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JOOLA Quattro Carbon

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A surprisingly controllable blade despite having 4 layers of pure carbon. It feels like a Yinhe T4 but feels softer and offers better control. This is a very fast offensive blade with the control of an OFF blade.

The JOOLA Quattro Carbon is the innovative result of two specially chosen components: wood veneers and carbon fibers. Five selected wood veneers harmonize perfectly with 4 UD carbon fibers and produce impressive playing characteristics. The 4 UD carbon fibers are parallel to each other not interwoven. This gives the JOOLA Quattro Carbon the highest tempo and direct gameplay, ideal for a risk-oriented offensive game. The UD carbon fibers give a uniform, controlled ball jump and added stability. The core of the fast JOOLA Quattro Carbon is the soft Samba veneer. This gives the wood, together with the very light and also soft Balsa layers, which lie on the inner UD fibers, a more even ball stop and a lot of control. This hybrid combination of hard synthetic fibers and soft wood veneers make the Quattro Carbon the perfect choice for players looking for maximum speed and stability coupled with a good level of control.

• Very offensive 5+4 ply blade
• UD carbon fibers provide uniform, controlled ball jump and added stability
• Suitable for the modern offensive player who plays with great speed

Veneer: 5+4
Speed: 113 (EXTREME)
Control: 48
Playstyle: Offensive Offensive Extreme
Technology: UDC
Weight: 83g

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Reviews of JOOLA Quattro Carbon (1)

Quattro Carbon
Weight: 85 grams
Thickness: 7.6mm
Plies: 9 (limba-carbon-balsa??-carbon-ayous or kiri?? carbon - balsa?? - carbon - limba)
Speed: OFF+

The Joola Quattro blade is the only 4 carbon ply blade among the carbon blades in its line. The is one of the few 4 carbon layers I have extensively used. It is composed of out limba plies that are about 0.8mm thick + unidirectional carbon + balsa + UD carbon + ayous core. The 2 balsa plies are about 2.0mm each and the core is about 1.3mm. Due to the number of plies that the Quattro blade has, the inner plies and especially the core are designed not to be thick. Anyway, it is the Yinhe T4 blade that I can compare the Quattro and I think this is the closest blade I have tried in terms of construction but playwise , blade really plays differently. Also, the Quattro has the softness despite having 4 carbon layers. I thought at first that this is an over powered blade that is just pure speed and raw power but it offers more than just speed. The blade is does not feel too stiff. The Yinhe T4 on the other hand is really stiff with 4 carbon layers that it feels hitting with a rock on your blade. The similarities (almost) end at the 4 carbon layers. Speedwise, I could say the Quattro has a faster rebound on the ball when hitting hard. The only difference is that it has balsa layers to make the impact a lot less harder. The Quattro is a unique off+ blade because despite of the 4 unidirectional carbon layers, it has the softness to give you the feel that you need when controlling your shots. I would compare the speed probably to the level of Gergely or with modern blades, it is faster than TB ALC and in the level of Amultart. I cannot say it is in the level of Schlager Carbon because it seems a notch slower but the control is very much there. You can a4ctually feel the fast speed even with just a short stroke but because of the partial softness in the feel, I could control this better than the Zelebro or Energon.

I was surprised it can spin the ball with a good amount of control. I could even slow loop an underspin ball with the Quattro. I tried looping the ball at the level wherein it is going down already to produce a slow but very spinny loop. It is still better if you take the ball on the peak and also on the rise because it is where it really excels. With 4 carbon layers, I do not think you would opt for slow loops. It has plenty of speed and power because at middle distance, I would still need to shorten my swings or make strokes more compact in order to compensate for the high amount of speed. Even with Chinese rubbers that are tacky, the blade will give you a balanced attacking style with high amount of speed but has also tons of spin. I gave this friend to a friend of mine, Gatz, who is also a forum member here and in mytt. She loved this blade when she was using short pips for her forehand. She said it is stiff enough for the speed and power that when paired with an SP rubber, you would still have the good feel that is not too stiff and also gives you a good amount of control. I assume this will be also good for attacking LP players in the backhand and also for LP blockers that need some sort of extra power on their blocks against strong topspins.

Overall, the Quattro is a fairly unique blade with a rare type of construction. It is not every day you would encounter a 4 carbon layered blade but at the same time will give you some softness in your shots. For speed demons, I would recommend to try this blade.
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