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Xiom Vega X is a topspin rubber of the latest generation. This top notch table tennis rubber is one of the best spin-creating topspin rubbers in combination with the plastic ball. Due to its playing characteristics and hardness, the rubber is a worthy successor to the Xiom Vega Pro. The surface of the Vega X was completely reworked resulting in an improved overall performance.

Speed: 91
Spin: 92
Control: 91

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Reviews of XIOM Vega X (11)

I use this rubber on my backhand for my Timo boll zlc and this is my favourite rubber till date.

The block and counter from my backhand has progressed a lot and i believe i can do much more with it .

The control is good enough for me .
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Ohhhhhhh hallelujah! I have found the rubber for me. This works perfectly on both FH and BH but I prefer to use it on backhand because threats how I usually block. It plays like an anti spin rubber but with the speed and look of a tensor spring rubber. Oh the control and the speed. This is a cheaper but identical version of the dignics 05 except that its less sensitive to spin an suitable to all levels, as well as the attractive price! Have fun guys, trouble your opponents and keep on ponging !
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Very good modern rubber from Xiom. It's my favorite brand and I know vega intro, europe, europe DF, pro, asia, omega V euro. Vega X is the best quality rubber of the Vega version. Spin is crazy, topspin is easy and blocking is easy and very effective. When you block with Vega X, your opponent receive the same ball that he sent. This is really disturbing if you counter-attack and work the ball placement when you block. The only negative side is that you have to be "perfect" like the rubber. If you are not at 100% with your technic you will miss all your shots. This rubber is really spin sensitive. When your opponent serve with a lot of spin, you will "eat" the sping. I'm not good enough to keep this rubber on my favorite blade, so I've glued it on a slower blade and I'm very satisfied because that rubber is very nice on all+ or off- blades. Control is better and attack capabilities are excellent. You can even backspin easily on slow blades with Vega X. If you are good amateur or more and pure attacker, try it on a carbon blade and you will have something very deadly for 30$.
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I know my ratings are to high, but the average ratings here are far to low and simply a joke!

Spin: Vega Pro < Evolution MX-P < Tenergy 80 < Vega X < Evolution MX-S < Tenergy 05
Speed: Vega Pro < Evolution MX-S < Vega X = Tenergy 05 < Tenergy 80 < Evolution MX-P

So Vega X is far spinnier than Vega Pro and also has slightly more spin than Tenergy 80.
Speed is quite equal to Tenergy 05, whereby Vega X has more catapult effect. So it is easier to generate high tempo, but the maximum speed is about the same than Tenergy 05, maybe Vega X is a touch faster at the end.
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Right now I have Vega X and Vega Pro max both on my racket.
I play Vega X on my backhand (my stronger side) and score so much with it! Vega X to me is a little more bouncy and Vega Pro is a bit safer. Vega X is better if you take the ball early. With Vega Pro it is quite a bit easier for me to serve long and fast or very short precicely.
I overshoot a little more when I use Vega x on my forhand.
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