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Nittaku Acoustic

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The Acoustic blade is made with special wood lamination technology originally used in stringed instrument production. Feel the blade in every part of your hand. Thicker wood produces solid feeling for close-to-table topspin play.

Class: OFF
Speed: 86
Control: 67
Blade Weight: 88g
Material: All Wood

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Reviews of Nittaku Acoustic (43)

This blade is superb.
I was a little bit sceptical about it living up to the many reviews I had read and expected a bit of a let down to be honest but it is absolutely fantastic.
I can only properly compare it to 6/7 other blades (how many blades can you REALLY get to know?) but in every aspect it has delivered.

I can't really add anything new but I certainly agree with most other reviews about the feel and feedback you get, it is just different.
Even rubbers I didn't particularly like before are playing brilliantly on this blade.
The flared handle is a tiny bit smaller than usual in the regular flared handle but not by much and I didn't notice it as much as others have. For comparison I've measured 4 other flared blade handles here
Acoustic is 8mm circum at middle, 8.5 at most flared.
The other blades are between 8mm-8.3mm at middle and the widest is 9mm at most flared.
I wrap a thin surgical gauze around my handle b4 every session to help with the sweat so I have no issues with slipping or discomfort. My hands are 20cm wrist to middle tip and 21.5cm around the knuckles, size 8.5 glove. Maybe this is useful in deciding what handle will suit you best.
The blade is not slow, neither is it too fast, it really falls in the middle so if you want slower get the Violin. But the control is brilliant.
It didn't take long to adjust my shots on both sides in terms of power, from blocking to FH loops and after 2hrs my short game was already where it was with my old blade and after several sessions I feel an improvement in the short game, such is the calibration allowed from the feeling and feedback I get.
It cost 4 times what my previous blade cost and honestly it is a luxury/vanity purchase and not at all necessary but I do feel that I've landed on the best blade I have ever used and this will be it for me. I'll be shifting as much unused gear as I can now to purchase another one the next time they are on sale, 2 of these should be all I'll ever need.
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I like the handle on this blade. It's quite small. This is a classic looping blade. I do sometimes feel it's a bit too slow for me, but the control and ability to feel the ball is really good.
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I have waited a while to be sure before writing this review as I have tried dozens of blades and the euphoria wears off. But after playing with this blade for several months, I can now say with certainty that I will not change again as it really is the only blade I've owned that allows me not only to do everything, but do it to the best of my ability, with a maximum amount of spin, control and good speed. As a two-winged controlled attacker, this is the ultimate blade. You can load loops with huge quantities of spin, push long and short with lots of spin, smash hard and accurately when the opportunity arises, block easily with accuracy, services and receives are the best I've known. Flips are also very safe. Even defending is a piece of cake. In sum, hard to find any weaknesses that don't stem purely from technique problems. The feedback is also unique. This review is based on my current setup: FH Andro Hexer Grip, BH Stiga DNA Pro AM. I tried other rubbers such as G1 on both sides and it didn't work as well for me. You really can't go wrong with this blade if you play close to the table or mid-distance. Can't recommend it enough.
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I started table tennis with Butterfly carbon blades such as Viscaria and Timo Boll Spirit which got me up to 1700 USATT with mainly club play and no coaching. I stayed there for about 3 years and decided to switch to Nittaku Acoustic because people said wood blades have great "feel" and carbon blades don't. I never understood what "feel" meant until playing with Nittaku Acoustic, and now that I know, I recommend every developing player to consider starting with a wood blade. The reason why "feel" is so amazing I noticed is with wood blades the blade will literally vibrate differently when you hit the ball correctly, and you will "feel" this sensation in your hand. I'm literally being coached by my blade that's telling me when I am hitting the ball correctly or not and it has helped me improve up to 2000 USATT. Amazing blade and give it 10/10. I could not be happier and glad my table tennis equipment search is finally over.
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The only blade that feels an extension of my arm. Perfect balance of speed and feeling that can be tweaked by rubber combinations. The small handle was not an issue with the flared handle but I had to add grip sleeves to beef up the straight handle.
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