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2 Reviews for Butterfly Bty 401 FL Racket Set

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I recently bought this paddle as a means of making my game/play more consistent - by getting away from the "whatever paddle is laying around" situation i was frequently in.

So, as a first timer to owning my own paddle, i can't praise this paddle highly enough.

It's super-consistent, ultra-responsive and hugely tacky.

My game has very clearly gone to the next level.

Most impressive to me is the control aspect - much of what i used to attempt from an "attack" stance is now almost guaranteed each time with this racket.

I can easily vary spin speed to my advantage.

most of all i can count on MUCH more accuracy in ball placement on almost any shot.

the paddle is well balanced for sure and is very, very predictable in it's action

i also love, love, love the ... "feel" of it? When I need to finesse a shot, the thickness of the rubber and the materials used in the handle etc. (wood and carbon fiber?), i can dial in what i need very precisely through the feedback from the paddle

can't say enough really but, for a $40 investment, I'm LOVING it.
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I love this paddle! It generates good spin, has amazing speed, and fairly decent control (once you get the hang of it)- especially for a pre-assembled racket. This paddle is perfect for beginner players with decently developed technique.

Cons: it is kind of heavy compared to Killerspin Jet 200 and similar paddles. Also, if you don't have decent control before playing with this paddle, you will definitely need to work on that. It doesn't take a lot of effort for this paddle to launch the ball - which is great for speed, but rough on accuracy if you're not used to it.
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