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Stiga Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch

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The Infinity VPS V with Diamond Touch, with the brand new Veneer Precision System (VPS) technology is built with two hand-selected middle veneers that are treated with a unique and exact heating and cooling process with precisely measured time and temperature. The Diamond Touch technology gives the outer veneers extra hardness and the surface an incredibly smooth finish; combined with the VPS technology the result is an offensive lightweight blade with outstanding solid touch and feeling. Infinity VPS V gives you the possibility to master the key elements in today's modern game: aggressive receives which help you gain the upper hand at an early stage, and the possibility to follow up with powerful and aggressive topspin shots. Developed together with top players from the Chinese National Team, the Infinity VPS V suits the more offensive minded player with powerful topspin strokes!

Rating: OFF
Speed: 88
Control: 65
Weight: 83g
Plies: 5w
Thickness: 6.0mm

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Stiga Blade Handle Naming

Stiga refers to Flared handle blades as "Master", Straight Handle blades as "Classic" and Anatomic blades as "Winner".

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Reviews Summary

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  • The Stiga Infinity VPS V blade is praised for its comfortable handle and nice aesthetics. It is also appreciated for its balanced construction, making it suitable for a variety of playing styles. The blade is also noted for its light weight, which can enhance maneuverability during play.
  • Many users have commended the blade for its great touch and control, making it ideal for aggressive looping and driving. It is also noted for its good dwell time, which can enhance spin and speed. Some users also mentioned that it works well with a variety of rubbers, offering versatility in play styles.
  • The blade is also appreciated for its affordability compared to other blades of similar quality. It is also noted for its durability, with some users mentioning that it remained in great shape even after months of use. The blade's large sweet spot and low vibrations were also highlighted, making it forgiving for hard-to-reach shots.


  • Some users have criticized the Stiga Infinity VPS V blade for its lack of feeling and sound during play. It was described as playing with a log instead of a table tennis blade, producing a loud and dull sound. This lack of feeling can affect the player's connection with the game and their performance.
  • There were also complaints about the blade's performance, with some users finding it difficult to find the right rubber for this blade. Some users found that the blade didn't flex enough to produce a good kick effect, resulting in less spin on the ball. This can affect the player's ability to control the ball and their overall performance.
  • Several users also mentioned that the blade can produce awful vibration and sound when you miss hit or hit flat. The blade's wood is also reported to be soft and gets damaged when you accidentally hit the table. Some users also found the blade to be too slow for their game, affecting their ability to play effectively.

Reviews of Stiga Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch (66)

Pour moi, c'est le bois parfait en terme de contrle/vitesse/puissance. On parle beaucoup des qualits intrasques des matriels mais ce n'est pas significatif. On oublie souvent la manire de jouer surtout lorsqu'on parle de contrle: la manire de tenir sa raquette : fermet et inclinaison. Les dfenseurs sont plus sensibles cette notion et sont d'ailleurs de trs bons attaquants (Ruwen Filus par exemple). L'nergie transmise la raquette dpend de la tenue plus ou moins ferme de votre main. elle amortit ou intensifie cette nergie (dans un rapport contle/puissance). Quand vous arrivez grer ce paramtre, vous grez beaucoup mieux votre jeu et vous pouvez choisir votre matriel plus facilement et plus prcisment. Ce bois est l'extension parfaite de votre corps et de vos intensions. En tout bois, on n'a pas fait mieux.
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I found this blade too slow for my game. Had no problem with the outer plies but found that the handle is quite rough. It could need some sanding.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

When i first had this blade i used Stiga Dna Platinum H and M. This felt like alright but really not special, More like a $100 setup. But when this blade is used with Hurricane 3 neo it all changed. It was decently bouncy and grippy. Felt so much power and control in the blade. Use chinese rubbers and it is a good pick. T05/ fastarc-g1 are good for bh.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This blade has give me a tremendous amount of confidence to attack aggressively with my backhand. I’ve always used fast carbon blades or a composite variation in the past and whoa have I been missing out. Something about 5 ply wood and this particular one has literally made it 300% easier for me to aggressively loop with my backhand on and off the table. Long gone are the days of balls slightly miss hit flying into the nether. Big fan of this blade and it’s still very fast. Has a slightly bigger head in my opinion that normal and a huge sweet spot. 10/10 I highly recommend!
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I personally love this blade, you get a lot of feel. I use it with tenergy05fx on my back hand and Andro rasanter r37 on my fore hand, and its worked very good for me.
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