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Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive

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Also available in Chinese Penhold Version

MA LIN EXTRA OFFENSIVE is developed from the succesful Yasaka OFFENSIVE blade, but even faster, keeping light weight with good speed and a large sweet spot.

The center veneer is a little bit thicker and harder, which gives additional power.

The surface is lacquered by the factory to improve speed and durability.

Speed: 90
Control: 74
Ply: 5
Weight: 86g

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Reviews of Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive (78)

(FH: Yasaka Mk V / BH: Andro GTT 45)
I upgraded from a premade Palio Legend 2; this blade had the same speed as my Palio, but was much lighter. The sweet spot was slightly smaller, but it was not a big issue after using the racket for a couple hours. I would recommend this blade for anyone looking to upgrade from a premade racket.
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I bought this blade prepared with Yasaka Razka 7 max on B/H and Razka PO max on F/H. First impressions of this blade after one session is exactly what I hoped for . I am a powerful player and I needed a blade that was stiff enough for the short pips but also enough flex for my backhand topspin attack - this blade gives me the best of both as I can flick serves with both f/h and b/h with ease - then together with the control factor it makes topspins , smashes and drives so easy .
This blade is all wood so has some vibration but not excessive , I like the fact you can feel the ball on the blade and I am old school coming from the all wood blade era . Because this blade isnt bouncy it is perfect for serve and return in addition to having enough power to finish the point . I wanted a blade that would compensate for the power of the Razka short pimple rubber , with this blade I am able to hit on the forehand with real confidence the ball will land where I choose it to .
It is very true that this blade is limitless with power - if you have the correct technique and timing then this blade is devastating With the correct setup . I definitely wont be changing anytime soon , fantastic quality I must add , the blade is finished far nicer than some well known blades that are 4x the price .
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Been playing with this blade for quite some time now and is a great blade, with big sweetspot, very forgiven, well made, control is insane not the fastest blade but it is not slow either if pushed can be fast

I'm paired it with Yasaka Rakza 7 soft. On both sides and is a very, very good combo I love it.

Spin is easy to do. Looping too blocks really nice. For the money it has to be the best bung for the buck you get a hell of a blade for little money.
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All around excellent blade. Maybe not quite as fast as a VIS, on the lower range of OFF blades. But it also gives you a much flexier and better feel. When you wind up your stroke, it still gives you all the speed you need, and you dont really feel lack of power. Produces a high pitch smack when you hit hard.

I think its a very spinny blade, probably good for spin-oriented offensive players. Dwell time feels quite long compared to carbon blades. Overall very balanced blade and feels very nice in hand.
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I play Ch.Pen, I used this blade for about 10months. In comparison to the Hurricane Hao 1. This blade for me was way more consistent and easier to use. Everything felt better. Loop, power, control, block. All became much more consistent as soon as I switched. This blade is fast if you have a strong stroke with good technique. There is a reason Ma Lin was able to dominate with this bad boy. But the speed and power on this has a limit. Long rallies from a few feet back takes the wind out of you. This blade is not for long rallies. It can assist you to deliver finishing strokes and consistent short play. But dont rely on it for long rallies. My game play using this blade was playing a short game to my advantage and awaiting the opponent to push a little too long or high for me to either execute a strong loop, loop kill or flick to control rally. I was easily able to FH flick and RPB flick using this. Good vibrations, speed, control and consistency. My set up when this was my game racket using this was FH:TG2 blue sponge, BH: Tin arc 3. I currently have 802-40 mystery3 short pips on FH with this and it is quite easy to use.
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