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3 Reviews for IPONG Master V300 (old model)

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After 2 day of ownership, I was ready to call Megaspin for a refund. The reason was, out of the box, the V300 would shoot out ping pong balls with a azimuth variance of about 40 degrees. This was due to the manufacturing imperfections on the heads (wheels) AND the width of the feed path of the balls.

On the third day, I decided to make a modification. Now, the balls feed to the exact location on the head (wheels). Which means that the variance of the ball's projection path is limited to the imperfections of the rubber head.

After the modification, I'm satisfied with product. The variance of the ping pong ball's projected path is much less. On my side of the table, it's about 4 inches difference.

I was expecting more, but for the price, the V300 is nice. The materials don't feel sturdy, but at the same time, don't feel fragile.

I'm looking forward to training with the V300. I expect to zero-in my hand to eye coordination. Then I expect to polish up on brushing the ball.

One last thing... The mod was a playing card cut up slightly and then taped to the ball's feed path.

For the price point, I would recommend this product, but only because I would suggest my playing card mod.
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Before I say anything, I feel it's necessary to mention that I use this outdoors where it is NOT intended to be used.

Anyways, I guess I have to say that- for the price- this thing is great. I have nobody to practice with at home so this is the next best thing without shelling out $1000+. It jams like its life depends on it (but do remember this is outdoors). I'll have to struggle to get it to shoot the first 5 balls and it might stop shooting at some point in the 40th shot but I remedy this by pressing the pause/start button or powering it off and on via remote so not too bad. Another issue I can't seem to get rid of is the dust. Perhaps I need to clean the balls themselves, because I've scrubbed the robot itself but every session still leaves my racket and table absolutely filthy with little circles of dust everywhere.

Overall decent.
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I first bought the IPONG Original and had problems with it not launching the balls to the same place on my side of the table. Out of 50 balls maybe 20 of them hit the same place. I found this very frustrating when trying to do any drills. To make this short I'll just say that it was not predictable.

I contacted Megaspin and Joola about the issues I was experiencing and Joola sent me the IPONG Master V300. Because of all the trouble I was having with the Original. So that is cool, but it is still made like all the other IPONG models. What I mean by that is they are made very cheep and if not careful they will break if you happen to drop it.

Now for the Pro's and Con's:
Pro's: Looks better than all the other IPONG robot's. One of the nicest features is the wireless remote that is small and easy to use. The operations manual on the V300 is a lot better than the other model's.
Con's: After carefully removing it from the box I noticed that one of the tabs on one of the cones was broken off. Even then it would not mount onto the engine core because the rest of the tabs needed to be filed down in order to get it to fit properly.
I almost wish it was a little more heavy, because if you are not careful with the ac connection wire. You might hit the wire with your foot when retrieving your ball's. It happened to me, but luckily I had my collection net setup so it didn't drop off the table.

All and all it is way better than the other IPONG model's. If they would just make it a little more stout, I'm talking about those little tabs. Then I would have given a better review.

I will update this review after I spend some more time with it.
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