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Andro Rasanter R42

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Our notes: Around 66g uncut; Good medium-soft, all around attacking rubber.The rubber is soft enough for good blocking. Good for both forehand and backhand especially for beginners and intermediate players. Advanced players can enjoy using this as a backhand rubber. The medium soft sponge enables the player to grip the ball properly and produce very high amount of spin.

• Your profile is spin driven. You are looking for maximum grip.
• As an advanced to high level player you will benefit from medium 42 sponge hardness taking full control on your spins.
• Your style is versatile and you are smart enough to combine top spin potential with a medium soft sponge to guarantee superior feedback and control.
• Add some extra speed in your stroke and the R42 will provide the dynamic performance you are looking for.

Speed: 117
Spin: 126
Control: 88
Hardness: 42 degrees (Medium hardness)

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Andro has dedicated over three decades to the development of high-performance table tennis equipment. Exemplifying German engineering prowess, Andro rubbers are built for speed, spin and versatility. Through rigorous research and development, Andro consistently delivers products for those individuals who demand the most from their table tennis equipment. No one demonstrates this better than Simon Gauzy from the Andro pro team. His unrelenting style of play lets him push the boundaries of what's physically possible.

Andro has a long list of professional quality rubbers. The Andro Rasanter series is a mainstay in the table tennis world and the Hexer series is on the cutting-edge of offensive rubbers. For pips-out players, check out the Andro Blowfish and Chaos rubbers. Andro rubbers will keep you going strong in your next match!

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Reviews of Andro Rasanter R42 (41)

Considering the rasanter line, this is the one with the highest throw. It has less speed than R47 for sure...but it will give you more confidence to make a full stroke and a faster movement.
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Bought a used sheet last week and tried it once. The quality was great as it was only used for a short time. The rubber is really fast. I used in on my BH and it made my looping much more comfortable. On the other side I used a Yinhe 9000 E rubber with better control. When I twiddled, the rasanter r42 was more sensitive to spin and reacted more uncontrollably for backspins. Overall the rubber is good to be used on a wooden blade for beginners or carbon blades for more advanced players. Use it on you FH if you are familiar with how to counter different spins.
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I played this rubber on BH Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon and Andro Novacell Off. Cut weight is 42 gr. red 2,0mm. The most close to T05. R42 is very grippy - quite fast but less then T05 - produce a lot of spin - more stable then T05 in pushes - strongly recommended!
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This is the absolute best rubber I have ever used. I like to control loop and drive with my forehand and the control and spin of this rubber is fantastic. Rasanter has many gears as well. I can make soft touch shots, short blocks, slow blocks and drop shots and then crank up the power with fast spinny loops and fast drives. Serve control is very good. I use a Yinhe Carbokev Blade T7s Offensive - blade.
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9.3/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Andro Rasanter R42, 2mm, 44g (0.215g/cm^2), 42 degrees (ESN), 34.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Butterfly Garaydia T5000, 90g, 157mm x 150mm x 7.2mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Hinoki - Tamca - Kiri - Tamca - Hinoki.
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