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DHS Hurricane 3 National

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National Level Limited Product DHS Hurricane 3 NATIONAL Version (Orange Sponge) - BEST OF THE BEST Quality Hurricane 3 III - Supply to China National Team Player

• 39 Degrees
• Orange Sponge

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  • The rubber offers solid spin and control and can be quite fast once broken in. It's a good forehand rubber, suitable for countering backspin and doesn't require boosting.
  • The rubber is a great combination of speed, spin and control. Top spins and loop drives are fast and spinny, making it difficult for opponents to block. Looping underspin is easy and the rubber produces a satisfying click sound when playing.
  • The rubber is very tacky, powerful and ideal for offensive play. The more effort put into the ball, the more you get out of it. It's also suitable for forehand play and can generate high spin.


  • The rubber takes longer to break in than other rubbers, making it not initially competition ready. It's not the best for blocking or punching and requires the player to supply power.
  • The rubber is not as tacky as some users expected, raising concerns about the authenticity of the product. It's also not the same as what the national team uses, which can be disappointing for some users.
  • The rubber is very demanding and requires perfect technique. It's easy to get injured because of this. It also has too much dwell and tack, which some users may find excessive.

Reviews of DHS Hurricane 3 National (23)

Amazing rubber I've ever used, nightmare spin for opponents, good control, ideal for speed...rubber weight 67 grams, cut 50 grams
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Light weight and durable
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good quality rubber with very very high spin generating rubber with power built into the rubber. highly recommended. rubber is high quality and is authentic DHS product.

best price fast shipping,
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I think to some degree there is a misconception about boosting with this rubber. Playing with this unboosted, the first 30min-1hr it felt like the slowest crap ever. 2 hours later it was pretty fast. The next time I played, 1 hour into that, it felt even faster. It takes some serious time to break in, unboosted, but once it does it can be quite fast, at least on an OFF++ blade. You wouldn't really want it to be faster if you hit hard already. The spin and control are both very solid as well. It's mostly a forehand rubber, but good on backhand, just that it's not the best thing to block or punch with, you will need to supply the power. It's nice for countering backspin though. All you could ask for except that it takes longer to break in than probably any other rubber, so it's not initially competition ready. But no boosting needed.
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Verrry god rubber!!!!
One of the best ones, especially, if you you play kind of Chinese game style.
I've bought few of these at prott- it's fake or damaged, (I am not sure one or the other, but it plays different than the original one.) but I had some luck to buy one directly from DHS-absolutely different rubber!! MUCH faster, spinier, more consistent!!
At the prott they don't even come in a vacuum package lol. I am not sure how they fake the genuine number, but they do. Don't get me wrong, it isn't the worst rubber out there, just not even close to the one from DHS.
I have increased my rating 200 points roughly, just on the DHS genuine rubber replacement.
Good luck!
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