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JOOLA Greenline Extreme

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Rated 5.0/5

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Extremely fast offensive blade with exclusive Ebano upper veneers and a large sweet spot. Seven veneer layers guarantee pure playing fun with excellent match features.


These new blades are made exclusively from veneers sourced in the sustainable timber industry. When picking glues to fuse the veneers we searched for the top-of-the-line glues that did not contain any solvents with formaldehyde. We also opted to forgo a lens, instead choosing a laser burn-in process for our blade labels and we refrained from including extensive prints, so that no artificial material is used. In the end, our new GREENLINE blades turned out to be well below the ppm value stipulated by the ITTF and inadmissible evaporations are excluded. Do your part for the environment and pick one up today!

Veneer: ebano, Samba, Samba, Samba
Layers: 7
Speed: 90
Control: 78
Weight: 87g
Strategy: OFF-/OFF extreme

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Reviews of JOOLA Greenline Extreme (2)

Review by dlc1325 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Greenline Extreme on September 1, 2018
My specimen is 7mm thick (which I love) so I thought it was going to be a speed monster. In play it feels a lot like a stiffer and lower throwing Ebenholz V, but the Greenline’s feel is better than the Stiga’s. In my opinion this blade is mid-high to high OFF at most and extremely linear. It is not bouncy and uncontrollable like the Force Pro Black I had. Surprisingly, it is very easy to loop with even though it is very thick. Just be aware that I use harder/tacky rubbers. It was much more erratic with Vega Pro Max rubbers.

I have owned tons of blades over the years, cheap to expensive, but I have to say this might be the finest blade I've ever put my hands on. I've owned many ebony-outered blades (Stiga Ebenholz V, Donic Zhou Yu Two, Dawei NCT V), but this one smokes them all in terms of quality and feel.

The ST handle is perfect and the ebony grain on this is flawless and incredibly beautiful (the ebony species looks different than the other brands—it is very dark). The second I put it in my hand I thought, "Oh man, this one is special". Not to mention all these woods were harvested sustainably.

Joola nailed it with this one.
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 External Review for JOOLA Greenline Extreme on January 28, 2015
This is really a fast and spiny blade. It's easy to play from mid to long distance and it can generate lot of power and spin if the ball hit the blade hard.

However, it's a fast blade and it requires your looping techniques must be correct to hit the table. Because the hard layer (ebano) is outside of the blade, when the blade hit slow ball, it doesn't keep the ball and push the ball fast. Thus, looping in close distance or slow ball with this blade is not a good idea.
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