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JOOLA Chen Weixing

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Rated 4.3/5

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Designed by Europe’s best modern defensive player, this blade is best suited for the controlled defensive game. The blade has great feeling and can smoothly transition to offensive play in a heartbeat. The inner black-cloth layers provide increased control and reduce vibration.

• Defensive 7-ply blade
• Black cloth layers provide additional control and structural rigidity
• Suitable for the modern defender
• Oversize racket

Vibration: Medium
Touch: Soft
Ply: 7
Composition: Limba Nature, koto, black cloth, Kiri
Head Size: 165mm x 159mm
Thickness: 5.9mm

Weight: 90
Speed: 60
Control: 95

Recommended Rubbers:
Def-: CWX, Octopus
All: Golden Tango, Rhyzer 48

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Reviews of JOOLA Chen Weixing (11)

 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on November 29, 2018
It's my first defensive blade since I tried LP rubbers. I play with it for less than a year. It's very consistent and harmonic when flipping the racket on your hand.
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on October 19, 2017
Best blade for kato
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on January 2, 2017
I play a modern defender play style and Chen Weixing is my favorite blade that I have tried so far. It has amazing feel with long pips and with counter looping. There is a good amount of power but definitely not "OFF", feels more like "OFF-" or "AR+". I highly recommend this blade if you are a modern defense player looking for a blade with both great control and great power.
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on July 25, 2013
I play with this blade since a year. I start playing modern defense 2 years ago with a kinetic carbon andro, a tenergy 05 and tried about 20 diffrents LP. I end up with the TSP P&H.
Then I tried this defensive blade. Way much slower but with more control and chop. Then my pips got damaged and retried my TSP PR1. WOW !!! I was not able to play with PR1 with the other blade before I didn't have the control. I find the perfect blend !! The discovered the heavy chop that TSP PR1 can do and the good contral of my loop. Then I change to Hurricane H/ for my forehand and it gave me now a good attack and defense on the forehand with a lot of control. WOW ! Great blade. Very allarround blade !!!
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on July 22, 2013
This blade was made for Chen, he has a offensive style furthermore he defends, this blade allows you to attack more consistent and fast.

I tried with medium rubbers and 0.5 mm long pips, and you can twiddle very easy, also you can attack like a all round player and defend like with good control and accuracy. Definitely not for a passive game.
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on June 19, 2013
A very heavy blade before rubbers are glued. I am a long pips player on my BH, very good LP platform but my only concern is I just can't get comfortable with any set up that I've used.
I currently have DHS Memo 2, black 2.15mm FH, with DHS C8 red 1.0 BH.
Loads of control good speed to win points with BH attacks but not good for rubbers over 2.00mm just to FH heavy.I rate this blade highly but the starting weight is my issue. Its the heaviest blade in my bag....says it all really. The craftmanship of this blade I rate as 10/10 if you like a heavy blade that offers good control and enough speed to kill a point with the right rubbers then this is for you and all at a good price to.
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on March 23, 2012
Hard and stiff blade, with larger head (165x158mm). Control during defensive strokes is good, but its speed can be surprising. It is a "OFF-" blade, with a DEF make-up! Really awesome for active defenders who need too loop often and counter-hit. I prefer this blade to Joo Se Hyuk because of a better feeling (hard and stiff, but less than Joo). Chopping is still a joy if you marry it to the appropriate LP...

Definitely a famous modern defender blade I enjoy to play with. It shines with slow and soft LPs like C&F III, Curl P-4, Octopus especially in 0x versions.
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on March 8, 2011
I have tried Chen and MP. Chen is good for backhand attack (long pips) and forehand loop to loop, MP is better on both hand chop. Now I'm ready to try Joo.
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on March 24, 2010
stiff fast defensive blade, provides good reversal if u use pips because of the stiffness.....maybe a touch too fast for a control game.....
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on October 13, 2009
the head is very large and kinda hard to get used too.

If you are new to chopping and playing defense this blade is probably not for you, a little too fast.

I would suggest starting out with a slower defensive blade, ex. matsu pro. and working on your defense. Once you are ready you may want to move up to this blade.

This blade is very good at "fishing". I had a hard time with forehand chops however.

The handle on this blade is awesome, and the quality is excellent.
Also this blade is very light.
It does lack some touch and feel in the short game. Not horrible though.
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 External Review for JOOLA Chen Weixing on September 5, 2009
way too fast for a def blade more of an off+
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