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Hardness Black / Red 42. Weight seems medium-heavy.

Rubber is slightly tacky when new. Most or all of the tackiness wears off within about ten hour play and loses a lot of spin after that. The sponge is medium to medium-hard.

Speed is OK and spin is good. Also a good level of control. Speed held back a bit by the tacky nature of the rubber.

Throw angle I found to be medium-high.

Blocking was just OK though a bit more difficult with tacky rubber and lacked bounce.

Pushing and chop serves were OK for control but spin was good.

Attacking was OK with good pace and control. Spin was good due to tacky surface. A decent rubber for the price if you like tacky surface. It played more like a medium sponge

My ratings:
Speed: 8.0; Spin: 8.4; Control: 8.7
Tackiness: Medium tacky; Throw Angle: Medium
Weight: Medium-heavy; Sponge Harness: Medium-hard; Gear: Average
Durability: Lasts longer than average; Consistency: Always identical
Overall: 8.3
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