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JOOLA Blades

JOOLA is a brand with a long history of outstanding products. JOOLA's reputation for quality spans the globe, having originated in Europe and becoming one of the premier table tennis brands in the U.S.A.

JOOLA's lineup of blades offers a tremendous variety for all skill levels and styles of play. Legendary defender Chen Weixing helped JOOLA develop the Chen Defender blade which has been a longtime favorite of modern defenders. Another classic is the Rosskopf Allround blade that finds a great balance between control and speed. For players looking for a little more power, check out the JOOLA Viva, Rossi Fire and Fever blades.

Looking through the Offensive and Very Fast blade categories, you see where JOOLA truly shines. Take your pick from the JOOLA Rossi (Emotion, Force), TPE series, or Aruna (OFF, OFF+) blades and you'll have a well-crafted powerhouse for your next session.

JOOLA Blades Comparison Chart (Updated April 2022)

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Allround Blades

JOOLA Challenger All
JOOLA Classic All
JOOLA Rosskopf Allround
Out of Stock
$44.95  $59.95

Blades for Juniors

JOOLA Rossi Jr
$37.95  $39.95

Defensive Blades

JOOLA Chen Defender
Out of Stock
$54.95  $74.95

Offensive Blades

JOOLA Zhou Qihao Hyper ARY-C 45
JOOLA Zhou Qihao Hyper ARY-C 90
JOOLA Vyzaryz Freeze HRD
JOOLA Xylo 7
JOOLA Xylo 5
JOOLA Santoru 3K-C
JOOLA Santoru KL-C Inner
JOOLA Santoru KL-C Outer
JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid
JOOLA Vyzaryz Trinity
JOOLA Vyzaryz Freeze
JOOLA Rossi Emotion PBO-c
JOOLA Challenger Carbon
JOOLA Challenger Off
JOOLA Classic Carbon Off
JOOLA Classic Off
JOOLA Quattro Carbon
JOOLA Colt Off Speed
JOOLA Solja Off Plus
JOOLA Solja Off Minus
$49.98  $89.95
JOOLA Rossi Emotion
$89.95  $109.95
JOOLA Bomb Extrem MCD
Out of Stock
$110  $124.95

Very Fast Blades

JOOLA Energon Super PBO-c
JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c
$189.95  $199.00
$169.95  $219.95

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