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Victas V>22 Double Extra

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Victas V>22 Double Extra Table Tennis Rubber produces superior speed and spin and high stability. Numerous top players like Koki Niwa and Liam Pitchford were involved in many years of development leading to V>22 Double Extra, a rubber offering an almost unbelievable combination of speed, spin, and precision.

Despite its unrivaled power, the high stability of V>22 Double Extra enables the exact placement of attack shots. The new Select top sheet guarantees perfect ball coupling, while the optimized, open-pore sponge design supports powerful, speed-reliant attacking styles.

Made in Germany
Rubber type: Inverted, High Energy Tension

Speed: 96
Control: 80
Hardness 50

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Reviews of Victas V>22 Double Extra (10)

I bought this rubber 2.0 from Amazon Japan and im using it on Ma Lin Carbon FH, the edges got broken immediately and started to loose pieces after 5 to 6 days from gluing?! this is my only complain about this rubber...
the rest is perfect (spin, speed, control)
is there any advise to glue this rubber properly to avoid potential damages to the edges (FYI i used butterfly glue and now i got DHS glue which i wil use later on the back up rubber V22 MAX)
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im testing on my FH LGY ALC. its so powerful, spinny and good control for blocking. Amazing rubber!!
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Por fin una goma profesional que se puede dominar si eres jugador avanzado.
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I first tried V>22 on FH on several blades (Andro Gauzy SL, JRE, BS1, Joola Nobilis) but always ended with too many missed shots, so I was quite disappointed by this rubber (especially considering the price).
Then I tried BH on an outer carbon blade (Tibhar VSU) and it's amazing! It's not tacky but very grippy, sponge is quite easy to engage thank to the soft sheet. It feels softer than stated but not sponge isn't bouncy. Linear response with many gears. My BH has much improved compared to V>15 Extra, tops are now fast, spinny, precise, hard to send back. Overall faster and spinnier than V>15. Better control than MX-P. More linear than K3. Softer and easier to play with than V>20. Very similar to R53 but more durable (doesn't shrink after a couple of weeks like R53). My rating is FH 9.0, BH 10.0 (so average 9.5). It's one of my favorite BH rubber, but other people might prefer to use it FH, or both.
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Updated! I've waited a long time to finally learn something about the weight of this rubber. Thanks to GP 418 I found out. :-D Facts: black rubber, 2.0 mm, weight 105 g. in the original packaging and uncut 69 g. Cutted to 157 x 150 mm it weighs 48 g. For now the rubber glues on my Stuor Long 5 Pro Inner layer blade. (.. with VOC glue!) Result: The game feeling is too soft and indirect. - the specified degree of hardness of over 50 degrees is very questionable for me. - it feels much softer! Control and spin were very, very good but I didn't oddly enough really get pressure into the ball. ( - this rubber reminded me of the V>11. :-/ ) Next I glued the rubber on to my Stuor Nobilis ZLC Hinoki and an acquaintance of mine who plays a few classes up (1800 TTR, Germany) was absolutely smitten with the rubber. ( - for me, however, the combination was too fast.) Conclusion: this rubber has huge potential and is absolutely recomended. ( - the right combination of rubber and wood seems for me to be very important and I haven't found it for myself yet. ... maybe I should stick it on my ZJK Tamca 5000! :-D ) Addendum: I gave the same speed rating for the V>22 in my reviews as I did for the Nittaku Hammond Z2. However, I am comparing 2 mm (V>22) with 1.8 mm (Z2) here. In direct comparison, the V>22 is a lot faster! - I would probably have to give the V>22 a rating of 9.4. ...its the fastest 2,0 rubber Ive ever played!
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