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Reviews for RITC 729 Focus III Snipe (99)

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Great backhand rubber. Non-tacky but still generates good spin. Low weight as well to allow heavier rubber on forehand. Not very fast, but all shots are easy to excecute and can generate speed with good technique.
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8.3/10 for OFF style. FH: Butterfly Sriver, 2.1mm, 41g (0.2g/cm^2), 38 degrees (Shore A). BH: Friendship/729 Focus 3 Snipe, 2.1mm, 39g (0.191g/cm^2), 44 degrees (729), 35 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Rosewood NCT VII, 97g, 158mm x 151mm x 6.8mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (Wood + NCT): Rosewood - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Rosewood.
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Not so good in spin, average rubber in all characteristics
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Similar to Yasaka Mark V but cheaper.
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I got myself a sheet of this Focus III Snipe Black 2.1mm H42. The sponge is very soft in this the softest version of the rubber. Compared to a DHS TinArc 3 Black 2.0mm H35 that I used on my backhand before, it's a bit faster. Absolutely easier to topspin than the TA3. I'm still adjusting when it comes to chopping and pushing. The ball easily goes too high when pushing if you're not careful. It feels like it's more spin sensitive than the TA3. I have only used this one session as for now. 191231: Now I have used this in various hardness for half a year. It's soooo sweet. The blocking is good. Back spin serves works great, even though it's not that tacky. When doing backhand topspin, you have to do the full stroke. This is not a tensor rubber at all. Very linear, but quite springy sponge and soft top sheet. To all of you that wonder if it works for forehand. Yes of course. If you like looping in a very controlled manor, this is your rubber then. You won't get that catapult effect like the DHS Hurricane/Skyline NEO or Yinhe Big Dipper/Saturn/Apollo rubbers, but there is some great control. Use the hardness 44-46 for your forehand if you like a looping game. It's super for beginners as well. Many players in my club has switched to this from Stiga Boost TC, and like it a lot. I play about 8-10 hours a week, and I had to change my backhand sheet after four months. At last. It's very very light :) Weight cut H46: 41g. H44: 42-45g. H42: 39-44g
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Speed: 8.5
Spin (European Style): 8.7
Control: 9.1
Weight: 38g in 2.1 (0.186g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 35
Gears: 2.1
Throw: 5.9
Fast Loop: 8.9
Slow Loop: 9.1
Counter Loop: 9.1
Touch: 8.5
Block: 9.4
Smash: 9.3
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 8.9
Available Sponge Thickness: 2.1
Durability: 3
Value: 8.2
Overall: 8.9
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This is what it is. It's not crazy fast or anything but that's totally fine. I only use it on my backhand and I'm able to control the ball very well and get very slow, spinny shots as well with the Focus Snipe. In addition, this rubber is not tacky at all making it easy to clean and meaning you don't have to worry too much about dirt or dust getting on it.
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Focus 3 Snipe is a very versatile (fast when you need, slow when you need, controllable, spinny) rubber for below 1600 points players in amateurs leagues. Its price is very low considering its high quality and characteristics. It is in a nutshell a Sriver or Mark V replacement, but not a T05 replacement. Boosted with Falco it becomes quite fast - with a quiet click sound. I changed from Battle2 recently as F3S is lighter and feels faster and more to the point in the attacking game. The spin on serves is still enough. Have not noticed any problems for the rather old F3S in handling the (Stiga Perform) polyball. F3S is more diverse and consistent than Aurora, and not much slower.
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Got 4 sheets in 2.1mm
Red rubbers are easily rip apart and were a pain to cut as the edges were breaking very easily. Black rubbers didn't have this problem.
Plays well like a japanese / euro slightly tacky rubber. Good control close to the table. Good spin on serves if you put the effort with arm movement, good for topspin and drives. The sound is like a click on my wood blades.
For the price I would say it is good. Works well on FH and BH.
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After few months I could not adopt on this rubber. Like the sponge but rubber is strange, not that soft and no dwell. Ordered Kokutaku Blutenkirsche 868 Tokyo instead.
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Good FH rubber. Provides a feeling and performance very similar to classic Euro tensors with a bit more hardness on the sponge, I found. Sounds absolutely glorious on power drives and rockets the ball to the other side. Not too easy to loop with and not a chopper.
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SETUP:- blade: Yinhe N10; rubber fh: 729 focus 3 snipe 46 degree red; rubber bh: 729 focus 3 snipe 44 degree.
Quite soft, light weight and fragile. Even the 46 degree one is much softer compared to and tacky rubber like H3neo!
SPIN:This rubber produces fairly good amount of spin is all the cases. It is quite bouncy but still produces a lot of spin in serves. In terms of service spin, mark V<<focus 3 snipe<Tibhar MX-P/El-P<729 SP<H3 Neo. Looping backspin is very easy. I would give the same marks to both MX-p and focus 3 snipe in that. In topspin to topspin rally, I prefer tacky rubber more. BH topspin is so much fun with it. At least as good as EL-P. I would recommend the 44 degree version to anyone on BH. Service receive is very easy as it is non-tacky.Both short and long push contains a lot of backspin and I would say more than MX-P but less than H3 Neo. Flick is also very easy and contains a lot of spin.
SPEED: The rubber also excels in terms of speed. Almost as fast as MX-P.
Control: Excellent! I can place the ball wherever I want. If you get the angle correctly, there should not be any problem.BLOCK & DRIVE: One of my friend is pure blocker. He blocks everything and he just love this rubber. I had quite hard time returning his block from focus 3 snipe. It coms so fast. For block it is as good as MX-P. BH drive is very good. But I don't like it for FH drive. May be because I like harder rubbers like H3 Neo for FH(I also don't like MX-P in that case. Don't feel enough confident!).
DURABILITY: This is the only weak point of this rubber. Topsheet is too fragile.
OVERALL: Overall, I would say that this is an excellent BH rubber. Even with such high speed, it is so easy to control that beginners can play with it. Lightweight and thus I prefer over EL-P/MX-P.
CONS: Fragile topsheet. But who cares at 10$!
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On a Stiga Allround Classic and in max thickness, this rubber provides a very easy to use custom set-up. While not fast it has got excellent feeling and control, both for shot placement and when controlling opponent's shots, and also performs well on basic strokes. This and the fact that it gets better with improving technique makes it very good for players learning the game - strong points include controlled blocking and a superb, easy serve receive. It makes a fantastic first rubber whilst also being very cheap and light.

Players who play a more advanced style such as power-looping and technical service will probably want more spin and speed, especially when looping away from the table. Lifting heavy backspin needs a good technique although this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I found that it's better-suited as a backhand rubber partly due to the soft sponge.
Focus 3 Snipe exceeded my expectations of a medium-quality cheap rubber, and impressed me by it's durability and little cleaning needed over the six months I used it (probably about 80 hours). All in all, I'd recommend it as a can't-go-wrong first rubber or as a cheap rubber for relaxed club players.
Enjoy your TT!
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Speed: very low (8.2).
Spin: low (8.5).
Control: average (9).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: feather light (39g, 0.192g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium (48/35).
Top sheet hardness: hard (57/45).
Gears: average (3).
Throw: medium high (6.8).
Consistency: always identical (8).
Durability: average durability (4).
Top sheet thickness: thin (1.5mm).
Surface thickness: thin (0.6mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: very narrow (1.4mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.8mm).
Overall: bad (8.8).
Value: best (10).

Not good for looping. OK to learn how to play. It is cheap.
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So i bought this rubber for a friend, we play about 3 hours a day 5 days a week, his rubber wore out within 1 month. It did work nicely for the first couple of weeks. You get what you pay for with this
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This rubber i bought for a friend as a birthday gift, we glued it on to a killerspin jet black blade, immediately my friend was producing sick spin, it has good control, it isnt too fast, but it does the trick. Like all chinese rubbers, you want to clean it after every match and cover it with plastic
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(Red 2.1 on a 5-ply wood blade, backhand)
This is a very memorable rubber. Good quality and durability, non-tacky. The sponge feels medium-soft and is extremely light, which is a great asset. The topsheet is very thin with widely spaced, narrow pips, which gives it a reactive feeling and a fast, low throw. Much better for counterhitting than for brush loops. This is the same kind of structure as Tenergy 64, a popular backhand rubber.
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I agree with the positive reviews. I was looking for an economical replacement to Tenergy 05 and the Focus 3 Snipe is the one! I tested several others and none satisfied me except this one; it is a keeper! Enough speed and spin and great control! I used it on a Gambler Carbon Arylate for both fh and bh. I finally beat my archnemesis (Jerry) at the club with this cheap set up!
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Nice rubber. Not personally my type of rubber, as I like tacky chinese rubbers, and this is definitely a japanese-style rubber. That being said, after having a few hits with it, I don't mind it as much now. It definitely does what it does well.
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Update2: After two months of play, I am very impressed with the rubber. I never played with a rubber for so long which is not a Rakaza, Acuda, etc. After two months of regular play, it plays just as new. I used it on forehand on BTY Viscaria and Donic ultracarbon senso blades.

Update 1
Reviews given on this rubber are by very experienced and knowledgeable players. And I totally agree with them... This rubber is truly amazing ... Use on off- and higher rated blades for utilizing it's all gears. I will use this for upcoming tournament. Thanks.
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I have used this rubber for my training sessions as being suggested by my coach. I found that this rubber suit my FH better than BH. It is much easier to control my loop stroke. The speed is quite slow because of the soft sponge.
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Tried 1.5 and 1.8 as BH rubber on 729 f1 blade. It is fragile top sheet, sponge is resilient though on the plus side that makes it light weight. Its very predictable even when 6 months old, good for pushes, chops, and topspin loops, blocks, especialy good at flicks.
In 1.8mm it is also good at punch blocks and smashes too, in 1.5 it takes a bit too much effort. 1.8 alows play a bit further away from table but still very good at chops and good controll. throw is lowish esp 1.5mm sponge version. No choice of sponge hardness in 1.5 and 1.8mm. Have had loads of sheets and always perform the same so very good QC. If you clean it regularly it can generate good spin. I expect to keep this setup for another year or two at least.
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For the price point, this is a great rubber.

Speed is not quite 120 as indicated, the Battle1 is noticeably faster if you're watching for it.

Spin and control are both good.
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Fast! Not recomended for beginner

Very disappointed, the spin is really sucks, but the advantage is you can makes punch strokes easier

Not really easy to control

Completely non tacky!

Throw Angle
Really low and sucks. I found it hard for forehand strokes but good on backhand

Light rubber

Sponge Hardness
Very soft!

Gears is good

This one is very good! Have own it for 6 months and still perform like new

Durability is good, but I think this rubber is not reccomend
I use it on backhand for 6 months and it perform very well, but I think there're lots of better rubber than this one...
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Perfect backhand rubber. Non-tacky, soft, light (38g cut!), fast, but not very spinny.
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Im using this rubber on a Yinhe t 11+............I used this rubber 2 years ago and then quit on it because i thought it wasnt spinny enough. So i tried Tenergy 80, 05Fx, Andro RAsant, Dhs HUrricane 3- 50, Donic Coppa, Short pips. Im now realize that the Snipe is the perfect rubber for CERTAIN Types of players.

WHY a close to table blocker, i try to mix in some counters, 3rd ball attacks.......but i usually stay close to the table. After trying all those other rubbers i found that on my Forehand the control on the Snipe was the best out of all those rubbers for returning serve and best for counters keeping the ball on the table with good speed. The Hurricane was probably second best for control on the table in the short game.......So why would i choose Snipe over H3- 50. Cost and the Weight..........Snipe is much lighter which is important for close to table blocker. Between the Balsa blade and SNipe i have a really light setup that still has above average speed.

Who should use SNIpe?.......the 3 Main reasons to use SNipe 3 are..........Its very very light for an inverted rubber which for a close to table blocker is REALLY REALLY important. Its return of serve on the forehand is the best out of any of the 10 rubbers inverted rubbers ive ever tried. It has decent (not spectacular) spin but its the best control rubber ive ever played with vs players who push underspin like crazy. You wont lose a PUSH WAR with this RUBBER ever! So its lack of spin sensitivity.

I slightly boosted my Snipe.....2 layers and use it on an Off+ blade so this review is only on the Yinhe T 11+. Choosing a rubber is all about style of play. I play better with SNipe than an 80$ sheet of Tenergy. Im not saying SNipe is better but for my game and style it wins me more points.
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Used in 2.1mm on both FH and BH, fast carbon blade. Hardness: 42.

I am OK with this rubber on my BH, but dislike it on FH
due to its low throw and failure to generate topspin from small moves.
As a result I can't get my topspin/sidespin blocks over the net,
and my (admittedly lower-quality) loops also need to be very precise
in height or they will not land on the table.

Circa 37g glued, medium-soft, rather insensitive to incoming spins
(compared to my other rubbers); of-course cheap.
Did not last long on my 12-year old son's FH (but did force him to make
large, more-correct moves). IMO, good only for early training or money-challenged players.
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Went through a handful of cheaper chinese rubbers looking for something decent, and finally found this. Currently have two sheets: 1.5 on a carbon blade (Xi Enting Shark), and 1.8 on a slower wood blade (Yasaka Sweden Classic). It's amazing on the carbon blade, good speed, easy to control, and great for service. It doesn't feel quite as perfect on the slower wood blade, but it's still better than anything else I've tried so far.
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I was previously using a boosted Sriver EL. This rubber boosted is faster, spinier and much better at blocking. I haven't tried this rubber un-boosted. I would compare the speed of this rubber boosted to a Tenergy 05 FX. Push blocking is amazing, like no other rubber I've tried. USATT 1900
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I bought 2 of them with different sponge hardness:
1. 46 degree sponge hardness to my fh
2. 42 degree sponge hardness to my bh

On my backhand I don't feel comfortable with the 42 deg rubber, it's to soft for me and very slow. The only thing what I can do with it is to return higly topspinned balls easily.

The other rubber with the 46 deg sponge ( on fh) is completely different. Further I will write only about the 46 deg rubber.
The sponge of it is quite hard, it has high speed, not incredibly high, but still high. The control is ok. The spin is good, several times I could suprise my opponents with my sidespin serves and the topspin is fine. But it caused me problems to make gentle strokes. It's a little bit tacky and pretty light. The throw angle is quite low, I prefer rubbers with high throw angle, so it caused me problems, many times the ball hit the net.I have been playing with this rubber for 3.5 months and unfortunaly the edge of the rubber began to split up (NOT because of I hit the rubbe to the table, just because I hit the ball hard).

Overall it's a great rubber for it's price. If you buy one, you should pick one with hard sponge (44deg or 46deg).
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Got this rubber with my new Galaxy T-11+. At first I found it to be impossibly fast, firing the ball off the racket like a shot. However, a month or so later, as it gets broken in, the rubber becomes much more predictable and controllable. Nice rubber, powerful and fun to use.
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I bought 3 sheets of black at 2.0. All sheets were different. One sheet the ball slid right off of. 1 sheet was great and could generate generous spin. The last sheet was almost glossy. Very disappointed
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A good rubber for backhand especially on blocking, gears are OK, spin and flick requires the upper top sheet of the rubber, slow on the middle when doing flicks,
middle part is for blocking.
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I've tried the 1.80mm , 40-42 version on a allround/off- blade and I found a little bit disappointing . Slower than expected , softer and a bit inconsistent . Maybe the harder and bigger sponge versions are better .
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For a chinese rubber, this is a non-tacky but grippy rubber like Jap / Euro rubbers! Lightweight, consistent and an all-round rubber for every player.
Comparing this rubber only Yasaka Mark V comes close to these qualities!
Since this is an all-round rubber, its very good for learning the game, practicing, competitive play, foot-work, drills, def, off, etc.
Unless you are looking for power+speed, this rubber will hold its own throughout its lifetime and this rubber lasts long time!

This rubber is a keeper. Recommended for all beginners, intermediate, defensive, offensive. Advanced players only if they want a good workout without sacrificing money or their game / style of play.

Until you want faster and more powerful which means much more expensive equipment, you have spent very less for a very good quality product.
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Lightweight, fragile, not tacky, feel euro tensor. Cheap n good entry level rubber. Use for training when i have the skill i change to other expensive tensor rubber for more speed n spin.
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Good for FH on Butterfly Iolite Neo blade. Feeling good and speed very good. I use 42 degrees of hard, 2.1mm thickness.
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This does not play like a regular rubber. You will need to get used to it and totally readjust the angle of your paddle when top spinning (looping or driving) the ball. But once you are used to it it is an extremely deadly weapon. Feels like a tuned tensor type. I only recommend it for the real offensive European style player. It produces a loud click noise, it is soft and very fast, so do not stick it on a fast blade nor use speed glue on it, or the ball will shoot out like an out of control bullet. You stick this rubber on an allround blade and it becomes an offensive- blade. So keep this in mind before you buy.

When top spinning the ball, it will shoot at a very sharp straight line with tremendous spin. Regular top spin stroke we usually do on a regular rubber will not work on this one. Your stroke will have to be very sharp forward. Friendship was serious when they named this rubber "SNIPE". Your paddle acts just like a riffle. My opponents were having so much difficulty returning top spin drives. Even in practice. It just ends the point right there.

Smashing is good, but make sure your movement is short. Is totally effortless. Moving your wrist will already produce a very fast shot.

Blocking is good, and is not affected much by incoming top spins.

Serve return is good, under spin, side spin, and top spin. Doesn't get affected much by spinny serves.

The downside. Producing heavy spin on serves is a bit difficult. You will have to slice the ball harder than normal, and make sure the ball doesn't get pressed into the rubber much.

Tried playing close, mid, and away from the table, and it performed well.

Been using it for 6 weeks, around 8 hours of play per week, constantly top spinning the ball, and the rubber still perfect. No signs of wear.

This rubber is a killer. In a few hours of play you will get adjusted to it. I highly recommend it. It's cheap and a good replacement for those expensive European and Japanese rubbers.
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Good quality,well priced 14 USD euro style non tacky chinese rubber.Linear with good control.I like 729 products specially short pips.But it is a little slow even on Avalox BT777.........maybe on a faster blade like my Stiga Hybrid Wood.
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Easy to play non tacky BH rubber. Enough speed and spin. Mine is red, its top sheet looks like expensive Jap/Euro rubbers.
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I rate this a 9/10 for the simple fact that this is a very nice rubber. I took 1 point away because it does not produce heavy spin. However, it does add speed to the blade at a very affordable cost. Further, the control is excellent with this 9/10. If you are tight on money, give this one a go. I paired it with Gambler Arylate Carbon blade (straight handle), and this produces nice speed. It is also easy to loop, drive, push, and chop with this rubber on this blade.
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Like many chinese rubbers, this one comes in different hardness : I'm playing with a 42&deg; one (though I'd say it feels more like 40&deg;), 2.1mm thickness, on my BH. It's a european-style rubber, nothing close from a chinese hard-and-tacky rubber.

Seems to be a pretty versatile rubber : it reminds me a lot of Sriver FX I used to play with, but a bit faster. Not too fast, not tacky and not that spinny either (say, nothing better than a european rubber such as Desto F3, but still decent), and a pretty good control. The topsheet seems of a medium hardness, which makes this rubber suited for almost any kind of player. It performs well on every stroke : topspin, blocks and counter-attack, backspin strokes...

I just wouldn't advise it to attackers who are used to playing further from the table, as it wouldn't be powerful enough to deliver attacking strokes.

I'm not yet sure if I'll keep it for the whole season (waiting for a LKT Rapid Sound as well), but I definitely won't have any issue using this rubber for tournaments and official competitions.
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The topsheet of Focus 3 Snipe is of the best quality I've seen out of 729 but the sponge crumbles and tears so easily and I only was able to transfer it to another paddle once before the sponge was unusable. If durability is a concern, look elsewhere.

Otherwise it was a easily easy to control rubber. It generates very little spin but is easy to control and fast. Blocks were very easy.
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A terrific rubber for beginners. A cheap way to learn every stroke. Nicely behaved and honest.
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use on forehand of my gergely.average in everything.great control and block.linear, accurate pinpoint shots.good for opening loop followed by accurate when you need it.
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Just glued f3s, 40 degrees, 2.1. To cut necessary parts away is really strugle. I used razor blade. Went through the same place 5x. In the end ok. Without razor blades it would be more difficult.
Sponge yellow, quite soft - something around 40 degrees. If xiom omega 4 elite is 40 this is the same or a bit harder. Topsheet very different from traditional chinese stuff - soft, grippy.
Throw angle lower than palio 2 side loop, let say medium. Bounce is quite high, but xo4e has higher bounce.
Had few attempts on robot -
quite similar to xo4e, maybe a little bit slower.
Will add some ratings after play in tournament.

Had played in tournament- if compare to traditional chinese stuff this is different. Throw is medium, speed is lower than xiom tensor rubbers. To me it felt a bit plastic, but maybe it needed to more play with it to make sponge not dense.
Let's say medium rubber, but if i want my shots faster, spinier - i choose xiom.
When removed from blade, sponge dented a little bit.
But maybe on hard wood it would feel better, i used 7 ply soft wood.
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I bought this rubber because all the positive reviews, and they were true! The thing that surprised me most, was the speed. I have it on my FH on a Stiga AR, and it plays very controlled, and quite fast. I was using the H3 Provincial on my FH, but when I realized the Snipe was faster I switched sides. The looping is also strong, controlled loops. I just ordered two Cream Transcend's to put on my new off blade, so we will see how they compare.
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whitout tuner:
awesome attack speed, average spin, really good control

The thin top sheet is very good quality (best chinese topsheet?), with absolutely non-tacky surface, but reliable grip when high speed short contact time. The rubber is linearly adjustable speed and spin, with low spin reactivity, but average durability.

This is one of the best rubber for speedglue!
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Hardness Black 42 / Red 45. Weight seems medium-heavy.

Rubber is only very slightly tacky when new. The sponge is medium to medium-hard. Not sure why people rate it as soft. Maybe softer than average Chinese brick-like sponges but that is about all.

Quite fast and spin is good but less than tacky rubbers. Also a good level of control.

Throw angle I found to be medium-high.

Blocking was OK with sufficient bounce without playing a stroke.

Pushing and chop serves were OK for control but spin was not heavy due to lack of tacky surface.

Attacking felt good with this rubber with good pace and control. Spin could have been heavier with tackier rubber, but a very good rubber for the price. It played more like a medium sponge than medium-hard.

My ratings:
Speed: 8.4; Spin: 8.2; Control: 8.7
Tackiness: Slightly tacky; Throw Angle: Medium
Weight: Average; Sponge Harness: Medium; Gear: Above average gears
Durability: Lasts longer than average; Consistency: Always identical
Overall: 8.5
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I was looking for the backhand cheaper rubber with good spin and speed, so ordered it based on the reviews on this site... A complete disapointment sponge feels dead, top sheet looks OK and can generate some spin, but way below than rated. This rubber can be used as defencive rubber, but it is too thick for defenders to be considered.
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Focus III Snipe is the best 729 rubber with european style.
The spin and the speed are mdium, but the control is great, the block is amazing
and it make easy to serve return. The price and the weight are very light.
To recommend for all, specially for BH and beginners
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I'm a penholder and I have the Focus 3 snipe (2.1mm/40&deg;) rubber on my BH on Ma Lin extra offensive blade, and the focus is extremely forgiving, infact its a better version of Yasaka Mark V but with a very low spong quality. this rubber works best with a hard stiff blade becuase of its soft sponge. good speed, very good spin & magnificent control.
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I bought the black one 1,8 mm 42&deg; and feel was really good, sponge was soft, so I decided to buy red one but 40&deg; and I was really disappointed. The 40&deg; was much harder then 42&deg; it was maybe hard as 46&deg;. I tried to complain because it hardness was stamped at cover, and I thought that it was mistake but answer was something that I didn't want to accept. Hardness from 42&deg;-46&deg; is from one manufacturer and 40&deg; from the other, so if you have trust in numbers I wish you good luck.
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I was looking for a good backhand rubber with medium throw and unfortunately i bought this one in black. It's non-tacky which means serves are not spinny, and it has a very high throw. I bought the red one also hoping i got a bad sheet, but no. This rubber has a 8.0 throw in my opinion, it's way higher than H3 Neo or other DHS rubbers, and the worst part is that you can only feel this very high throw at higher speed.
This rubber forces you to close you paddle twice as much as you should with a regular rubber (CreamTranscend, LKT Pro XP, Rapid Speed, etc ). This also makes blocks a bit weird, as you have to close your paddle a lot to block a fast incoming ball. All in all, unusable for bh, and too slow and non tacky for FH. It's speed is highly overrated by other peoples and i can't figure it why. Durability of the sponge is just terrible: as hard as you would try it's impossible to remove the water-glue from the sponge without making dents.
I have 2 sheets in my drawer, accumulating dust, good for neither bh of fh. Hope this serves as a warning for others.
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My friend has this rubber (black 40&deg;) on his blade (Galaxy Earth E3) and sometimes we switch our weapons :) so my opinion is : control 9.7 speed 9 spin 8...This rubber is really a SNIPER FOCUS...very very VERY good control(almost perfect) with very nice speed and medium can make some LOOP with this rubber...but your swing have to be like 90%...and still you wont get the effect that you want... if you are a LOOP player, choose something else...Its perfect for block, coz this rubber does not count your enemy spins and you can use this control to simply point the direction where you want to place the ball :)
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A well balanced allround rubber. Its not that fast, its not that spinny, but nice control. And quality? Very durable and cheaper!!! So much to offer for that price!!!
If you are a allround player its a fantastic rubber.
If you are a begginer its a nice rubber to start.
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with haifu water glue, its feel better in everything, more speed and spin but still with good control
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Probably the best 729 rubber, I feel much better using this rubber, its has everything i need to sharpen my game!
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Everyone whos looking for combination of china spinny shot and fast speed like japan or euro sponge, try this one. You'll never regret!
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not the spinniest speedest or controlest, but it has well balance in spin, speed and control, with the medium soft feel like japanese and euro rubbers.
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suitable for close to the table attacking player (all to off+) depens on your typical blade used. Water glued, wont have loose the speed and spin. Special rubber from 729...nice!
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this a well balance chinese rubber i've been searching for long time. Very well...make every stroke spinny and under control.
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Nice rubber, good for every kind of shoots, specially for looping, very very amazing...i feel like plays with t energy 25fx with better control.
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Best 729 rubber I ever played with. Have everything with nice balance skor, i feel play with expensive rubber such...markV hps or t energy 05 fx...try this one, its greath!
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what a quality rubber from 729, its have everything in good rated, although not the spinniest or fastest but its have nice maintaining balance!
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It feels like you play with japan or europe sponge with top sheet china rubber, greath control with nice spins...
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Great value! Not the fastest rubber but has very good control and has good dwell time. Spin is average. It can do almost all shot well but looping is one of its main strength. Very good rubber all in all. One of the better chinese rubber available.
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By far the best rubber you can buy for 10 USD. As a matter of fact, it worked even better than Palio Thor's on my Andro Temper Tech All+ blade.

Good speed, enough spin, excellent control, great at winning points. Keeping the ball close to the net with Snipe 3 is as easy as it can get.

Globe 999 National is a great match for my Xi Enting X 969 blade, so I begin to doubt it is worth paying more than 15 USD for a rubber.

Thumbs up for Friendship! This is definitely a rubber worth buying if you find the right blade for it.
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this is a low qualitiy rubber.
no speed glue effect bilt inside.
not a proffesional level rubber.
can replace something like sriver.
the price equal to the qualitiy 13.50$
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No tacky rubber with soft sponge, not really fast and spinny but with good control. It has an high trow angle, it's better for BH. It get really better if you use booster
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Very easy rubber to play with. I have it on both FH and BH, but i find much more use of it on the BH. Great for blocking shots since it's so soft, and the control is one of the best I've tried, but also relatively fast. Would be good for a defensive-minded player.
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I like it. Surprisingly fast and pretty decent spin. Great to block with. I'd say it's a step up from Mark V but a notch below Gambler Outlaw. The best part is you get all this good performance in a light weight sheet (usually 52 grams uncut, but sometimes 48 and I've had one at 55). If you have a heavy forehand sheet and blade, putting this on the backhand can keep from getting a top heavy feel.
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I'm not surprised a lot of good and bad opinions, but I think it's a really good rubber family.
There are many kinds of sponge thickness and hardness are available (40, 42, 44, 46 deg, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.1m)
That's a lot different characteristics, the 46deg is harder than tenergy, the 40deg is softer than sriver fx.
The thinner or harder sponge, there is more throw angle and spin.
I would recommend a harder version if one is using it with flexible blade.
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very bad rubber. $5 is too much for this thing.
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The default values are wrong : Control=11, Spin=11, Speed=12. True values are 11-8-9. I prefer Transcend Cream wich performs better for all aspects. However, the really nice things of that rubber are control and weight. They should apply it to all the 729 rubbers^^. I would advise this rubber to beginners or players who want a rubber for an allround style play with a lot of ball placements.
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This one of the most overvalued rubbers I've tried this year (2011).

The spin and control are poor. The speed and the weight are decent.

Good for newbies that do not have any spin-based games.

IMHO it is too expensive for what it is worth.
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Incredible versatile rubber, (black 40deg 1.8mm), similar to sriver FX, but I think this is a better surface. :)
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I also liked the hardest sponge. This is still low spin reactivity, good dynamic and maximum speed.
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40 deg (hardness: soft):
speed: 8
spin: 8
throw angle: medium
controll: 10
gears: 8
topspin against backspin:9
uncut weight: 52g

46 deg (hardness: medium, slightly harder than tenergy):
speed: 9
spin: 9
throw angle: high
controll: 10
gears: 10
pushing/service: 9
smashing: 10
blocking: 10
topspin against backspin:10
uncut weight: 56g

I've tried all sponge hardness (40,42,44,46). My favorite is the hardest version (46 deg). Best spin and attack force, good throw angle.

(How can you compare apples to melons? Cream is a good classical chinese rubber with tacky surface. The snipe is a very forgiveness euro/jap rubber, with a thin, elastic non-tacky topsheet.)
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Lacks a bit of bite for serving, and short game . Excellent at loop attack, and is easy to control incoming spin. Playing with Galaxy LQ1 with allround game I find it hard to keep smashes down. The thickness of the sponge appears to be around 2.3mm. A better choice for flat hitting would be 2mm, but I don't think it available in this thickness
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Best Chinese Rubber Ever!!
can make good loop, good spin and good speed..

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I use this rubber in 2.1 on an LKT Instinct blade as a backhand rubber.

It is fairly light but with decent speed. I'm an average player, so on my backhand I don't have many shots that make use of its spin capabilities. That said, I find its spin to be low but have mess around with in on my forehand and was able to produce good spin. Blocking does not return very fast balls (mostly likely due to the Instinct) but is very consistent. The short game is about average. I believe this rubber is capable of playing up to mid but is more accurate playing close. The price point is a good in any scenario. Being non-tacky I know it reacts less to spin than tacky rubbers but I find it reacting more than I though it would. I've been playing with this rubber for 4 months and with regular cleaning with water I do notice a decrease in performance, but not a detrimental one.

Overall, a decent rubber for the price as either a forehand or backhand. It doesn't have anything special other than perhaps the lightness that gives one an edge; however, good technique and practice will not go unused with this rubber.
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no good cheap rubber.light and ok speed,but no matter what I do I can't put spin on the ball.
cream trancend is 10 times better then this.
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Spin 8
speed 9
Control 10
This is amazing versatile rubber!
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I bought this because many reviewers said this is a good rubber for mechanical / euro style looping. NOT quite true. The rubber is lightweight and faster than most Friendship/729 rubbers, but the spin is very low. I can make fast shots but there is simply not much spin no matter how i driver it (brush or mechanical).
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This is linear rather than tensor, but fast and good throw angle.
With tuner oil it is faster and predictable than tuned t64, the same blade!
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So is it tensor or not ?
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This rubber is impressive! many people are adding it to their backhand for a non-tacky tensor. It's fast due to the very springy, medium soft sponge. For that reason, I wouldn't go above 2.0 thickness to maintain control. Trust e on that! Overall, this rubber trumps other high end brand rubbers 2-3 times its price! If this type is what you need, get one. You will not be dissapointed!
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This is a brilliant rubber and nice quality.
Amazing for precise looping, the control is really good
for that amount of speed.
Good combination the soft sponge, and thin stiffer non-
tacky chinese top-sheet, overall game feeling is medium
soft, lowest sensitivity to incoming spin I played.
Simple safely topspin against backspin.
Snipe is medium fast (similar than SFX, Desto F3) and
light (uncut mass: 50-54g!),
but with tuner oil on the top-sheet (without remove), and
this is as good as any factory tuned tensor in most areas
(PME, T-05FX).
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Very high quality rubber from 729. Grippy and light, like a Sriver clone. The top sheet is thinner with smaller pips, so more spin and control. There seem to be 2 sponge versions: I ordered 2 rubbers (red and black) from ColesTT and the red is marked 42 deg but feels like 38; black is marked 40 deg but feels like 36. Interestingly the red come with sticky film but the black just has a piece of cover paper. The harder version plays like regular Sriver and the softer like Sriver EL/FX...
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I totaly agreed with jac, this is very good rubber, but do not expect this as your big offensive weapon. average speed and spin,very good control. for the price, excellent bh rubber
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a few layer PO and perfect!!!
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This rubber is definitely not for speedy mid-distance attacks but only for quick, close to the table attacks and defenses. This Chinese rubber has a reputation of nice control and decent spin. But do not expect it as spinny as a Nittaku rubber. If you loop far away from the table, you can hardly make it because this rubber is not of a tensor type, nor is it comparable to Japanese spring sponge type. It appears as a clone of F3 but lighter. The price is unbeatable. I use it for my bh to lower the weight of my racket (Darker 7p-2a.7t).
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An incredible, very fast rubber and efectuoso, it has an European style, is very frivolous, ideal for the players of offensive game who want the maxim speed
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Excellent rubber!
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just got this rubber...I've been playing with Desto F3 for years on the BH and I gotta say this rubber is much better than I thought it would be. I don't usually like Chinese rubbers as they are too sticky and too slow for me, but I gotta say this was pretty close to F3, and for the price can't beat it. F3 is probably little better quality, but for lower level players under 1600 this is good rubber. Thumbs up...first Chinese rubber I actually liked.
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this rubber is extremely soft, a big slam clone, but not cloned well
i thought it was a focusIII but with lighter sponge, its not..

this rubber
has no grip at all,compared to normal focusIII and the overseas products are much better, i mean esn products
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This is a very friendly allround european style weapon. Linear rubber with average spin. Excellent control, effective forehand hitting and easy to loop from all distance. We can vary the spin and speed of the ball at will and the rubber works very well whatever incoming spins was on the ball. Blocking is consistent, short game and pushing is good. Comparing it side-by-side my tuned dawei inspirit quattro UL 40, focus 3 snipe is little slower, but this is far better in all aspects. Snipe is going to replace on my FH and BH.
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seems to be a factory tuned version of focus 3. AMAZING rubber, have it on the forehand of a defensive blade, and WOW can u loop with it, you can keep the loops low with so much spin that your opponents tend to misjudge the spin a shoot it off the table, GREAT rubber for those that love the soft ones.
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