot", and is good for push and drop shots as well as fast loops and blocks.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

So far the best blade that I tried
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Have to agree with anonymous!
Everything he/she said is true!
I really improved may game with this blade and some of my friend who have the same rubbers but different blades said that they can not miss! Everything goes back to the table!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

best overall blade in my opinion-fast, but not excessively so, with a lot of control. easy to attack, light, can generate good racket speed and spin.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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