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2 Reviews for Butterfly Easifold Outdoor Rollaway - Compreg top

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Looking for a fairly basic outdoor table, I was considering this table and the Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway. I went with this table because I liked the thicker top (12mm vs. 1/4", although the material is different), the adjustable legs, the two piece design (lighter when rolling), and the simplified assembly -- this table requires just two bolts in each of 4 leg assemblies, whereas reviews for the Easifold say that assembly can take 90-120 minutes, with lots of parts that can get lost. Butterfly even includes two wrenches for assembly (one to hold the bolt and one to turn the nut), so that no other tools are needed. Ease of assembly alone made this table worth the extra $50.

I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed in Butterfly's quality control. The table top is supposed to be 12mm thick, but I noticed when I first set it up that the two halves were visibly different thicknesses where they meet at the centerline. Measuring around the edge of the table with a caliper, I found that the thickness of the top varied from 11mm to 13.5mm. Now, the garage floor the table is sitting on is far worse than that and required shims to get the table level anyway, but I expected better even at this relatively low price point. In addition, the steel leg assemblies weren't straightly aligned (just an aesthetic issue, not a practical one), and a small plastic hook which holds the net taught was broken. On the plus side, all four of the leg assemblies I received had one wheel with a brake, whereas product information indicates that only two of the assemblies should have a wheel brake.

I reported these issues to Megaspin, and I really can't say enough good things about their customer service. They had already answered several of my questions pre-sale, and when I told them about the varying thickness of the table top they got Butterfly to ship me a new table. As it turned out, the QC on the second table was no better than the first, but we eventually worked things out to my satisfaction. Kudos to Megaspin for their outstanding service; I would absolutely buy from them again.

In the end, the table plays very well, with a good bounce and no dead spots. The QC issues are annoying, but for an amateur player in an average environment, they are unlikely to have a practical effect.
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Table easily folds for storage and it has good bounce for an outdoor table. It is sturdy and the color is very nice.
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