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Flared Handle

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The K-Line is one of the most successful series of competition blades in the TT scene.

Meanwhile the JOOLA K5 became the most sold JOOLA offensive blade. Numerous JOOLA players have absolute confidence on the hightech blade.

An extreme absorbing, elastic "honey"-comb is placed in the grip in such a way that the bat has to immediately restore its original form right after contact with the ball - this provides an enormous backstroke effect, which increases control and speed by far.

In comparison with that, conventional (passive) designs can only slightly reduce the arriving oscillations and are not able to build up an active resistance.

Moreover, the proved RAG-Technology (RoundAboutGrip) of the K-Line provides a senso-optimized transmission between hand and grip, the guarantee for a sensitive play even in most extreme situations!

Type: OFF
Speed: 78
Control: 95
Bending Resistance: 91
Weight: 85g

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Reviews of JOOLA K5 (8)

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 External Review for JOOLA K5 on January 19, 2016
If you are a beginner, buy this blade right now. The handle is very comfortable and eye-candy. Despite all the sweat from playing with it, even now the handle doesn't seem a bit different from when I first bought it.
The technology that they used for this blade is something amazing, and I really like it. With this blade you can do everything. Balance between speed spin and control is good. Especially when it comes to spin, this blade has no equal. I put Tenergy05 on this bad boy and beleive me I've never generated more spin. But be careful what rubbers you put on. It is suitable with hard and very fast sponges (max thickness). Not suitable for tenergy. This blade is made for tensor rubbers. If you don't know what tensor rubbers are, well, it means that they are stretched from the get-go. A good chunk of european rubbers are made with this technology. I tried Donic Bluefire M1 on this blade (Formula Donic = tensor) and Joola Rhyzm and I'm 100% satisfied.
However. If you're an intermediate or greater offensive player, you definitely would want something more solid and fast. After I improved my skill with this blade, I realised that I need something that would do more justice away from the table, so i'm switching it. Also gotta be carefull with the blade because the durability is poor, after some time my blade has a lot of damages to it despite my carefullness.
I will miss this blade though. This is one of the blades that makes you really enjoy table tennis.
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 External Review for JOOLA K5 on October 3, 2012
i realy like it, i used version without rag*... very nice for beginers, and for players who whant controled loops.. suitable for chinese rubbers, but its better with tensor...
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA K5 on January 18, 2012
8 because is perfect blade for beginners.. u can easy loop almost everything..dont use soft rubbers with it..
nice combo with 1. juic driva smash ultima 2. friendship 729fx
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by carlbryan for JOOLA K5 on August 21, 2011
bought this blade as it was suggested to me by some guys at club joola. true enough the blade felt light and quick. it felt like it was lacking power though. during a game of doubles, i accidentally hit my partner's arm and the blade came apart. :( not very durable i must say
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Review by aeolostar (Verified Customer) for JOOLA K5 on December 29, 2009
this is an excelent blade, anyone saying this its a bad blade doesnt have a correct technique cause this blade its so well balanced and has such a nice feeling every time you hit the ball looping or serving or blocking its an excelent blade that can be used by anyone that can do the correct technique for hitting a table tennis ball , it doesnt matters if your style its european or chinesse , i think this blade its one of the best ive tried and can outstand many with carbon
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA K5 on November 23, 2009
did not like with joola air gona put some mark v on it and see let ya know
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 External Review for JOOLA K5 on April 30, 2009
don't like this blade. i had for two yearfs and i played at 1800. i then switch to galaxy t-8 and i start beating level 2000 players consistently, it made my balls much faster and me in turn more aggresive(galaxy). don't buy, not good blade
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA K5 on December 31, 2008
The joola k5 is a offensive blade that has a very elastic feel to it. It has pretty good speed, and pretty good control. Its not like an extreme speed blade, but also not a lacking speed blade. The wood has a very elastic feel, it seems to suck in the ball and shoot it off the paddle. The feel on this blade feels very good. I foundb it very nice for looping, especially underspin. You can really nicely feel the spin and adjust the blades angle, etc. to counteract the spin successfully. I think this blade is a great off blade for any player, for any sort of loops, at any skill level.
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