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Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard

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Tenergy 05 Hard has adopted a stiffer sponge to add further power to the original Tenergy 05 rubber.

While it still maintains the incredible ‘Spring Sponge’ feel, the hard sponge responds to a stronger impact enabling more power.

• Please use Free Chack II when you apply Tenergy to a blade.
• Tenergy is a highly delicate product. We recommend you protect the rubber surface with rubber protective film after a match or practice.
• Tenergy Family Rubbers, realize your more!

Class: Super Speed
Surface: Inverted
Speed: 130
Spin: 115
Density: 43

Review by Table Tennis Daily:

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Reviews of Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard (28)

great rubber produces not only a big winning shot but also does everything else you need it to do like serve, drop shot, flip, short push, long push, slow loop, and flat smash. I got this because the Tenergy 019 was too one-dimensional: it was good for the loop kill and maybe the flat smash but really nothing else. Serves had no bite, slow loop was awkward, and pushes especially the pushes were popping up. My friend told me about Tenergy 05 "Hard" to be honest it doesn't feel that "hard" its simply "Harder" than other Tenergy. It's NOT anything at all like typical Chinese Hurricane National Team with the Blue Sponge, NO nothing like that. Before you glue it on, if you pull on it you will see it is extremely elastic. I'm old enough now to realize this game is only 10% loop kills and 90% serve, serve return, drop shots, pushes, blocks, and first opening slow loop. So equipment should be such that does all of these extremely well. Tenergy 05Hard is exactly that, fantastic at the majority of shots that matter, with only a slight decline in the loop kill. But a decent player will set up the kill and then finish with placement as opposed to pure power, especially with this new ball that's the right way to play.
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using this for backehand, i know it unusual but it feel so good with the backhand really much faster and controller. also the counter loops are way better than anything i have played with.
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I had been using Tenergy 05 on both FH and BH for several years and switched to Tenergy 05 Hard on both sides. I love it. Spinnier and faster. I have always maintained that control is up to me and not the rubber. Getting lower trajectory and spinnier on all topspins and contrary to popular opinion, my underspins have been causing consternation in my opponents. I recommend it for the experienced player, not beginners or intermediate level.
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At the moment im using Tenergy 2.1 red on my backhand. I started on the forehand side but due i switch my Rakza 7 to my forehand which was terrible for my backhand. This rubber is excellent for mid-table or far away from the table plays in the forehand. You can feel the rubber grip into the ball when you bring your own power into the shots. With the medium-high throw angle its fairly easy to place the shots. On my backhand i can drive and flick fairly easy. Close to the table this rubber becomes much much harder to play and handle. Chops bounce easily of the rubber and if you do less you dont even feel the ball which can end up in balls dropping the dead. This asks a lot of adjustment which i dont recommend to beginner or intermediate players. If you are an agressive player who likes to attack as quick as possible this rubber is absolute a dream rubber. Im more an allrounder/counterattack/off mixed player who seeks a bit more control in the close to the table gameplay but gains the speed if you move backwards for more powerfull shots.
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Used this with 2 layers booster. Arc is low, much nicer than regular T05. However, not forgiving at all. Far more loops go into the net. You have to be good to use this rubber. It does everything the T05 does well. Just more mistakes. Will go back to regular T05 to get more consistency.
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