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Butterfly Rackets

Butterfly offers a large selection of pre-assembled rackets (also known as paddles) to suit your specific skill set. Butterfly rackets combine some of their best blades with some of their high-performance rubbers to take your game a level you previously only dreamed of. Expect to be able to hit high quality shots with better speed and spin.

Butterfly pre-assembled rackets are made for both the high-level player, with their ProLine range, as well as those who are beginners or play recreationally (e.g. Bty series). Butterfly offers a diverse racket line so you can find the racket that meets you needs. Select a pre-assembled racket from Butterfly and have no worries about assembling the racket, you'll be ready to play! Also, find spin, speed and control information for each racket on each product page.

Racket Assembly FAQ - Learn about free racket assembly, pre-assembled rackets and more.

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Advanced Recreational Rackets

Butterfly Nakama S-3 Racket
$114.74  $134.99
Butterfly Nakama S-8 Racket
$114.74  $134.99
Butterfly Nakama S-6 w/2 Balls
$144.49  $169.99
Butterfly Nakama S-2 w/2 Balls
$135.99  $159.99
Butterfly Nakama S-7 w/2 Balls
$123.24  $144.99
Butterfly Zhang Jike Box Set
$179.99  $199.99
Butterfly Nakama S-1 w/2 Balls
Out of Stock
$152.99  $179.99

Basic Recreational Rackets

Butterfly RDJ S6
Butterfly RDJ 2-Player Set
$33.29  $36.99
Butterfly Spatha
$34.99  $49.99
Butterfly RDJ S5
Out of Stock
Butterfly Addoy 3000
Out of Stock
Butterfly Addoy 2000
Out of Stock
Butterfly Addoy 1000
Out of Stock

Entry Level Rackets

Butterfly RDJ S3
Butterfly RDJ S2
Butterfly RDJ S1
Butterfly RDJ S4
Butterfly Nakama S-9 Racket
$33.99  $39.99
Butterfly Nakama S-4 w/2 Balls
$46.74  $54.99
Butterfly Harimoto 2000
Out of Stock

Multi-Racket Sets

Butterfly RDJ 4-Player Set
$51.54  ($12.89/unit) $62.99

Offensive Pro Combos

Butterfly Primorac Carbon Proline w/Tenergy 05
$256.97  $264.97
Best Seller
Butterfly Viscaria Proline w/Tenergy 05
$318.47  $344.97
Best Seller
Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Proline w/Tenergy 05
$318.47  $344.97
Best Seller
Butterfly Saboteur Proline
Out of Stock
Butterfly Jun Mizutani Proline w/Dignics 80
Out of Stock
$430.97  $457.97

Penhold - Offensive

Penhold Pro Combos

Butterfly Samurai Proline
$179.48  $199.97
Butterfly Sweeper Proline
Out of Stock
$280.97  $299.97
Butterfly Duifu Proline
Out of Stock
Butterfly Shogun Proline
Out of Stock
$417.98  $458.97
Butterfly Jinzhou Proline
Out of Stock

Recreational Penhold Rackets

Butterfly Nakama P-6
$76.49  $89.99
Butterfly Nakama P-7
$42.49  $49.99
Butterfly RDJ CS-1
Out of Stock

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